May 24th Update

I am very pleased to announce that Molly and Marianna is now available in the members section.

Just a reminder,- this version does not have the option of a female player character. There will be an expanded version of this released in the coming months which adds it, and expands some existing scenes.

I’d also like to add a quick note about the epilogue threesome in the game. It didn’t end up as long as I originally intended. This is due to how long it takes each image in the location to render.

It’s still decent (3 animations are included for the scene), but if you really specifically wanted to play this for the threesome, you might want to wait for the expanded version to be released in a few months time where I will be adding more images and probably re-rendering the animations.

That’s all for now. I hope you all enjoy the game! I had lots of fun making it.

19 thoughts to “May 24th Update”

  1. A few minor problems (not worth calling bugs). I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks again. I am looking forward the expanded version. I enjoyed the pool scene and can’t wait to see what else you have in mind.

  2. I’ve waited for a LONG time since your first random render of what eventually became Molly for this… Thank you, Chaotic!!!!

  3. Your new game is quite good it is also very interesting. I hope that there is a walkthrough upcoming. I am also wondering if there is information from dsp3000 on his next release. Thank you for your kind attention.

  4. I’d still much prefer if these girls had their own separate games. Like with Molly, you’re a rookie cop helping her with a case, and with Marianna, you become a unknowing accomplish to her operation and even help her pull off a heist.

  5. Awesome game. Hope we can eventually get a sequel. Maybe something where Molly has to pull you both into an operation. How well you do determines how well the relationship continues.

  6. Congrats on a job well done! I enjoyed the game. After you complete the extended version, any idea what you’ll do next? I personally hope you go back to the “Betsy-verse” someday. I miss Violet…

  7. Agreed with the guy above. I wouldn’t mind the “Betsy-verse” coming back. Personally I’m a huge April fan. But of course, im sure Maddison will be the popular demand again lol

  8. Molly and Marianna is very good. However it is extremely annoying to be unsucessful and not to be unable to be shot without the help of a walkthrough. Again I would appreciate any news about dsp3000. Thank you for your attention.

    1. I’m not Chaotic, but it does seem that whenever you ask the question about DSP3000, he always gives the same answer. Mainly, he will tell us if he have anything new. Asking the same question over and over while having the answer is a bit pointless INHO. No offense, of course.

  9. Excited to give this game a try. I would love to see the old style vdate games come back too though. Like taking a girl for a night out and having the possibility of meeting different people at different and having multiple endings. I loved that style

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