March 1st Update

It’s game release day, which always fills me with a mixture of relief and anxiety. This one has been a long time coming and when you look at the statistics you will realize why.

Stage three of ‘A Date with Bridgette’ has a huge 4490 new images to add to the 848 from stage one and 2287 from stage two.

So that makes 6677 so far.

I say so far because stage four will be next; but more on that in due course.

Along with creating the all new stage three, I’ve also gone back over the first two stages and processed all the images to mostly adjust brightness and contrast. For the best experience I highly recommend playing all the way through from the beginning.

Alternatively you will be able to use the ten digit codes gained and the end of stage two to carry over your achievements to stage three.
These codes will effect what can happen during stage three.

Stage three is a very large and complicated game due to the sheer variety of options available.

First up you can visit the ‘Brass Pole’ nightclub with Bridgette, meet up with several of the girls from the Goodhead Academy, drink, dance and be a little mischievious if you wish. There are plenty of little variations and extras built in to this scene alone.

After the nightclub you can take a trip to the ‘Pink Pussy’ club. Visit with Bridgette and see if she is happy to stay and watch the show. You might get her backstage or even on the stage. Depending on her mood and how much Champagne she has been drinking things can get pretty sexy when nobody is watching.

There is the possibility of meeting up with Didi and visiting with her and Bridgette too. It’s a good chance to find out more about the Academy’s secrets and the interesting dynamic which exists in Didi and Bridgette’s relationship.

Then it’s time to head back to Bridgette’s apartment. Will it be a simple walk home, or another sexy adventure? It’s all about your choices and actions.

And before anyone asks. Yes; there are several sex scenes… And not just with Bridgette.

Thanks for all your support over the past year or so, it has been very much appreciated.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy playing the game.


Bridgette Part 3 is now available to play in the members sections. As always, if you can’t see it, remember to hit refresh in your browser. – Chaotic

EDIT : Patch now added to games page to deal with the bug. Updated files added to online version.

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  1. I have like 4 different codes from part 2, no matter which one I start with I always end up having to start the conversation with laura from 1 red rectangle, is there any code that could make that start from a higher point, maybe neutral?? is it dependent on the initial code?

    1. The Laura conversation always starts at minus one.
      It can end anywhere from minus five to plus five.
      The start codes don’t have any bearing on this. It’s all about your conversation choices and actions.

  2. So…
    any Chances someone has some Codes for stage three?

    And congrats for an amazing looking and huge Game!

  3. A brilliant Game, dsp3000. I think a walkthrough is needed for such a long and complex game though. I only resort to them when completely stumped after many playthroughs.

    1. Thank you OT.
      I will do a walkthrough. The question is how to condense over 30 pages of production notes down into a walkthrough.

      1. DSP3000, you did an amazing job of the walkthru for Academy #4 on member’s site. Without the walkthru for Academy #4, I would not have been able to complete it since personally, I found it was difficult due to the very strict time restrictions as well as other requirements.

        It would be great to have something similar for the Bridgette storyline/subplot especially for #1 and possibly #2 which are over a year old.

        It might also be a good idea to update the character gallery especially Bridgette, Laura, and Alexia on and maybe include some of the other characters

        1. I thought there was a walkthrough for stages one and two, but apparently not.

          I may still wait until stage four is complete before issuing a walkthrough.
          There are narrative and technical reasons for this. ie potential spoilers for the as yet unreleased stage.

          Meanwhile, you’re right and your suggestion of updating the Academy is something I had in mind already. It’s on the to list.

          Also, if you’re right about my misuse of your and you’re, then I will be mortified.
          I doubt I’ll survive the shame.
          Seriously… I’m fucking livid with myself!
          It’s almost as bad as when I get called dsp300.

  4. Thank You DSP! I’m looking forward to playing the newest part later tonight.

    Question about the adjustments of the first two parts: are the changes exclusively with the images? Or has anything changed with the logic/scripting?

    1. Some very minor coding changes. Mostly spelling mistakes and grammar.
      Nothing which would alter the gameplay from earlier versions.
      The images are the important change.

  5. Can’t wait for my downloading to finish since with my slow internet speed it will take over an hour to download so playing the online version as I type this.

  6. Thanks for the newest offering. Spent most of Friday, once this one (Date with Brigitte III) was released trying all of the codes. Looking forward to #4.

  7. Played it a few times. Is it normal that it ends abruptly with an error message about brdendcheck1.html

    1. Well done. You have found the one and only missing file that I do know about.
      I’ll issue it as a patch.

      1. I should add that this only happens at one of the endings.
        But it will be corrected.

        1. I wish I would have taken notes to figure out how I got there but played it like maybe 3 times and only once do I believe that I got a successful ending which ended with a save code.

          Each other time, even though I tried to not upset Bridgette, the game ended unsuccessfully (I use unsuccessful for anything that doesn’t generate a save code) making this a somewhat difficult game and I might need to backtrack to #2 and replay some of those decisions or go back to #1 entirely.

          I did encounter another error with Didi and Bridgette. With one of my selections, the screen went black like the picture was missing and in the center of the screen was the “missing link/picture” icon where I could click on. This was the downloaded file and when I played it online (or at least referenced the URL online), it didn’t happen so it wasn’t a case of my internet going down or not being able to reach the server since I got this error when I played the downloaded game. I’ll see if I can get this again when I play this weekend.

          1. With the talk about the problem(s) I encountered, I forgot to mention… great game DSP3000! It was worth the wait.

            The scene with Didi and Bridgette tied in nicely to the rest of the storyline as did everything else even though Didi appears at the ending of #2, she only gets invited if a particular event happens in #2. Interactions with Didi from the Academy games also seems to allude to this so it was very nicely done. We have sort of a continuation of the storyline with the Academy #4 with Laura in the canteen scene. Everything meshed properly in terms of the storyline.

            I did notice some minor typos that don’t take anything from the gameplay which I managed to correct myself so I didn’t mention them. I have an eye for spotting this as it is part of my 9-5 job so hopefully you don’t think I’m nitpicking.

            Any particular reason why you changed the metering system?

            1. Thanks Jim
              Please can you send a list of any errors to Chaotic through the site so he can forward them on to me.
              The metering system is just a simplification for short sequences and interactions with individual characters. Sort of a game within the game.
              The really important one in this stage is the conversation with Laura, but positive outcomes with the other girls do have their own advantages.
              If you can find out where that missing image is then that would be very useful.
              I can make sure it’s sorted out as soon as possible.

              Thanks for the positive feedback.

              1. Found it. Four missing images from pink434.html to pink437.html.

                I’ll send them over to Chaotic right away.

                1. Yes, that’s in the range of what was happening with Didi and Bridgette which generated the black screen that I encountered.

              2. I’ll send a list of the typos that I saw and manually corrected myself (don’t worry, it wasn’t a lot) to Chaotic via the e-mail address that he posted on his site but just to let you know, I’ve sent him an e-mail before regarding errors with his games and/or website and it was ignored so hopefully he forwards it to you.

                I’ll let you know when you can expect it.

                1. Sorry to hear that. πŸ™

                  Don’t know why it wasn’t responded to last time, but I’ll see this time around.

                  1. Just sent my e-mail to chaotic. Hopefully you get a copy of it.

                    One typo is probably not a typo based on how often it occurs in your game but I corrected it in the version I downloaded since I thought it was a mistake the first time I saw it since what was used isn’t common.

                    The other typo is a clear typo.

                    I also pointed to certain things I mentioned on this blog which I think you mentioned that your patch will correct.

                    I also mentioned the possibility of another missing file but this wasn’t arrived at via straight gameplay so it might not be missing at all.

                    1. I forgot to mention that there was at least one “your” that stuck out at me which should have been “you’re” or “you are” in the game but since many people don’t know the difference, I didn’t point it out in my e-mail. πŸ˜€

                    1. Yep received.
                      Amandla is called Amandla. Odd name I know but that’s what sometimes happens in strip clubs.
                      There is a minor typo at apart47.html which I will correct in due course.
                      The six missing images around the pink434.html range have been added along with the one missing file.
                      pink100.html has been deliberately omitted.
                      I’ll track down any ‘your/you’re’ errors because seeing them is the sort of thing that would annoy me too.

                      Thanks for all the feedback and thanks for taking the time to report the errors you found.
                      I’m generally quite pleased at how few errors there are on the initial release. The missing files were just my stupid mistake rather than an actual problem with the code.
                      I’m calling it as one genuine typo in over 2500 new files at the moment.

  8. What a great release. So much content. Only problem is wanting part 4 now! Great job though, hoping we get to see a titfuck with Bridgette in the next chapter.

  9. I get a black screen in the stripclub after didi says i’m sure it will be unforgetable…help please

    1. Thanks… It’s now a known error.
      I’ve sent the relevant files over for a patch/update.

  10. Fantastic!!!! Love this game. It sure looks like Stage 4 might make our wishes come true. What a diverse number of paths and possible endings. Absolutely incredible111

  11. Bravo dsp, was well worth the wait! Looking forward to part 4 already. Personally I’m hoping we’ll get to go all the way with Laura eventually (as great as her bonus scene was it was still such a tease!)

      1. Hey dsp3000,

        Firstly, congratulations on the release – I know you’ve worked really hard on it!

        I have to be honest though, I still feel like the game is missing out on its full potential. Primarily, with this latest release, there’s not really that many sex scenes – the only main one is with Bridgette (which unfortunately is one my least favorite girls right now). In terms of Caitlin (the redhead) and Laura, they’re really more just like quickies if anything. However, I don’t really have a problem with these scenes/sequences. The main concern though is with the other girls. You’re really good at setting-up relationships with them (example: Frida and Susie), but you don’t seen follow through on the execution. Really, it’s simply left as a tease. I think if you were to go back while in the process of Part 4 and maybe add these opportunities or something, the game itself will thrive a lot more. After all, more choices allows for more appeasement/freedom on the player-base.

        You may already know this and you may be working to implement these things, so I apologize for that if that’s the case. Nonetheless, I still very much enjoy and appreciate the content you do provide, and hope you will continue to do so for awhile.

        Also, do you have a tentative release date planned for Part 4 as of yet?

        Let me know your thoughts,
        Thanks. πŸ™‚

        1. You don’t know what I have in mind so perhaps your critique is premature but please take your time before you demand more.
          Have you played the game or just played the files?
          It sounds as though you are fixating on what you imagine isn’t there rather than truly enjoying what is.

          I suppose this depends on how one defines ‘sex’ and one’s expectations of what adult Interactive fiction can deliver.
          If you are looking for a fuckfest, you’re probably in the wrong place/genre/niche, or at least you’ll be in for one hell of a wait.
          I am always open to suggestions, but this is not simple pornography and even if it was, it can never be all the cards on the table can it?

          I don’t aim to please everyone because that is impossible, choice is an illusion and there is no magic formula to ‘thrive’.
          Besides, opinions are like arseholes; everybody has one.

          I’m simply working on creating complex and interesting visual stories.
          That takes time, energy and some effort and intelligence. These things don’t come for free.
          I hope some people are able to recognise and appreciate that.

    1. Your date with Bridgette must fail at a certain stage this is based on what Laura was saying. I don’t know if it is a time based failure or not.

      The hardest thing for me was to get the positive meter all the way to the top since you can’t mistake in any of the selections. One wrong selection and it won’t reach the top.

      1. I got full positieve meter in the night club with laura and I can tell you is not easy consider your action after you met laura outside you still need to carefull to choose your options because it can bring the positieve down.

  12. I got to see the women and men’s restroom paths. Nice to see that there is something beyond the women’s room. The Laura ending is a nice consolation prize. It is also noteworthy that both you and Bridgette independently discover Principal Valentine’s picture. Although only Bridgette seems to make the connection. I love the variety in this game.

    1. I’m not DSP3000 and I can say technically there is a threesome in this game but most players would probably have preferred a different type of threesome since it is a MMF (and most people probably want a MFF) threesome.

    1. Get as many positive reactions as you can during the first conversation with her. Then ‘fail’ the actual date with bridgette (try kissing one of the other girls while dancing). Leave the club, start to head home, you should run into Laura again, offer her a ride or invite her to the hotel, rest of it is pretty much common sense from there.

    2. I’ve gotten the Laura scene and it is not easy.

      When Laura talks to you alone in the nightclub, you must make all the correct choices. If you make any incorrect choice, the positive meter will not reach the top. An incorrect choice is any choice that decreases the meter as well as any choice that doesn’t increase the meter when one of the choices/options in the same screen does increase the meter. So it isn’t just about not clicking on the negative choices but you need to click all positive choices when offered and when no positive choice is offered, you can then click on the neutral choice.

      Once the positive meter is all the way at the top, the next thing that must happen is the date with Bridgette must fail.

  13. What the fuck Laura wants?
    The image of 4th part introduces to a night of fire with Bridgette, does it?

  14. Thanks for the feedback.
    Stage three of game is already about twice the size of anything I’ve ever released before and yes there are plenty of story paths and relationships that can be developed.
    There does come a point when you have to close off some paths to enable the completion of others.

    That doesn’t mean that they are closed forever. Due to the suggestive narrative structures and teases I generally use, I could go back and keep adding content to all the games I’ve made. Maybe at some point I will.
    Funnily enough, I did start creating an extended scene with Frida and Susie but shelved it for the time being. I may return to it.

    For now I have to focus next on stage four of ‘A Date with Bridgette’ and then tackle the task of ‘The Acamemy : Day Five’.
    That said, I have got a few surprises I will be adding into stage four other than the obvious visit to Bridgette’s apartment.

    In terms of a release date for stage four, well as previously stated, I had been working of stages three and four simultaneously and as such most of stage four has already been created.
    I do still have quite a big scene to produce as well as completing a few smaller scenes.
    Mostly sex scenes too, so lots and lots of animations and variety.
    And as I seem to keep having to repeat… Not just with Bridgette.

    I can’t really predict a release date yet, but don’t expect to wait as long as you did for stage three.

    1. Here are my suggestions for Bridgette #4 and Academy #5… take it for whatever it is worth.

      1) Try not to have too many time based constraints especially if these constraints are back to back. My feeling is that Academy #4 was very (perhaps too) difficult because of the time based constraints of certain objectives especially when the objective was absolutely required for the successful completion of the game. Some time constraints are fine like Academy #3 where you can only have sex with Amy or Annie since both events happen at the same time but to have too many requirements that depend on an exact time like Holly & Maria will only return the key at this time and not before or after that time or Megan will only bring you to the gym under the pretext that Miss Goodhead wants to have a meeting at a specific time, camera can only be removed at a specific time and not before or after that time, etc.

      2) This is probably aimed more towards Academy #5 than Bridgette #4 but I didn’t like having to enter 1 key every few scenes in Academy #4. It took away from the gameplay in my opinion. In the storyline, you can say that Ms. Goodhead decided to upgrade the door security system to accept 8 alphanumeric characters instead of the weaker 4 characters/keys with the pound at the end to keep the undesirables out like Ms. Valentine now that she is terminated/suspended. Just have the player enter the entire code at the beginning and then play from beginning to end whether the end is a successful end or an unsuccessful end. It is like paying for a parking meter that only accepts 10 minutes max in terms of money but you can park however long you want as long as you pay the necessary amount. When you know how much time you will spend, don’t you want to pay the entire amount for the time immediately instead of being prompted to pay every 10 minutes? πŸ˜‰

      3) Since Eric made an appearance in Bridgette #3 and mentioned Maddison and Maddison is related to Maria, perhaps Maddison can have a cameo sex or non-sex role in either Academy #5 or Bridgette #4

      4) Perhaps Tara, Natalia, and Zayna could have a non-sex cameo or sex cameo in Academy #5 or Bridgette #4. Based on the coding, it appears as if the Pink Pussy is an option in Bridgette #4, perhaps Tara, Natalia, and/or Zayna could be there for some reason or another (maybe they are strippers or just viewers). It is already established that Tara, Natalia, and Zayna exists in the Academy & Bridgette storylines/world and Eric was shown in Bridgette #3 as well as there as well as Lola, Amy, Holly, and Maria were shown there. If going this route, Tara would need to be touched up in my opinion since she looks a bit too “cartoony” when compared to the other characters.

      5) Have more sex scenes that aren’t required for the player to fail the game (Alexia in Bridgette #2, Alicia in Academy #4, Laura in Bridgette #3, etc.)

      1. Thanks Jim.
        So you want me to make a game about a parking meter right?

    2. Darn! I wanted to see the frida and susie scene so badly. Can you maybe add it in the 4th part?

  15. Could you please let me know what program or software both Chaotic and DSP3000 are using to create these games?


      1. Yeah, mostly Daz Studio with a ton of assets and add-ons for the initial renders. Then Photoshop for post render work and Dreamweaver for the coding platform.
        Another important asset is good computer hardware to give relatively fast render times and overall system stability.

  16. I haven’t forgotten Holly’s party. Will that be part of Academy #5 or will we get an encore? Only time will tell.

        1. Yeah, I hadn’t forgotten about Holly either.

          I should put a list together of plot leaders I’ve embedded into the Academy and Tara series.
          That is all the little dialogue references, visual clues and character meetings that may or may not allude to future plans.

          Chronologically speaking, next I’ll complete Thursday evening (Bridgette stage four) and then move onto Friday (Academy part five)

          Saturday does follow on from that…

  17. I might totally be off base here but I think the images of Bridgette at the Brass when her hair is down and with no glasses are not as appealing as the prior images. That might just personal taste. Were the images created by a different artist?

  18. I keep getting stuck at the officer pulling me over for being intoxicated. Is there anyway to avoid it?

    1. Don’t drink as much in Bridgette #1

      The restaurant scene forces you to drink but you don’t need to drink anything alcoholic if going to the bar and you don’t drink anything in the park.

      Before you write that without alcohol (especially cocktales at the bar), the good sexual scenes don’t happen in either place for Bridgette #2, it is just another example of whether you want to have the sexual scenes or whether you want to continue with the game (ex: scene with Alicia in Academy #4 can only happen in an unsuccessful ending of Academy #4 since Alicia scene takes you away from a crucial meeting with Megan which is required, scene with Laura can only happen in an unsuccessful ending of Bridgette #3, scene with Caitlyn can only happen in an unsuccessful ending of Bridgette #3, scene with Alexia can only happen in an unsuccessful ending of Bridgette #2, etc.)

  19. I have to admit i’m pretty frustrated at how obscure everything is. I feel like I need to run through scenarios ( and their 10 digit passwords) hundreds of times through all 3 games to try to string together paths. I’d greatly appreciate a walkthrough so I can enjoy the content i’ve paid for up to this point.

    I haven’t even gotten to part 3, and I’m stuck trying to find a way to get to alexis in part 2 without the automatic game over at the cop. Maybe get both of us drunk enough for alexis offer to trigger in part 1, but somehow anger Bridgette to the point that she voluntarily leaves in part 2 before the cop scene?

    I’m not sure what triggers meeting Maria at the movies…sometimes she shows, sometimes she doesn’t.
    I’m not sure how to trigger the bonus scenes in the movies or if they require triggers from Bridgette part 1 or even something from academy part 4.

    I don’t know why the cop sometimes appears at view point and other times doesn’t.

    I’m really not sure how to get Didi to stay. It seems Bridgette gives her the drunk hug regardless of whether we went to the bar in part 1.

    Also, sometimes Bridgette asks to be taken home after successfully passing the cop scene.

    I truly respect all the work DSP has put into the game ( seriously great work!), but without a guide It’s been a pretty frustrating experience struggling to find the perfect strings between the games to get to desired outcomes. Did I make a mistake in part 1, 2 or 3 or all of the above? I don’t know and I’d seriously, greatly, very much, would appreciate a walkthrough.

    ( For the record I even went so far as to browse through the comments of the December 2017/ January 2018 release blogs for help, but even that came off a bit vague and didn’t cover some of the above.)

    1. After playing the game quite a few times (#1, #2, and now with #3), I can post my suggestions but most of my suggestions are spoilers so I’m unsure if whether I’m allowed to so if I don’t get any post from DSP3000 or Chaotic to indicate otherwise, I will post some of my observations which answers your questions.

        1. Here is some help…

          I can’t really help with Alexia since I’ve only gotten to her twice and don’t remember the exact steps but it stems from selecting the bar as the 2nd location in #1. If the bar is selected as the 1st location, Alexia won’t make her offer to you. If I remember correctly, I got Bridgette and Alexia to have a competition showing their breasts and when leaving the bar, I paid and let Alexia keep the change as a tip. She then made her offer. From there I forgot which options/choices I made but the date with Bridgette ended and I found myself in front of the bar where Alexia was locking up. The rest is history with one of the endings of Alexia stealing my wallet after the dirty deed and the other ending being a better ending with Alexia but doesn’t continue since the date with Bridgette ended.

          In terms of getting Maria to appear in front of the movie theater, you have to go restaurant in #1 as the 1st choice. When going to the restaurant in #1 as the first choice, if in #2 you go to the movie theater, Holly and Maria will be there. I don’t understand the logic of this but regardless of how drunk Bridgette is, if you meet Maria and Holly even though Maria gives her “blessing” for dating Bridgette and mentions that she is solely interested in Holly, absolutely nothing will happen in the movie theater regardless of which movie you watch.

          For me, I might try for the bonus scenes but my primary goal when I first play is to successfully complete the game and obtain a code for the next part. Generally the bonus scenes (Laura in #3, Alexia in #2, and Caitlyn in #3) are “failure” date scenes so I don’t try to get these until I have at least one code for the next chapter in the game and this is why I don’t explore the Alexia scene or some of the other “failure” scenes and don’t have a lot of information on it. I did experiment with Bridgette’s alcohol (wine in restaurant and different types of drinks in bar) but generally this will mean a failure at the breathalyzer but I did see what Bridgette will do when watching either movie or when going to the view point.

          Nothing from the Academy series is required for the Bridgette series since all that is required to enter in Bridgette #1 to start the Bridgette series in Bridgette’s phone number which doesn’t change. Bridgette series takes place based on the understanding that Academy #4 was completed successfully (i.e. Principal Valentine fired/suspended and Bridgette’s phone number obtained). It is possible in Academy #4 to get Bridgette’s phone number and not be successful in getting the Principal fired as well as getting the Principal fired but not getting Bridgette’s phone number. Regardless of the circumstances, the Bridgette storyline still assumes that the Principal Valentine was fired and Bridgette gave her phone number. The only thing required for anything to happen in the Bridgette series occurs only in the Bridgette series but certain assumptions are made regarding the Academy series (and the Tara series)

          In terms of the cop appearing in the view point, I believe that this is controlled by how drunk Bridgette is. This is an unsuccessful ending so I haven’t experimented with it a lot. The cop will not show up in the view point if you go to the restaurant and the bar (I don’t believe that the order matters) and in the bar you order cocktails. You will fail the breathalyzer test when you leave the view point.

          In terms of the breathalyzer test, failing it is an unsuccessful ending regardless of what you try to do like bribing the officer, pushing the officer, etc. Even if the officer lets you go if Bridgette claims her clothes from the viewpoint, Bridgette will be upset and will end the date where you drive her back to her place and the game ends.

          In terms of Didi, she appears to always appear at the end provided you pass the breathalyzer. In terms of Bridgette inviting her to join the date, this will only happen if you and Bridgette watch the lesbian movie.

          Whether Didi is invited or not doesn’t seem to affect anything in the Bridgette series up until #3 except to show what Didi thinks of Bridgette. If you didn’t meet Maria and Holly to get the VIP ticket, if Didi was invited, she will get you and Bridgette into the stripbar. If Didi was not invited, you can just pay to enter the stripbar.

          These tips/suggestions should point you in the correct direction until DSP3000 hopefully eventually releases a walk-thru

        2. Forgot to mention in my earlier post, for the movies, to get the “complete bonus sex” scenes, Bridgette must be pretty drunk (restaurant as 1st choice and bar with cocktails as the 2nd choice in Bridgette #1). This will mean the game ending when the cop pulls you over for the breathalyzer.

          Needless to say, with all my suggestions/hints, the influence and lust scores still make a huge difference regardless of how much alcohol Bridgette has consumed to get any of the sex scenes (view point in #2, either of the movies in #2 although the better scene is obviously watching Office Girl).

          You basically must choose if you want the sexy scenes in Bridgette #2 (get Bridgette drunk) or a successful ending (get a code for the next part).

          If Bridgette is too drunk and your scores are not high enough, she will end the date and you will drive or walk her home where you might catch her in the shower or you might see her naked in bed sleeping. This is an unsuccessful ending

          During my play of #3, there seems to be more chances of scoring with Bridgette with alcohol (except for 1 scene which will be an unsuccessful ending) provided scores are high enough) without getting an unsuccessful ending.

          1. This is really useful information and I appreciate that you took the time to offer some help.

            Thanks Jim!

  20. Hey dsp3000,

    I noticed a bug in Bridgette #3. One of the parameters which will be passed to Bridgette #4 (based on what happens/happened (in Bridgette #3)) is not correctly generated because of a typo in the coding.

    I sent an e-mail message to Chaotic so you should hopefully receive it.

  21. Any idea when we might start hearing from you on part 4 dsp300? I don’t mean to be rushing you, just curious if you have any kind of timetable yet?

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