April 12th Update

One final post on MrStomper’s Sci-fi Story.

Here’s a list of tips from the man himself. Hopefully, this will help you out for those of you trying to reach every scene.

The guide – in the wild, just let her do her thing

– The guard – Chamber – find out she has one in the hallway scene
– now you should be able to talk you way there from the dungeon and baths
– Enjoy!
– Baths – do not raise an alarm and go straight to the Lady
– in the hallway, request to get more presentable and don’t let the guard persuade you otherwise! (Or you will learn about her chamber…)
– once there, just wash yourself and wait for the guard to lecture you
– Enjoy! (No sex, but you can talk your way into her chamber afterwards)

– The maid – Dungeon – do not raise the alarm
– do not go straight to the Lady
– do not fuck the guide
– the guard will take you in the dungeons
– Follow the instruction
– Enjoy! (Or refuse and talk your way into the guard’s chamber)

– Threesome – in the baths, pry some information from the guard and become acquainted
– use this information in the dinning room to convince her to stay
– Enjoy!

– The Lady – build up your immunity the quicker way

– Orgy – build you immunity to the Lady’s charms and learn about the fairy in her room
– do not raise an alarm
– get in the dungeon
– get out of the dungeon into the Guard’s chamber
– (you can skip the sex scene and get some rest instead)
– since the Maid is in the dungeon, the Lady will have to go for you herself (taking the fairy as a bodyguard with her)
– point out the weird sound to the guard
– once released from the dungeon, do not get in the sewers
– do not refuse to participate
– Enjoy!

– Alarm – Play a prank on the guard and she will not set it off

– BROTIP – Take a view from the windows in hallway scene

– Extra – Ask the Doc as much as you can

Next, week it’ll be back to me (Chaotic) and some updates on Molly and Marianna’s progress.

15 thoughts to “April 12th Update”

      1. dsp300 is still working on the next Bridgette chapter.

        Although he said that Bridgette part 4 was almost completed, that could still mean there’s a few months of work left.

        Try not to worry or panic about i too much. I’m sure it won’t be too long until it’s here.

  1. Good game. Very well done, and it’s just your second one.

    Though I wonder if there’s an actual “good end”? I’m on my final run, trying to make her apologize, but even if I confront her, it still end’s on a bitter note.

    1. Sadly, no. Sometimes, no matter what you do or what you could have done the odd just are not in your favor. And this is the “between the hammer and anvil” situation.

  2. Do you think you’d ever make another house party game? I’ve always thought it was good idea.

  3. No good ending and I can never get to fuck the Lady with out dying. Pretty awful game. There’s more losing then winning. Where’s the fun in that?

  4. Is it a glitch or why I cannot block the window in the cabin? I just get an error message to achievements.

    1. Can you provide more details? I checked the part and couldn’t find any issues nor replicate your problem.
      And yes, it is not possible to block the window.

      1. Okay, not possible

        Anyway, after I blocked the door and tried to block the window, a big E appeared in the achievement list left of FiRP.

        1. Great, thanks!

          I have send the fix to Chaotic. It shouldn’t show the error message anymore. I wasn’t able to do anything about the shutter, unfortunately…

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