August 3rd Update

I’m still progressing through the middle day of the three in game. It looks like this will be the largest part and the bulk of the game.

I’m still aiming for an August release, though of course game production isn’t 100% predictable.

This week, I think I might just skip ahead to some of the sex scenes and get them done.


27 thoughts to “August 3rd Update”

  1. Amazing, can’t wait Chaotic.
    I will pay a member account once the game is released. This is so worth it.

    1. Really, Easy E? Really?

      I responded to your last comment asking pretty much the same thing. Apparently you care enough about this to keep posting the same question, but not enough to read the answer.

      1. When was the last time a game was released here? Not counting the 2-scene Leanna “add-on”, because it shouldn’t count.

          1. Bridgette part 2 was released on the last week of January.

            Leanna’s big Streak was released in March.

            1. So it’s been a good 6 months without a full release. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to troll, but Big Streak was like a 10-click per ending experience.

  2. I’m really intrigued by the story. Usually, pool scenes are shallow, and just an excuse to show women in swimsuits, but since you said that there will be a story, I can’t wait to find more about it!

  3. It might just be me but I’m sure I remember you saying that you would add a older members game to the free section. If I’m correct in saying that, what game do you think it will be.
    Just to be clear though I may be completely wrong an if so if not me.

    1. We’re still not sure yet, but most likely one (or two) of the early Academy games.

  4. I don’t know why I continue to be amused by the incredibly deep pools you create. lol

  5. This looks very nice, I’m slowly following up on these updates recently 🙂

    The sneak peaks are well rendered, just wish not as many games were members only 🙁 I’ve played them all bar the ones that cost.

  6. Is there going to be a cover/centerfold themed image pack with the release of this game, so we can enjoy the girls who didn’t make it in to this one?

  7. Will this game be free? Please make it be free and not a members only game. We haven’t had a free virtual date game in nearly a year!

  8. I don’t wish to disparage those who are members of this site. It seems to me that some appear to lack maturity. These people should learn patience. I deeply appreciate all of your fine work as well as dsp3000 and his academy series. Ihope he can update us on the remaining games soon. I will continue to support your fine work.

    1. Agreed, work at your own speed Chaotic and DSP. i’ll keep checking every now and then for when it’s ready.

    2. As the old Guinness advertising slogan used to say

      “Good things come to those who wait”

      I pop on the site every Monday to check blog updates / any releases.

  9. i would prefer one of your games , for example Nelena(sad to hear that you are retiring her)

  10. I was on here mostly for dps’s games and seeing as there is no known timeline for his next release I am cancelling my subscription until there is some actual progress.

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