April 5th UpdateSci Fi Story

Sci-fi Story has now been released and can be played in the members section right now.

Some final words from MrStomper on his new game…

And now some boring statistics: VDG: Sci-Fi Story has slightly over 1 050 pictures and 104 animations, with 55 sex related. Using DSP’s counting method, all together the picture count is slightly over 4600. After the testing I find out it’s best not to use Internet Explorer or Edge to get all the functions to operate properly and  as intended.

Like when you end a session it should remember where you were and the next time start from the same spot.

And one last thing I forgot to mention last time. Keep an eye this eye icon

It allows you to switch view during certain scenes that were just especially suitable for another point of view.

Go play it! I hope to see you all soon. Until next time, have fun!

28 thoughts to “April 5th UpdateSci Fi Story”

  1. Alright, time to see how it goes, and hopefully the skeleton thing isn’t an ending XD

    1. I’ve just checked this.

      I believe the animations are working, you just have to wait for them to load before they start playing (and some are quite large). If they’re not playing for you online, try waiting for a full minute or 2 and see what happens.

      I do recommend getting the downloadable version if you can.

    1. Yes. After the shift from gifs to sets of pictures to be used for animations, I believe in one of his posts or comments DSP successfully defended the practice of counting every picture to describe the size of his games, so I attributed his name to it.

  2. When hovering your mouse over the screen, is there supposed to be text that shows up for whatever options are available like most other games have? Because currently I’m blindly clicking on the screen without knowing what I am getting into and it has caused me to mess up a few of my playthroughs

    1. I believe the text at the top of the screen changes when you hover over something clickable.

    2. I have tried a different approach for the infotexts. They should appear instead of the normal text when you hover over a clickable area or information panel (anything with a picture in it), but IE and Edge seem to have problem with it (and many other things).
      Chrome, Opera and Firefox had no problem with it during testing. I also highly recommend using the offline version.

  3. Love the game so far, especially the hot mistress. I have problems getting anything done with the guard though. I think I have tried all possible dialogues during the dungeon scene. I just get locked up or get sent to the lady.

      1. I thought I did. At least I found an alternate route so I came in by myself. Still didn’t find any opening to get frisky… Gonna try some more though.

        1. No alarm, straight to the top and you should get new opportunities in the hallway:)

  4. Um super stuck with this one just can’t seem to be acquainted with the guard get stuck both at the dance and in the baths anyone got any tips? Still have a requirement missing from the start screen I can’t pinpoint either

  5. I finished the game, finally. I must say, that ending was weird and very untypical for a virtual dating game. Also I never got to the sex-scene in the bathing area with the guard, no threesomes or orgys, and I have no idea on how to get to them either.

  6. I really struggle to figure out where I can tell the guard about the fairy in the misstress room. I can´t get the dialogue in the baths. in the dungeon or in her private chamber. Where can I tell her that?

  7. OK so I’ve finished the game and much of of the achievements except for the sex less run can’t work out how you’d go through without banging the guard atleast. Can’t say I’m a huge fan of the loop formate as it is repeatedly doing the same things over and over again its cool for the whole building up info but the game Really needs either a back button or a suicide/return to beginning button because repeatedly doing the same scenes you start trying to get through it quickly and it’s easy to miss click. the number of time I was just banging the mouse button wanting to hurry up and stick my head in the fire so I could do what I ment todo but miss clicked something is unreal

    1. If you haven’t already found out, you can just go straight to the bed and sleep after the dungeon scene.

  8. I must be doing something wrong, I can’t get to the bath or use the text box while the dancing is happening, and I havn’t been able to see the lady sitting behind the table. and hints?

    1. I’ve completed it once but never did anything with the guard, she always took me to the lady or the dungeon for that event

  9. how to get acquainted with the guard? If I come with the blow job queen she just takes me to the mistress, she doesn’t even dance. I have gone to the dungeon with her but that just ends in death. When I go alone I also just end up going to the mistress. I have seen her chambers, but nothing happens in there. How to get straight into the castle without raising the alarm? Can someone help me on this please?

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