July 23rd Update

Update a little later this week as I was busy on Friday with a Doctor, which drained a lot of my energy (metaphorically speaking). Everything’s fine, but I do have to give up alcohol for a full month for some blood tests. Ugh. Anyone have any tips on anything else fun to drink?

Anyway, just a small update this week after the large one last time.

Production is progressing, and here’s two more previews.

No update from dsp300 yet (I saw some of you were asking).

26 thoughts to “July 23rd Update”

  1. I have a few ideas on some games. Like Maria and Holly game. Kinda like Erica and Crystal but a little longer and better or like April and Violet only without the whole wierd story to it. Or Maddison Part 2 with returning characters and new characters. And Pool Party Part 2: The Wilder The Better. I mostly have ideas with storylines and characters.

  2. Paige looks a lot like Winnie from Pusooy games, but this new Emma is looking pretty great! Can’t wait!

  3. Have to give up alcohol for a month…? Job or health related…? (You don’t have to answer that)

    I’ve recently discovered that black cherry sparkling water (depends on the brand) is actually really, really tasty.

    1. Just health related. From what I can gather, it’s just so the doctor can get a clear blood test.

      Never heard of black cherry sparkling water, but I shall keep an eye out for it.

  4. Hope you get well soon man, if you are a fan of cocktails: non alcoholic beer, kermato (clamato or v8 juice work if you want to try but kermato is the most balanced flavor), 1 tbsp Maggi-Würze (or soy sauce), worcestershire sauce (1 tablespoon), lime, some salt and lots of ice. Great job on the character models and hope we can hear from you soon

    1. I’ll certainly be trying some non alcoholic beer this week. I’ve even found some non alcoholic bourbon online, so I’ll see how that tastes. Hopefully it doesn’t suck.

      1. Avoid O’Douls regular. The amber I’ve been told is not too bad. St Pauli Girl makes a non alcoholic beer that isn’t bad.

      2. Let me put it this way…. you can tell immediately.

        I was coming home from the Czech Republic a few years ago and was trying to get rid of my last Czech currency while in the airport. I was floored by the fact that you could get beer in the vending machine. I saw a brand I hadn’t had yet while there so I ponied up for that. Cracked it open, took a sip, and went, “This is not right.” I got out my phone and looked up the brand (can’t read or speak Czech, of course), and, sure enough, “Oh. Now I know why I didn’t have this. It’s non-alcoholic.”

  5. Dear Mr. Chaotic,

    The most interesting and fun alcoholic drink is the apple cider, lesser alcohol contents and is a healthy drink. Please try it, you would love it, I am not sure whether apple cider drinks are sold in the USA or not?

    Japanese green tea are also well known for reducing high blood pressure effectively, it is a must try tea.

    Well I cannot wait for DSP 3000 to produce Bridgette part 3 soon.

    Take good care of your health Mr. Chaotic okay?


    David, Malaysia.

  6. Hey Chaotic. Just wanted to ask if the release window for Photographer 3 on August is still up? Just curiosity. No problem if you have eventual delays, it’s because this game is getting me so hyped.

    Thanks and keep up the good work as always.

  7. Decided to check in on this site as DSP’s games used to be my favorites. Not surprised that he is still ghosting, it’s a shame. I feel sorry for the sap that still pays $20 a month for basically no content outside of a couple renders each week and a short game every 3-4 months.

  8. Hey man, sucks to her about your alcohol detox, hope you get better. Just one question. When you release the new game are you going to make any old ones free and if so are you going to have a poll to decide which ones

  9. Roughly at what date and what game will be released for free from the members section? (Possibly a dsp game?)

    1. Possibly, yes.

      Since The Academy Part 5 was initially intended to be released around now, we were going to maybe release parts one and two. I’m not too sure now though.

  10. Try juice of half a lemon, half a grapefruit and half an orange; fill up with ice and tonic; I mixed that for a lady when she was pregnant.

    Or Cola with much juice of a water melon (50:50; not sure about that, its long ago).

    I appreciate the new style of the bodies in the newer games; especially the legs of Leana and especially the body of the lady on the right in the locker room of that game. Maybe, make the eyes a little bit smaller?

    I also like that the newer games have more story even I am not a fan of the fantasy/SF-direction

  11. For a fun drink with a rush I make a chocolate frappe (Massachusetts name for what some regions call a thick shake) – milk, 2 to 3 scoops of chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup and just for fun I add a heaping teaspoon (from a recipe measuring teaspoon, not the ones in your utensil drawer) of 100% pure cacao powder; (found in the baking needs section of the supermarket, it’s chocolately but bitter, ,not sweet and is good in anti-oxidents ir some such thing). Mix it all in a blender until it rises all frothy-like. Maybe not the kick you’re looking for in a drink but as long as you are not diebetic, it should keep you happy until you can consume alcohol again. I’m going to make one now, watch an episode of The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis on DVD, and then retire for the night!

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