March 15th Update

Today, 2 new free games have been added to the site.

They are Darkness falls and Getting to grips with Christine, both by Tlaero and Mortze.

If anyone wants to supportĀ Tlaero and Mortze, you can do so via Patreon for as little as $1 per month by clicking here. Every little helps to keep them making games, and Patreon uses Paypal.

Also, since both game are little smaller, I’ve also just used a the site as a host for downloading the full game.

12 thoughts to “March 15th Update”

  1. I am very happy to see your continuing support for Tlaero and Mortze. I saw them a year or so back when you mentioned them on this site and I have found their work to be very good. I started supporting them almost immediately. Between their release schedule and your release schedule I find that I have a consistent source for enjoyable new games. Also, for those of you who remember Pandora, it is likely that we will see another episode.

    Thank you for this lead Chaotic.

    1. Well, from what I heard, a second Pandora is in the making, with Farik as its protagonist. There’s also season 2 of Darkness Falls (they intend to do it like Tell Tale Games), and finally, a new Keeley game (was teased in Christine’s game)

  2. Ah, Darkness Falls. I hadn’t really looked into that yet. Coming to Grips With Christine was really good, though.

    1. I have enjoyed both. Darkness Falls develops slowly and is an excellent “Mystery” game. Coming to Grips With Christine is also very enjoyable.

  3. What do you have to do to get “Darling you’ve got to let me know…” Achievement? I can’t seem to figure that one out.

  4. You call it “Getting to grips with Christine” but the game’s actually called “Coming to Grips with Christine”.

  5. These games are GOOD! I got through the Christine one successfully, but am interested in any walkthroughs for alternative endings.

    My only disappointment was not seeing the scenes where we get to have sex with Christine’s friend while Christine watches via Skype. Even if we scored, it would have been nice for different versions of the scenes to click through. I wanted to know what she had on under that low cut green dress, and see Christine get her jollies off watching.

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