August 24th Update

Saturday post!!!

No update from dsp3000 just yet, but I’m sure it’s not too far away.

In the meantime, I’d just like to charge in and add what I think are probably my final set of Crystal drafts. 

I almost have a complete plan of what I want to do in the game, and I think you’ll all like it. It’s kinda a hybrid of the multi -linear style, but with heavy injections from the ‘very open’ style.


So, I generally keep things focused on the games here, but how would you feel if I occasionally made some posts about other things? Such as :

  • The state of based erotic games in general.
  • Maybe some mentions of pornstars?
  • Random social commentary.
  • Music recommendations.
  • Occasional gentle politics, without being ‘in your face’ about those who don’t perfectly align with my views. #yanggang?

And, yeah, this is intended as a fairly playful poll. 🙂

But with potentially dire consequences!!! Mwahhaha!!!

Should I just stick to the regular stuff?

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19 thoughts to “August 24th Update”

  1. I very much like Crystal’s new very sultry look. I am looking forward to the new Crystal game. I appreciate the update on dsp3000 very much. Please keep up the great work, both you and dsp3000. Thank you for your kind attention.

  2. Really like the new Crystal.

    As for the blog, I voted for do whatever you want because it’s yours. That said, I guess I’d recommend staying away from even softcore politics.

    1. Yeah, I was maybe thinking that a rule for myself could be good here. I can do politics on my twitter account, but not here.

      1. Yeah. While the two (the blog and Twitter) are sort of linked, this blog is, to me at least, more a representation of your place of business for you and it gets risky to inject even a little bit of politics into that.

      2. When it comes to politics I always say the same thing,

        Politicians should serve 2 terms, the 1st in office, the 2nd MUCH LONGER in prison as they are almost all dodgy,

  3. Hello Chaotic.
    Some times ago you mentioned the possibility to finish Bridgette episode yourself if dsp was disappeared.
    Is this possibility on the table yet?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Maybe, but that really would be the worst case scenario.

      As it is right now, dsp3000 is set to finish Bridgette fairly soon.

  4. I wouldn’t mind seeing off-topic posts as long as they don’t replace the weekly (or every two week) update, after all I come here at least once a week to see the updates, and would be a shame finding only off-topic posts for months.

  5. I failed to mention in my last post that i like Crystal’s hair style, as well as the dusky shade of her skin. Thank you for your kind attention.

  6. i know i have asked this allready but i really wish to know what is next for the Bynes family(Rachel , Betsy & Casandra) ? maybe they will meet the Lindell sisters(Madison & Lisette) ?

    1. I’ll eventually finish my Betsy trilogy, but we’ve most likely seen the last of Maddison and Lisette.

      1. that is unfortunate , i think most on this site would love them meet in a group sex(“Pool party”- style game but maybe at a nightclub instead .)

        1. Well, I think Chaotic is right on this one. He can come up with a hell of game, with great characters, and some people will still comment with “we want Maddison”. I believe I’ve already said this, but as long as Maddison is an option, tha majority will go for her, even for a not so good game, case and point, the Photographer 3 and Molly & Marianna. Even for the expansion, he canceled most of the new stuff because, quote, “they want to see Maddison anyway”.

          1. I agree with you and Chaotic, that it could very well be the right time to say goodbye to them.
            But as a huge fan of Maddison I want to explain why and how to fill this gap easily:

            The cool thing about her is, that she appeared in so many games allready we just know her. She was the link between many games and that gives her a special place in my ranking. Kind of like samuel Jackson during the Marvel movies. It was just cool to have him appear in so many of the early movies, he linked them.
            Same with Maddison. Her appearance in so many games created much of the existing linked universe of games on this page. At last for me. Does this make any sense?
            Also we allready know her so well, that it was allways a good choice to go with her route during the games.

            So maybe, to replace her and still make fans happy without her, create a new character who can appear more than one/two games.

            Just my opinion though…

  7. Hey Chaotic, you never included the option to play as female in The Photographer Part 3, or was that intentional?

    1. Yeah, I decided and announced from a fairly early point that there would be no FPC for Photographer part 3.

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