March 8th Update

Now that the new Bridgette game has been released, we’ve got time for a brief interlude and update for Molly and Marianna.

There’s not too many details I want to give, but I just wanted you all to know that I have been advancing steadily through the images.


Next week, I’ll be adding a couple of free games to the site, though ones some of you will already been aware of and played.

14 thoughts to “March 8th Update”

  1. Not to jume into conclusions or anything, but I assume we’ll have 3 “good” endings? One for Molly, one for Marianna, and one for both? If that’s so, then I’m excited for the last one. Not just for the possible threesome, but seeing how the girls will go from ennemies/rivals to “bedmates”

    1. Actually, it’s looking like there will be 2 good and one bad.

      Molly + Marianna ‘saved’
      Marianna not saved, Molly doesn’t like you that much

      1. Intresting. So no Marianna solo ending, huh? Didn’t see that one coming. So, it’s like the Kristen Situation? Molly as the main girl, and if we plan our cards right, we get Marianna as a bonus?

          1. I get that, the game is about Molly AND Marianna, so she’ not just a side character. However, since I believe in equal chances, maybe Marianna can get her own spin-off? Basically, we reverse what’s happening here: Yo do a second Molly/Marianna game, but the main girl is Marianna, with Molly as a side?

  2. Looks like it’s going to be a good game! I’m surprised there hasn’t been anything out of mr. stomper yet. Seemed like last we heard he wasn’t far off from completing a new game

  3. Do we get to play as female this time? Because the Photographer 3 didn’t have that option.

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