January 4th Update

Welcome to 2019 everyone!

I don’t have too much to share this week as I’ve only just slowly started to get back into a work routine following the holidays, so I’ll just start with a small summary about what to expect over the year.

My first game will be the longtime WIP Molly and Marianna. There’s no set release date yet, but it hopefully won’t be longer than a few months away.

Following that, it’s my intention to release Crystal Part 3 later in the year, with a new updated Crystal model.

Along the way, we will hopefully be getting new releases fairly soon from MrStomper and dsp3000.

In the meantime, here’s a freshly rendered pic of the upcoming frenemies.

Here’s to 2019!

8 thoughts to “January 4th Update”

  1. Need help keeps saying need authorization to become a member and passwords not working can u help me pleas

  2. Happy New Year 2019 to everyone. Hopefully this year will give us some cheers with many awaited and new games.

  3. I’m was half-expecting a “Here it is!” release announcement for the next installment of Date with Bridgette, since DSP had reported it was 90% complete 3 weeks ago. So hopefully, maybe in the coming week or two? ;o)

    HAPPY 2019!

  4. All the games by all the developers are just great. Very talented bunch of people here. This humble person here has become inspired and trying to learn using DAZ programs on a WinXP operating system, but am running into problems with the Headshop add-on. Headshop is supposed to let you adapt real faces into your animations. Does anyone out there have experience using this? If so, are you willing to give me some help with it?

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