May 1st Update – The VDG playoffs

I’ve been looking for something fun to do over a series of weeks here on the site. After careful consideration , I thought a good idea would be…character playoffs!

Over the years, I’ve done the occasional poll where visitors can choose their favorite, but I’ve never done a definitive list where we end up with all of the characters ranked.

If my math is correct, we can get the list finished in 4 weeks of rounds. So, that means 4 weeks of polls, then I guess I’ll make something fun with some of the top ladies.

Here’s the rules : I’ve got 56 characters altogether. You can give each character a rating A = 3 points, B = 2 points, C = 1 point. After  4 weeks of polls, I calculate the score of each character, weighted against how many people voted for them (so they don’t just win by getting more votes, it’s what types of votes they get).

The characters will be in alphabetical order, so let’s get started.

Round 1


Rate Aletta

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Rate Alex

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Rate April

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Rate Betsy

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The Captain

Rate The Captain

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Rate Carol

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Rate Cassandra

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Rate Cherise

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Crystal V1

Rate Crystal V1

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Crystal V2

Rate Crystal V2

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Rate Daisy

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Rate Debbie

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That’s it for this week. Next week is the letter E onwards.

Keep safe, everyone!

19 thoughts to “May 1st Update – The VDG playoffs”

  1. Although this isn’t really relevant, Idk if its just me but is there anyone else who would have considerd buying membership if the billing company wasn’t so goddamn sketchy

    1. Yeah I feel you. A lot of sites do hack into your credit card if you give them the number. Don’t worry though, this site isn’t like that. I actually signed up for it a couple times before.

      1. Its just i looked at reviews on the company and there was so many reviews on how they fail to return money to people that is rightfully theirs. And i want to get membership but idk wether its worth the risk

        1. Oh and one last thing is when i open this website it says that the connection is not secure which makes me ever more cautious about using a card.

    2. I understand your concern.

      However, I have been using Epoch with the members section for about 10 years now, processing thousands and thousands of members, and I’ve never had a single member claiming that their details have been abused.

      Review sites aren’t the best place to get an accurate summary of companies like that. They only attract the complaints, rather than the satisfied costumers which make up 99.99999% of their usage.

      1. Also, to be blunt, if you use a VPN or something to say you’re in Europe, you could sign-up using Paypal.

  2. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but I think that Maddison will win. Just a hunch, though

    1. It’s my assumption too, but since I’m calculating average scores, there could be some surprises. Maddison has her fanbase, but there’s also a significant amount of people who don’t like her, which could bring the score down.

      It’ll be interesting.

  3. It is an absolute travesty that Cassandra has the “A” vote in last place.

  4. Yo man, you create some excellent stuff. I really enjoyed the Academy series so far. Unfortunately I can’t finish the series because I can’t become a member. It might be too much too ask but could you make the Academy part 3 and 4 free.

    1. Yh thats what im hoping for aswell but it’s unlikely that it will become free, but hey you never know

  5. Are you including dsp3000’s and MrStomper’s characters in these playoffs?

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