August 19th Update

Just a simple ‘proof of life post’ today.

Obviously, I’m not doing this as I usually would on a Friday. The main reason why is that I was contacted by dsp3000 on Friday and wanted to try and figure out what (and when) we’re both doing next exactly.

So, yeah. I’ve done some more work on my Crystal model, and hopefully I’ll have something to post from dsp3000 fairly soon.

11 thoughts to “August 19th Update”

  1. Nice to hear from DSP – hopefully what we’ll hear next is the release date for Bridgette part 4 :o)

  2. You are getting better and better at creating these images. I really like how Crystal looks on this one.

    1. Good stuff, my wallet is ready to jump in for the Bridgette finale, been a long wait but if it’s like the last episode it will be worth it 🙂

  3. it seems that Chaotic can stop making games because everyone keeps asking about DSP all the time

    1. I think that’s mostly attributed to the fact dsps games are more episodic and therefore open ended chaotic games are clear cut beginning and end stories most of the time so your not stuck anticipating the next segment of the story.
      Chaotics way probably aleaviates alot of stress around what his next game should be but dsps way generates alot of fanfair and excitement but in return getting the next segment “right” is probably a difficult thing and means your committed to making a series even if you get other ideas your desperate to make

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