August 25th Update

Just a small update this week.

All of the sex scenes are now done apart from Mia’s. Next job is to finish the writing and smaller scenes from the middle of the game.

Hopefully, next week I’ll be able to commit to some sort of release date.

13 thoughts to “August 25th Update”

  1. Wait, is it seriously possible that I’m the first comment? That never happens.

    Anyway, lookin’ good Chaotic. Take your time. Make sure you’re confident before you give out a date.

  2. Wow, I’m going to have a lot of fun playing through all the variations during the Lisette and Maddison threesome three

    1. You should change your nickname to something like “anti-dsp”, and post a blank page. It’ll give the same message, without you getting tired, because, franckly, the rest os us are…

  3. I am unsubscribing until new content is actually released. It has been an entire summer and more without new content and frankly it just costs too much to play the same games over and over. There are far more reasonably priced pages with more new content.

    1. That’s your prerogative, dude.

      Never quite understood why people (or possibly always the same person), makes these posts though. Do you think that by complaining I’ll somehow magically be able to work faster?

      1. It sucks to get negative feedback and lose any customer. The reason for these posts is to relay frustration and to warn potential subscribers of what they may also encounter.

        I’m a big fan of your games. The images and women are top notch compared to other websites, and the gameplay and stories are always fun to navigate. I canceled my membership some time ago for this very same reason. After playing through them, what is the point to paying the monthly fee? It becomes very expensive ($20/mo when I was subscribed) to wait for new content to emerge every 6+ months with no concrete upcoming release dates.

        I always felt that selling the games individually would benefit you the most; charging $5, $10, even $20 a game depending on the amount of images, possible endings, or length of play time would give people a chance to buy the games they are most interested in without paying for ones they don’t want. Maybe even bundling old games or same character games into a package deal might work as well. Just a thought from a former subscriber. Maybe that isn’t even possible, I don’t know.

        Never quite understood why business owners would post a derogatory reply to a customer and think it would be good for business, but that’s your prerogative dude. Obviously this last bit was to show that your comment isn’t a productive one. Good luck finishing up this next game. Keep up the hard work, I know you’re very passionate about these projects. I may be a return customer to try out some of the new members only section games again soon.

        1. OK, but I think you might be rationalizing it too much.

          If he truly wanted to convey that, there’s a thousand better ways of doing it, and at least half of them make him sound like less of a demanding douche. 🙂

      2. As you said this is probably going to finish in September. So can you give us any idea what we can accept from you next.

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