May 31st Update

Molly and Marianna

First of all, I’m very glad to see everyone seems to be enjoying Molly and Marianna.

I’ll be starting to work on the expanded version very soon. As part of it, I’ll be adding :

  • The female player character option and all the images that go with it.
  • Extra views during sex for some of the male pc scenes
  • Expanding the epilogue threesome.

I also might be adding…

  • A sequence between formulating a plan at the safehouse and going on a stakeout with Molly. I feel the game needs this for pacing reasons (the equivalent of the pool party sequence in Leanna).
  • Extra endings. Perhaps you run away with Marianna if Molly doesn’t like you enough, or you fail with Marianna but begin dating Molly.

Both of these are maybes though.

Next free game

Next week, as promised I will releasing Miranda to everyone for free.

5 thoughts to “May 31st Update”

  1. Thanks for the update Chaotic!

    Maybe a little bit too early, but do you have in mind what your plan is after the expansion?

    1. A secret for just now, but I will be announcing future plans in the coming weeks!

  2. The extra endings idea is a good one. Maybe not both of them, but I feel that giving Marianna a proper ending is more fair consedering she’s a main character (not like Kristen in Leanna).

  3. I highly recommend Miranda to everyone who will be seeing that game for the first time next week. One of my favorite games by Chaotic.

  4. Are there going to be solo games for Molly and Marianna? Because I’m sure my ideas are interesting.

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