March 29th Update

More from MrStomper on his upcoming game…

This week, less talking, more showing! Here are the story-unrelated pictures where you can have a better look at the female cast:

But there will be some talking, don’t you worry, because last week I mentioned that this is going to be a bit different. And it is. Nothing radical, just no lust or influence checks. Nothing like this. Balancing these stats is annoying AF. And also you might have noticed from Anna that the stats and traits counter was put in on short notice. But I really liked the idea of discovering traits that open up new possibilities in the story. So, this time around, you will be gaining knowledge of the place and people. Knowledge will be saved in an “inventory” and will open up new possibilities, like new conversation options, entire scenes or shortcuts. And because there is a fair amount of them and it easy to forget what does what, you will always know if there is an option locked behind a knowledge you haven’t acquired yet or what knowledge opened a particular option.

For this same reason it might be problematic to create a walkthrough. Depending on what you do and the order in which you gain the knowledge each playthrough can be a little different. But as you gain more and more knowledge, the story should converge to its ending. So, I will rather encourage you to discuss it than write a walkthrough for it. Here you have some actual pictures you can encounter to give you a topic on which you can train your discussion related skills until next week:

Because next week I will tell you about some technicalities and VDG: Sci-Fi Story will be released!

21 thoughts to “March 29th Update”

    1. This one will be released first.

      Dsp3000’s next game release could be months away.

      1. Do you mean Bridgette part 4?
        I understood dsp said it was almost completed.
        What a shame!

        1. I have, but I’m also having trouble accessing my emails. Hopefully it’ll be fine later.

      2. Months away!?

        “No chance. I’m already working on completing stage four.”
        “don’t expect to wait as long as you did for stage three.”
        “At the current work rate that’s about a month’s work.”
        – dsp3000 quotes

        Are you sure?

        1. Note I said ‘could be’.

          It could also be a lot sooner. I’m just making sure people know that an unforeseen delay is always a possibility with these things.

  1. The the knowledge stuff will kinda work like a skill tree?

    Good preview pictures. Too bad none of them look really alien at all.

    1. I will not describe it as a skill tree, no.
      And sci-fi doesn’t always mean alien, aliens and lasers. Take the Matrix movie for an example. A great sci-fi, yet placed almost entirely in a contemporary setting of a city.

  2. I really hope that there’s a save feature, because doing everything from the start just to see some dialog change might be painful XD

  3. The knowledge-opens-paths mechanic reminds me of something from Chaotic’s games. Didn’t Miranda include this mechanic? Or was it Leanna?

    1. I have no idea.

      Despite the website name, it has no affiliation or connection to this one.

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