May 10th update

OK, it’s crunch time…

Molly and Marianna has taken me a bit longer than intended. The rough plan for this site is always to do a new game approximately every 6 months. It’s been a little over that now since the Photographer Part 3 (though I only released the expansion just before Christmas).

I really want to get this released before too much more time passes, so I think I’m going to do what I did with Leanna. I’ll release Molly and Marianna, but only with the male player character option for now. A few months after that, I’ll release an expanded version of the game with the female PC option and some expanded scenes. People seemed happy enough when I did that with Leanna, so hopefully it’ll be fine here too.

No idea how to quantify where I’m up to with the games progress as a percentage. I’m finishing the second sex scene today. That leaves only the epilogue threesome and a couple of other sequences left to render + writing. Hopefully, that only means 2-3 weeks until release.

Preview images this week are  mainly from one of my favorite scenes in the game. I won’t give any context, but you can probably guess what happens.


10 thoughts to “May 10th update”

    1. Sad that they killed off the hottest character, but if there’s only 2 more episodes, then it’s not as if we were going to see that much more of her anyway. 🙂

  1. Yeah, I was happy with the female player option in Leanna. But I wish that this time, we’ll get more developped sex scenes, just like the male version.

    And so, can we expect a June release?

    1. Possibly last week of May.

      I’m going on vacation June 15th, so the plan is certainly to finish it before then.

  2. Lawd, Molly’s ass looks amazing.

    Take all the time you need to finish, Chaotic.

  3. if the story is what think there will be three endings . the story :

    both you and Marianna are spies but Molly thinks that Marinna is a spy for the enemy . you discover that your organization D.i.A (Defense Intelligence agency) has a mole or double agent leading to your options :

    option 1 : both you and Marianna tell Molly about your suspicions and the three of you find the mole leading to a threesome ending .

    option 2 : you do not tell Molly about the mole leading to a Marianna solo ending .

    option 2 : you tell Molly that you suspects that Marianna is the mole leading to a Molly solo ending .

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