July 28th Update

Not a long, intensive post this week as I just had one on Monday. Progress with Photographer Part 3 is…progressing.

One final note though. As those of you who follow me on twitter will have seen, I’ve had to update Maddison’s hair.

The other new one wasn’t being cooperative. Depending on her exact pose it was sometimes impossible to control her hair in a way that looked good. So, this is what’s she’s going to look like for a majority of the game now.

19 thoughts to “July 28th Update”

  1. How about getting her a nice short haircut? It could even fit in with the story.

    1. I tend to go for longer as most players prefer it (hence, Emma has much longer hair now).

  2. Chaotic, have you heard anything from DSP? Not so much about the game, but just want to make sure that he’s doing ok…

    1. I am sure he is okay. We can only pray that he is fine and comes back asap.

    1. Chaotic mentioned a couple of times about it an August release. But indie games, things can happen, so i’d expect August-September

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