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  1. I guess we shouldn’t read into this at all that dsp has contacted you? I’d guess this was probably previously agreed upon.

  2. I would like to pass a couple things onto dsp3000

    Suggestion for future Academy release:
    A side page (link to a pop-up window maybe?) that displays all people in the game you build relationships with, what your current score is, and maybe even what the max score needed to complete all of their scenes. Like to get the bonus ending, the score has to be greater than 20 for PersonA, list their picture, name, and 17 / 20 for their score of 17.

    Second:. Possible plot deviation. I don’t recall exactly where, might have been in Pink Pussy, but I recall conversation with Didi indicating her past experience with men to be non-existent, but later on it was just a long long time ago. I could be wrong, but I haven’t been able to find the conversation about her past on my replays.

  3. Well I hope you guys are happy. Instead of finishing the Academy you imbeciles voted for three episodes of a date with bridgette. We could have finished the story and had two episodes of a date with bridgette by now.

    1. A Date with Bridgette takes place inbetween The Academy’s last days. Chronologically it makes the most sense to do the Bridgette Date before the Academy finale. That said, hopefully dsp3000 doesn’t cut the finale into pieces. I dislike that format. The lack of communication makes me think that IF we get a finale, it may be the last game he makes.

    2. Interesting comment.
      I felt like that when George Lucas introduced us all to Jar Jar Binks to the Star Wars prequels. In fact I felt he was wasting everyone’s time and money when he should have just skipped straight to Episode 7.
      That and chronologically it was all fucked up.

      Thing is though, it was his story to tell and he chose to tell it the way he wanted it to be told.

  4. I’m totally fine if the concluding chapter of the Academy ends up being DSP’s last VN release… life goes on.

    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    1. I’m not sure what you are referring to since in Academy #1, you do have the option of cumming inside Maria. In Academy #2, you do have the option of cumming inside Lola if memory serves me. In Academy #3, you have the option of cumming inside Annie. In Academy #4, you have the option of cumming inside Jodie. There are other girls that you get to have sex with in the games and I think cumming inside them might be possible with them as well. Some of these are negative endings.

      1. Internal cumshots are by far the easiest things to create when concluding sex scenes especially when it comes to animated cumshots.
        Seriously it takes pretty much a whole day to set up, render and then create a 50 frame animated facial cumshot.

        It would be really easy not to show any cum by hiding it all away internally, but it looks way more exciting in my opinion when it’s splattered everywhere.
        Most scenes which included penetrative sex will have an internal cumshot option. As Jim Acep correcty states though, sometimes these result in negative outcomes. I mean, some girls really don’t like that sort of thing.
        The further you go through the Academy/DwB story the more opportunities there are for sex with different girls and the more extensive the sex scenes are. With that the more choices for how you conclude sex scenes there are.
        For example there are 25 different cumshot options with Bridgette in stage four of DwB. And that’s just when you are in Bridgette’s apartment and doesn’t included any of the variations where Didi is involved.

        If you can’t get any internal cumshots then you either aren’t doing it right or you haven’t played enough.

        One day, to prove my point, i’ll publish the ‘cumshot’ spreadsheet I had to rename in case anyone found it on my desktop.

  5. Hi Chaotic.
    I’d like to say if patch on Bridette part 4 (sent to you from jim acep) was been implemented or not on site.

  6. Hello everyone.
    Just dropped by to say hello. I’d forgotten that Chaotic had planned on releasing Academy Part Two, but it was discussed a few months ago.

    Still working hard and trying to stay well in these unprecedented times.
    I’ll be sending an update through to Chaotic at some point soon so keep an eye on the blog I guess.


    1. Stay safe, dsp. Good to hear from you. World’s a bit off its rocker right now, but… at least we’ve got our games. 🙂

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