January 11th Update

And so it begins…

The first batch of Molly and Marianna images are all rendered. I don’t imagine there’ll be much for me to say over the coming weeks, but you can certainly expect some weekly images.

10 thoughts to “January 11th Update”

  1. A question, why u are not using the Ren’py engine for your games? It is much user friendly plus you can save your progress there. Most Creators on Patreon use this or Unity.

    1. While not a developer, I’d guess that the games Chaotic does would be easier to develop, to some extent?

    2. Basically, it’s because about 97% of players here play the games online via a mobile device.

      Ren’py and unity both need to be downloaded to play. Unity does have a browser based version you can use, but it can be difficult to get working on the players end.

        1. Yes, but my point is that people don’t want to download it.

          They can download it in the current form, but 97% of players choose not to.

  2. Any update on Date with Bridgette part 3 and part 4 because according to dsp3000 on December 14th he said “Around 95% of what will be stage three is done and about 85% of what will be stage four finished.” So I was accepting that remaining 5% of stage three could have been completed in about a month or so and he also said he might be releasing it around early part of January 2019 but its almost mid January and there is nothing so I am a tad disappointed. I hope stage three of Date with Bridgette will be released this month at least. Let’s hope for the best.

      1. Thanks for the reply chaotic. I am not able to understand why dsp3000 does not give any updates as you do regularly. I can understand he might be busy but then you all are busy with something or the other. I suppose he should at least give some update and more importanly because he is not on f95 anymore.

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