June 7th Update

Miranda has now been released for free for all players!

You can find it listed under the games section.

Not much else to add this week. Enjoy playing if it’s your first time.

16 thoughts to “June 7th Update”

  1. Loved the game the first time I’ve played it. One of my biggest disappointment in photographer 3 was not getting a solo sex scene, plus the change in her personality.

  2. Wow real direct download! Doesn’t it affect the traffic or consume a considerable amount of your monthly quota? It is really appreciated.

    1. Seem OK so far. In terms on MB, this isn’t a massive game.

      It won’t be this way for all games in the future, but I thought I might as well with this one.

  3. Such great memories of that game. Was one of your finest games for quite a while.

    1. Yeah, this was the first one where I started trying to make things character driven rather than the same date template.

      1. Can not get the final personality trait..
        I can get
        Hiker, Nudist & Philosophy…
        But cant get the final one. Hint please

        1. Try to talk about music. Either at the volleyball match in the morning or at the beach by selecting a song of MORRISON {sic} from the jukebox.
          During the conversation at the vollyball match it is more difficult to find this topic (hint: “playing some sports” / “competitivly” / “thanksgiving” / “remote control” / “playing music” / “80s music” / “british”)

  4. suggestion for a game : remember Ellie from the first Photographer game ? well , the game will be called Ellies day and follow the same idea as the game Sarah . with Madison(as the boss) , Lisette(visiting her sister) , and Naria (as a model) . i see seven potential endings (three threesomes , three solo and one foursome)

  5. I’ve completed the game but can’t get the ‘adventurous’ ending. I read your original walkthrough but still struggled to get there.

    Great game, btw. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

    1. You need the “succesful” ending of the night but your influence points must be lower than 100.

  6. Hey bud could you ask DSP on the progress of Bridgette? It was my understanding that the 3rd and 4th part would possibly be released between 2 months of each other.

    Thank you,


  7. Hi there Chaotic! I’ve been meaning to report some bugs that I found in Molly & Marianna (I know I’m late, but I just got the time to finally play it after downloading it for so long XD):

    – In endcheck4, I think that the checked variable is “marsex”, since “molsex” is in endcheck3 (I mean, to get the threesome, you need to have had sex with both of them before, no?)
    – In intro8, you forgot an “a” in ‘marianna’, so the third answer (I thought you’d never ask.) doesn’t increment Marianna’s score as it should.
    – In pool13, a slight mispelled word, “accomplice”.
    – In savegame1, nothing major, you’ve put Leanna in the title, instead of Molly and Marianna.
    – In sh2, the last answer should lead to sh3c, instead of sh3b.
    – In sh105, a typo in the second answer (heavy to me, not heavy to be).
    – In sh121, there’s two “with” in Marianna’s text, the first one is out of place.

    That’s the things that I’ve noticed, at least for now.

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