September 7th Update

Photographer Part 3 has now been released to all members. If you don’t see it there, remember to hit refresh in your browser. Since this is a large game (3496 images), I highly recommend downloading the zip and playing it from your computer if you can.

There’s a few points I would like to add :

  • This was quite a complicated game to check for problems with. I believe any bugs have been solved, but one thing I haven’t had time to check are the many combinations of who you can have sex with. You can certainly have sex with several characters in one play through (at least 5),  but not all of them without restarting.
  • To compensate for the difficulty in keeping track of everyone at the mansion, I’ve made this one a little easier than my usual games. I trust this won’t get too many complaints however.
  • A while ago I did say that I would include a titjob with Maddison. My sincere apologies, but I actually forgot about this until yesterday, so I haven’t had time to render it. I will add it next week however!

I hope you all have fun exploring the game! Enjoy!

80 thoughts to “September 7th Update”

      1. There’s an instance with Zoe at the bar where one of the options is broken as well what looks like clipping during her sex scene. Also there’s a response that is “it was my please” which I assume was meant to be pleasure.

    1. Not soon, no.

      Traditionally, games are in the members section for about 2 years before becoming free.

      1. Hi Chaotic,

        I hope this time your paying members do find all the errors and bugs in the game.
        Not like in “Photographer Part 2” where I fond (and fixed) some serious bugs after you released it to the public.
        I did send you this corrections back then. But I don’t know wheter that you ever applied this to your game.

  1. First of all congrats to chaotic for giving us this nice game. Have you planned anything for your next project or you are going to wait a little and take a breather before starting the next project and can you give a feeler as to what it could be.

      1. Ok. I am so waiting for your next project, but would really appreciate if you go ahead with your couple weeks rest before the next project so that you can start afresh. Hope for another great project from you as has always been the case.

  2. Great job on the game! In a few tries I could get Madd/Lis scene, well worth the wait! Now I have to grind and try to find all of the endings.

    On another subject, by the nature of this game I feel you could work on an expansion or multiple expansions on the next few months, there could be multiple combinations with the girls, or other different scenarios, also solo scenes with Maddison and Lisette. Not to mention a huge orgy with all the girls.
    I hope you think about the possibility of that. Much easier than making another full game and I believe most people would be happy with this game being expanded.

  3. I’m excited but I feel like waiting out the expansion.
    I think all the girls deserve solo scenes, but especially one as central as Maddison.
    If you’re going to add a titfuck for her, surely it makes more sense in a solo scene?
    I remember you mentioning something about possibly/maybe adding solo scenes in the future, is this still on the cards?

  4. Great job Chaotic! I love it! I enjoyed Mia more than I thought I would(don’t know why, but I was never high on her), and love Paige. Lisette/Maddison was amazing(as expected). Looking forward to that titjob. Good work.

  5. How do you get anywhere with Mia, I’ve tried everything I can think of but can’t seem to get an ending with her

    1. It’s largely the same as the others. Just find her at the right times and say the things that appeal to her.

      Note that her sex scene is a little different to the others as it’s at the end, after the party. The party needs to go well, and you need to get her approval high enough.

  6. Cheers for the new chapter in the Photographer series Chaotic.

    Presently downloading before I head off to work. Will unzip and give it a go tomorrow.

  7. You said while back you had a green light for making the academy 1 & 2 free or everyone, hasn’t happened yet. Could you please change that?

  8. Congrats on the new release, Chaotic! Love the image of Mia above in her dress. Damn. She looks poured into that.

  9. Maybe I’m just bad at this, but I just cannot seem to track Zoe down. I feel like I spend most of the game walking into the sections the girls are not in.

    I’ve also been through the game at least once, and I’ve never seen anyone in the ballroom or studio. Its driving me nuts.

    1. Same here. Its like the game is bugged for me. Have you been able to get to any good action/scenes yet?

  10. There seems to be parts where links won’t connect (at least in the downloaded version as of about … 13-14 hours ago?). For example at saturday morning, at around 8 a clock, if you go to the pool and ask Kimiko and Cherise “How’s the water?” it tries to send me to pool6b.html which doesn’t exist. I found a couple of these throughout my first few playthroughs.

    Haven’t gotten to any sex scenes yet either, not sure if my version is bugged (i tried playing online(chrome) as well as downloaded(firefox)). Will give it a go today as well. Was only able to get Maddison and her sister to around 17-18. Did not even see the sauna pictured in the preview section – is that even in the game?

    1. The sauna is indeed in the game, though you on access it on the Sunday. Looks like you need Maddison on 20 or more, and Lisette on 13 or more.

      I’ll correct the Cherise/Kimiko link as soon as I can.

  11. Bishop, I can’t find anyone in the ballroom except for when they have the party on Sunday and in the studio. I’ve only seen Maddison and Paige in the Library and seen a handful of people in the pool room.
    I’ve only had marginal success with Mia. I think I got her to 7. I can’t get Zoe past 3. I only run into on her own in the bar and every other time she is with someone, which doesn’t give much opportunity to talk to her and raise her level.

    1. Yeah, no one is ever in the ballroom. It just seemed not to include it since you can clearly visit it at other parts of the same.

      If you check the studio towards the end of the day, you may find someone there.

  12. First (and most likely only) Chaotic release of the year and… it’s a dud. I don’t mean for this to sound as a troll, but the gameplay is as shallow as whatever the last “big mansion full of girls” game was (I think Photographer 2?).

    Setting aside all the bugs and typos (SO many typos man, your blog posts are usually fine, so what’s the problem?), there is no narrative, no story, no real progression, just choose a girl, find her in the house to increase the point count, then sex scene. The “virtual date” aspect of your games has been dead for a while. This game’s basically a visual novel, a click-through.

    There’s a reason why most people prefer the DSP/Academy games. You don’t have to add 34 girls to your game if just a couple of them with a good story, different progression paths/endings and HOT SEX SCENES with multiple, repeatable positions are enough to do the trick. The usual “click to fuck -> one more position -> click to cum” formula is old and boring by now.

    Honestly this feels uninspired, rushed, and even next to your Leanna game (the real one, not the 10-clicks-and-it’s-over one) it feels like a slap in the face. I’ve been playing your games since the very first Crystal, and this year it just feels like everyone on your camp is giving up.

    1. OK, let’s try to address these points one by one.

      – Labeling it as a dud is odd considering everyone else seems to be enjoying it. Apparently, it simply did not meet the specific expectation you had for it.
      – The reasons why there are typos in the game and not the blog posts is because wordpress has a spell checker, but dreamweaver does not. The game also has several hundred html files to check, whereas blog posts are just one short item.
      – ‘The “virtual date” aspect of your games has been dead for a while.’? Since you don’t count my last Leanna game as a ‘real one’, then my last game was a clearly a virtual date one. So, I’m not sure where you’re getting this idea from.
      – Most people don’t prefer DSP/Academy games. My games get more players and members.
      – This game WAS a little rushed. I’ve been very open about the fact that I made this one because I haven’t had much spare time this year.
      – ‘ this year it just feels like everyone on your camp is giving up’, I’ve been very busy this year with other parts of my life. dsp3000 has been very ill. No one’s giving up. Don’t be melodramatic.

      1. 1 – In that case, sir, you might want to consider making those people your target audience. It should be way easier to satisfy folks who enjoyed this shallow game just as much as way better ones like Leanna, Betsy, or any of your other good ones. Less work for you too. Maybe the ones with actual standards are the minority.

        2 – You might also want to consider writing your scripts for the game in wordpress then. Or any other software with a spell checker. The difference is like night and day.

        3 – More than a year is “a while”, man. So yeah, it’s been a while since Leanna.

        4 – That’s actually good evidence towards what I mentioned back in the first point. Apparently the majority of your fanbase doesn’t care for substance, basing ourselves on this information. You could probably release 3 Streak-like games a year and everyone’d be happy.

        5 – I’m sure the next game you release this year will be fine.

        6 – Note the word “feels”. It “FEELS” (to me) like you’re all giving up.

        Finally, not to be a dick, but since you never refuted any of my points about the game being shallow/lacking substance, am I to understand that you accept all that?

        1. 1 – They ARE my target audience. They are the 95% of my members who enjoyed this update.
          2 – Maybe. Going back and forth between softwares like that may be a hassle though.
          3 – It is only ‘more than a year’ by one week, and since I only release 2 games per year, it’s hardly bucking a trend.
          4 – The majority of my fanbase DO enjoy substance. They are just fine with the occasional game which is simpler. It’s fine, and it’s it’s just a bit of fun. We’ll be back to the normal quality progression soon.
          5 – Correct, though the next big new release is likely to be very early 2019.
          6 – Correct, and note that how something feels isn’t how it is.

          Yes, this is essentially a very superficial game. All the photographer games are to the point where I don’t even really consider them canonical to the other games which feature the women. Superficial, can still be fun however.

  13. I like the game, when stuff happens.

    I spend almost the whole of Saturday going into a room, finding no one there and losing time for it. With so many characters, trying to increase the score with a specific girl is just tedious. Either you get lucky and pick the right room she’s in every time she’s there, or you just have to play the game numerous times to find all her events. So to get all scenes it’s a grind.

    I think that either time shouldn’t progress if you enter an empty area (and add a wait button to progress time if you want to), or add indicators to the UI that tells us who is in each area.

    Another minor complaint. I’m not a fan of how you traverse the mansion. Having half the rooms being clickable doors on the image, and half being listed at the bottom isn’t very intuitive. I usually learn to quickly move around these games after visiting each areas only a few times. However, having only some of the rooms “connected” throws me off every-time.

    1. As I wrote in a reply near the top, it’s normally about 2 years until a members game becomes free.

  14. I think there are some bugs in the checkfiles that determine who you can have sex with on the Sunday. There are also one or two examples of (presumably) the wrong person having points added.

    library30 – sets the wrong variable, so you can visit Paige in the library in the evening over and over again
    pool33 – maddison is misspelled so her varPlus1 won’t work
    pool34 – Complimenting Kimiko’s outfit adds 2 to Cherise’s score.

    Also, when you reload the game, not all the poolroom variables are reset (the commands to do so are missing an “r”).

  15. The game is a good one. I believe it may be incomplete in the online version. I say this for the following reason. First I can’t find the sauna. Second the interaction seems limited especially Zoe and Miranda. Third i believe there should be more opportunity with Mia as well. A walk through would be very useful as well.

  16. I really like this. It’s more of a puzzle than the others.

    This really says to me that a Photographer 4 should follow. Lets see how Maddison and all do in running the operation. And maybe, if the player can avoid the temptations of all the other beautiful women around the operation, he might succeed in romancing Maddison. And for fun, maybe we could even see a pregnant Maddison?

  17. Hey Chaotic

    I was just wondering how you originally got into making these games, and how you learned and found all the tools to do it. Do you do any of the kind of stuff you do here for your real job? (image rendering, website creator)

  18. Looking forward to the games in the future as havent enjoyed enjoyed a game since betsy or dsp academy been on the site for ages all the best chaotic but wish hadnt have signed up to this 1

  19. Love the game Chaotic, you never fail to disappoint. Got all the girls except Cherise. Usually play as the female more than the male though maybe you can address that in the future? Anyways keep up the great working I can’t wait for the next one.

  20. Wait, Maddison’s last name is Murphy? In the second Photographer game, Lisette’s last name was Lindell. Is there more into it, or an honest mistake?

    1. Good call. I looked through previous games to see if Maddison’s name had been mentioned previously, but I must have forgot to check if Lisette’s had.

      Guess I’ll have to add an explanation sometime.

  21. I agree with Scott on this one. As an electrical engineering and computer science / math double major at a top-of-the line university. I can tell you that the basic programming/ image rendering for games like this probably takes no more than 50 total hours. That is including doing a really good job: spell check, accurate pathing, and bug free. If you are asking all your members to pay you $20 a month x 8 months per game. If we assume you have maybe 50 followers then that means you make $160 an hour for games like this.

    1. No, I’m expecting a few generous followers to sign up and pay for months at a time.

      I’m expecting an overwhelming majority to just sign up for the month of release then cancel.

      Also, the fact that you felt the need to list your qualification is really weird, dude. I just did the math and it’s took me at least 70 hours to do the images alone for this one, so maybe they aren’t that relevant here.

    2. Damn! Where were you, an electrical engineering and computer science / math double major at a top-of-the line university, a year ago? Knowing I could have been done in about a month putting in little to no time every day would be really helpful!

      1. Oooh, great to see you again! I replayed Anna not too long ago, and was wondering: can we expect an update from you?

    3. I wish it was that quick. I worked on my latest game for around 10 hours today and created about 30 rendered images and the same number of HTML pages.
      That was a reasonably productive day.

      There is a lot of time required to pose figures, adjust camera and lighting settings, adjust clothing etc even before starting to render out an image.
      Then there’s post work, coding, testing, scripting and assembling a multi strand narrative that hopefully works.
      It’s a bit of a headfuck at times.

      For anyone who ever suggests that making games like these is quick and easy, I invite them to create a simple 300 image game and then report back on how things went.
      Even better, release it and let everyone tear it apart for you.
      Because you can guarantee they will.

      If I were to work out an actual hourly rate, then I’d probably end up crying.
      Fortunately I have a sense of humor.

      It would probably be more cost effective to hire an actress and shoot some real porn.
      Everything has it’s limitations though.

      And by the way, from an academic perspective I am also massively over qualified to be a game creator.

      It’s nice to have a hobby though.

  22. Nice pictures, bad game just choosing where to go and saying the obvious answer to the girl you want to fuck with.
    I was expecting some action at the party, and more seducing to get laid with the girls.
    Seven girls and only one threesome?
    Seriouslly I can’t understand the good feedback, except for the artwork; the first Photographer game was one of your best works.

  23. Chaotic, as usual, you have delivered. Nice to have another chapter in the saga. I was less than optimistic about another photographer game. But I was wrong. It is great. My only wish is that there was a check point for Sunday morning. Just goes to show, give us an inch and we want a mile.. Thanks again.

    1. During the Saturday, visit each location, somtimes twice, in every two hours, to find the girls and interact with, and gain points (don’t go to the ballroom, your bedroom, shower, studio or the dorm, it’s pointless). Now, for the sex scenes:

      For Cherise, you need at least 10 points, and you can find her in the studio between 22:00 – 22:55
      For Emma, you need at least 8 points, and you can find her in the garden between 18:00 – 18:50
      For Kimiko, you need at least 11 points, and you can find her in the pool room between 20:00 – 21:55
      For the Miranda/Zoe threesome , you need at least 7 points with Miranda, and 8 points with Zoe, and you can find them in the pool between 23:15 – 24:00

      That’s for Saturday. On Sunday, you have the opportunity to hav sex with Page, or the Maddison/Lisette threesome:
      For Paige, you need at least 11 points with her, then follow her on her trip.
      For the threesome, you need at least 20 points with Maddison, and 13 points with Lisette, then go to the Sauna.

      Mia’s sex scenes happens in the epilogue. You need at least 14 points with her, and have a successful party (to do that, Cherise, Emma, Kimiko, Lisette, Maddison, Miranda, Paige, and Zoe points combined need to be more than 100)

  24. Have you considered using Patreon, going the Renpy route and release smaller monthly updates vs one big game every year or so? You might get more cash flow from smaller episodic updates plus your audience will be able to influence the story more (if that’s something that interests you).

  25. Miranda-on-Zoey action has been a fantasy! (My next one is the girl from the bar at the pool party in Leanna, just in case you’re feeling like granting wishes. She’s gorgeous.)

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