June 1st Update

This week, dsp3000 returns with news 


Firstly, please accept my apology for the lack of communication recently. This is a result of things both within and beyond my control. Suffice to say that these things pull at my time and my energy.

I’ve said before that game production is incredibly labor intensive and time consuming. As a part time hobby, I can’t always fully commit all my resources. Sometimes life just gets in the way.
I’m not ashamed to say that I also suffer from depression and low mood. The black dog hasn’t been far away recently, but I am getting through it.

All this may sound perhaps like I’m building up to an excuse but I guess that’s down to your own interpretation.

Part three of “A Date with Bridgette” isn’t finished yet… But you already guessed that right?

So far I’ve created over 1500 new images, but this still only puts me about half way through the episode.
It is going to be another huge chunk of the overall story.

Speaking of which, I am still fully committed to the Academy series as a whole. The current Bridgette sub-plot is integral to the full narrative.
I originally referred to this game as ‘Part 4a’, which was foolish as it kind of undermined it’s actual importance. With hindsight I should really have structured the evening with Bridgette as chapters five, six and seven. That would leave day five of the series as chapter eight…

Perhaps a different title would have avoided confusion and supressed the dismissive accusations that this isn’t really part of the Academy series.

I’ve included a few images to hint at the direction the plot is taking, the multiple scenarios involved and perhaps reassure a few naysayers that it’s not all about Bridgette, but it is all about the Academy.

Due to the circumstances I’ve briefly mentioned, I can’t really predict a completion date at the moment. I do intend to see this project all the way through to the very end.

I will update further when there is more to tell.

In summary, I’m not dead yet and neither is the Academy series!


And a little from me…

I’ve started the first batch of rendering work for Photographer Part 3. Here’s the new title card image…


29 thoughts to “June 1st Update”

  1. Glad to finally hear from you DSP, its good to know that your ok. keep to your own pace and dont let completing the remaining parts of the academy series worry you to much. i’m sure everyone who’s been waiting for more from you doesn’t mind waiting. Look after yourself first, the games 2nd.

    Look forward to future updates

    1. Glad to hear you are OK DSP3000. I know how it feels when the Black Dog visits: fortunately for me, he rarely stays longer than a few days before going off to visit others. FWIW, i think the Bridgette episodes have vindicated your decision to give her three episodes: she is clearly quite hot when she lets her hair down.

      Keep going at your own pace: it will be done when it’s done. I look forward to seeing it when you are ready.

  2. Hoping to see Nikki make it to this photographer too! Love reading the plans for this site.

  3. I am glad you are back DSP, and don’t worry about delay or release date, this isn’t your primary income and real life can give you hard times that you can’t just ignore. Take your time to finish the game but more important, give priority to your life and do stuff you enjoy, talk to people you trust… depression is no joke. Cheers and my best wishes!

  4. So for Photograph 3 what will happen to Carol Mr. Hughes assistant now that he’s dead.

    1. Would also love to see some more of Carol in Photographer 3.

      Glad to hear from you DSP3000, I’m sure Bridgette will be well worth the wait. Take care of yourself first.

  5. I’m glad dsp is ok. I also suffer from depression and I know how it can get in your way and can be a huge weight, waking up from the bed at morning can be the biggest effort. I hope you take care of yourself and take your time to work on the Academy series.

    As for Photographer pt 3, I love that render for the title image. Can’t wait for the game. =)

  6. To DSP3000: Yes, IRL is more important than anything, and no one can change that. Taking your time will result in you getting over your issues (hopefully) and not rushing the game. We love your games, and we respect you as a creator, and we wish you all the best.

    From the “coming soon” image, I’m getting a “Mia’s Angles” vibe from it XD

  7. It’s great to hear from you DSP, as others have already said we can wait for the game just make sure you are taking care of yourself.

  8. To dsp3000 I am pleased that the reports of your demise have been greatly exaggerated as the old saying goes. It is my fond hope that you are well. I would like to compliment you on Bridgette’s appearance sans eyeglasses and her beautiful long flowing hair. I am looking forward to the continuation of your fine work. All the best for your good health.

  9. Hey Chaotic and/or DSP…. I’m an editor by trade. Not much I can really do, game wise. You have to render the images and code things and what not. But if I can help with scripting and/or editing to save you any time, just let me know. Won’t steal your games because I can’t build one to save my life! LOL! Just figured if I could do anything to lighten the load even a little, I’d put the offer out there.

    Anyway, glad DSP is alive. Glad you’re alive too, Chaotic, but that wasn’t exactly in doubt! LOL

  10. Glad you’re still around, DSP – your physical and mental well-being always come first, everything else is a distant second.

    I won’t pretend I know what you’re going through, but I am at least glad that the stigma around mental health is something that’s closer to the forefront of the public’s consciousness these days. There’s no shame in it, and I hope there are those in your circle of friends and family that are helping you with it.

    Take care 🙂

  11. Glad to hear from you, dsp.

    We’ll be here when you’re finished, however long it takes. Make sure you take care of yourself first and foremost.

  12. Hey dsp, love your games man! You’ve got an insane level of creativity. Glad to hear you’re okay and still working on the series. Please by all means take your time man your games are always worth it. Excited to see the direction of the series and what kind of crazy sensual scenarios you can think of next!

  13. Welcome back, dsp. It’s good to hear from you again. Don’t push yourself too hard if you can help it.

    Madison and Lisette are looking really good, Chaotic.

  14. Phot.3 is looking good. I like the new design for Maddison, and I hope that Lissete gets a new bikini since she used the green one in her game. Also, Lucy, and Rachael need to come back for this one, it would be awesome!

  15. Its nice to see dsp back hail and hearty. I am glad that you are back. Wish you all the best for your future ventures and also the incomplete ones and yes as everyone mentioned please take care of yourself first and then go for other things.

  16. Any plans for Principal Valentine making an appearance in Bridgette Part 3?
    Anyways I hope you have a psychiatrist dsp3000. There’s so many different sorts of therapies available nowadays that might not cure your depression when the life issues perpetuating it are still present, but definitely help take the edge off these issues and help you get more out of your day, especially when taking care of some of the physical symptoms like poor sleep, fatigue, poor motivation and poor appetite.

  17. Good effort DSP3000. Hope you’re feeling better man. Look after yourself.


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