May 17th Update

Good news everyone!

Progress with Molly and Marianna over this past week has been great, so I’m very happy to announce that the game will be released next Friday (the 24th).

The only images left to render are those for the threesome, and there’s only a couple of sequences to finish writing. All that, plus bug checking should be pretty easy to do in a week.

Here’s the final batch of teasing images for you all.

19 thoughts to “May 17th Update”

  1. Can’t wait until next week. Also Leanna is in it (cameo) so that’s awesome.

  2. Looks great! Is there any chance that in the expansion we could have a solo sex scene with marianna? She looks too good for her to not have one!

  3. First of all, great news with the release date being confirmed, we’ve been waiting for so long, the hype is real!
    Second of all, adding to Z Grip’s comment, I’m curious about the Leanna image. Is it just a cameo (since Molly appeared in Leanna’s game, we know that they’re in the same univers), or that the MC for both games is the same?

    1. MC for both games are intended as different.

      It’s really just a cameo from Leanna where she delivers a report about the plot.

      1. Well that’s good. After all that the MC went through with Leanna, it would’ve been a shame id they broke up, or ended things on a sad note (kinda like the Betsy thing, but I liked the ending of April and Violet, that suggest a possible reunion)

  4. I really like what you did with the lighting. With how Leanna is dressed I guess this takes place after her game?

    1. Not for this version, but there will be an expanded version released a little later in the year that will.

  5. I am pleased with the impending release this week good work. I am wondering about the release from dsp3000. Any news would be greatly appreciated. Thank You in advance.

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