August 31st Update

Today, I am very happy to announce that Photographer Part 3 will be released next Friday for all members. That’s Friday, September 7th!

The images are all nearly done. I’m pretty much just working on the writing now.

Including animations there’s about 3500 images right now, so it should be a good substantial update.

26 thoughts to “August 31st Update”

      1. Topless, in a bikini, or a shirt, it won’t matter to me, if we could just get a glimpse of her backside in those shorts ^^

  1. I’m just curious, but when do you think the next free game to be released will be, and also which game will it be?

    Thanks In advance and keep up the great work!

      1. Have you been in touch with dsp3000 – as your going to release two of his academy games – how is he ? (feeling better i hope)

        1. Be careful, you can’t mention dsp around here without getting belittled by Chaotic. And then he still expects people to pay him $20/month, lmao give me a break.

          1. Don’t be obtuse, Easy E.

            You know very well that I didn’t belittle you for asking about dsp3000. I belittled you for asking about him over and over and over again, and then blanking my originally polite responses whenever I gave them.

  2. Generally i find Chaotics replies to be polite and to the point – if you don’t like the site and resent paying the monthly subsciption – then don’t … save yourself the money and everyone else the aggravation of reading your posts.

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