April 19th Update

So, last week I posted up a series of Frazetta inspired fantasy images, and unsurprisingly it has got me thinking a little about how I could do a full fantasy set game.

There’s lots of possibilities.

I have done fantasy games before, but neither were that popular. I think the problem was that I just did the basic date stuff you could find in any other game here. If I did do this, I would have to really think about the gameplay and narrative. Rather than something focused primarily on one woman, I like the idea of there being many conquests at different points of the story.

The first Witcher game is a good example of this. If you’ve only played the 2nd or 3rd ones, you’re probably used to seeing the romance focused on Triss or Yennifer. In the 1st game though, Triss and Shani were around and slightly emphasized as the two main options, but there were many, many others. I think there’s about 12 secondary characters that Geralt can also sleep with. It even seems to be encouraged too. Each sex scene displays a sort of collectible card with your aim being to collect the whole ‘set’. I like the idea of designing a large set of women for a game like this.

One problem with this could be the perspective. I normally do games in first person, but I don’t feel like this would work very well if I’m aiming for an epic fantasy game. What I’m really liking the idea of is having it being (mainly) third person, but have the players face disguised the whole time. That way you still get to have the feeling that it’s you in game, rather than some preset character.

Here’s an example of how it could work.

Neither of these outfits are definitely what I would go with, just a showcase example.

If I was to do this though, I would only feel right making it big and epic. My currently aim is to do a medium sized game for the summer.

So option 1 is maybe to just work on this as a background game while I’m doing that, then release it at the end of the year. Option 2 is maybe to release it in several chapters. I’ll have to think about what’s more practical in the long run.

So, 2 polls today. First to gauge the enthusiasm for a fantasy game, and the second to gauge everyone’s reaction to a masked third person player character.

Finally, here’s a reminder of last weeks images just on case you didn’t see them.

Are you interested in a fantasy game?

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Would you be OK with a masked third person player character

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26 thoughts to “April 19th Update”

  1. I don’t care that much for fantasy, but I voted yes, to encourage you exploring new horizons. You were lucid enough to see that a simple date game might get boring in a while, so pairing it up with a good story will work wonders.
    For the mask thing, I also voted yes. First and third person both have their qualities, and the mask idea is a clever way to combine both: having the flexibilty of the third person, and keeping the impression of being a hero.

    But now, I feel like it’s time to express some concern: you’re frequently coming up with new ideas, and some poeple get hyped about them, and there’s the risk of you playing too many fields, and not completing any of them. I will not tell you what game you should do first, I’ll be fine with anything you come up with, but you should at least focus on a single thing, so the game will get the attention and dedication it deserves, that’s all.

    1. Don’t worry. This idea is routed firmly in the ‘testing the waters’ category. 🙂

      No idea if the idea will ever happen, just wanted to see what people’s reaction would be to it. My main aim is till to do a more conventional date game next.

      1. To me, this idea is worth pursuing. But in your own words, it should be “big and epic”. And that means no recycling old characters, but new ones (or old ones you used briefly, like Naria from the first photographer games). Just put it in a memo pad, because I feel it might be a huge hit.
        On a side note, any words from Mr. Stomper, or did he vanish?

        1. Nah, just slowly creeping towards the dreaded “animations” part. Little over half of the pictures are done, though.

          1. Wow. It’s been a long time since Anna, and I’m a bit curious: can you give us some details about your new game?

            1. I know, a very long time. A commodity I am getting much, lately (not that I am complaining). And I am also sorry I won’t be able to sate your curiosity. It is yet too early to reveal anything, and it has a bit of mystery to uncover, so the more you know about it, the more the experience may be spoiled. (But multiple girls FTW!)

      2. I think the idea is worth pursuing also, when you feel you are ready to tackle it. A masked 3rd person character is a good choice in a game like this. I’d also say the idea of releasing it in chapters is good. It would help with those that have problems waiting for the next release. And reaction to each release would show if the story line is progressing well. Good luck with this decision, whatever you choose I’m sure it will be great!

  2. Sort of on the fence about this for the above-mentioned reason of what all you have talked about before as wanting to do. It seems like your project log at this point is like when that Disney/Marvel “calendar” came out a few years ago (2015? 2016?) that was showing the schedule of Marvel movies out to 2019 and beyond. lol

  3. I think it would be great if you made a fantasy game. I get a “Conan the Barbarian” vibe the pictures, which I like.

    I’m not really that into the third person, but the female model for the player character is hot, maybe just put her in the game.

  4. I really like the idea of a fantasy game for a number of reasons. First, although not totally unique, it is extremely rare. Second, it will break some molds. Fox example, a photographer would require a hammer and chisel (OK, good for a scene gag). Third, yes, it will impact prospective a bit. Switching back and forth between 1st and third person can be good. Do the bulk of the game in 3rd person and sex scenes in 1st person for example. You might even work in some 2nd person when encountering antagonists to the female characters. I personally don’t think it is necessary to mask the 1st person character. Provide a handsome “generic” male and let it go at that.

    Just a few more thoughts on the masked 1st person bit. SexVilla2 allowed a player to customize themselves. This was a core part of what that game was all about. All three participants could be customized. I did have some fun with that. However, the game itself was not as interesting as it could be. So, after a short while it got old and disappeared. The games on this site remain interesting because there is actually a plot and there are hidden “Easter Eggs” to be found. Games by Tlaero and Mortze have a hidden bonus scene to be unlocked and players have to solve a number of different paths to unlock them (please do not take this comment as a suggestion to emulate their style as diversity is the spice of life). The point is that this makes it interesting. In their games, you do occasionally see “yourself” in play. I do not look like any of these characters, but it really does not detract from the quality of play.

    And on episodes, it does allow you to roll out games more quickly (or last least in part). However, and you might want to discuss this with DSP3000, I suspect that it complicates things in the long run and burdens the writer with the need to link components together across the compartmentalized components. The afore mentioned Tlaero and Mortze are now engaged in this and I find myself sometimes forgetting what came before. And you also see this in Eroniverse games (Harem Villa and the soon to be released Harem Island).You can only go so far, especially in the beginning. This can be frustrating and somewhat disappointing. The story is good. The characters are enjoyable. But the bites are too small at times. So, I encourage you to ether make the chunks large (as in a Date with Bridgette) or stick with one game. If you think about it, the entire Academy Series is really one epic game. In this instance, it was desirable to break it up lest the game take forever to release and be too big to download.

    Thanks for your thoughts and taking the time to consider player’ inputs. I look forward to discussions like this as it helps to fill the gaps between games and provides for a more balanced game once released.

  5. Just wondering is there any news for bridgette part 3 I know the other guy does it but just a update about would be nice thank you

  6. Your 2 previous fantasy setting games used assets from TES4: Oblivion, which was a first person perspective game. If first person works for that “epic fantasy game,” why wouldn’t it work for yours?

  7. The vote poll can easy be manipulated by using “ccleaner” cleaning up the browser and vote again and again. I doubt about the votes if people really interesting.

    1. Not to defend Chaotic or anything, but the task of cleaning your browser, just to vote 2 or 3 times doesn’t have that much of an impact on the results. Plus, I learned that polls aren’t law to Chaotic. He uses them to know about poeple’s opinions, but in the end, he doesn’t have to abide by them, so…

    2. Are you sure about this? The polls should be logged by Ip address as well as cookies. I suspect that clearing cookies makes it look like you can vote again, but your votes isn’t counted.

  8. Speaking as a man who is really excited about girl on girl action but doesn’t want to identify with a female character (I think that’s a lot of people.) I welcome the idea quite enthusiastically.

    I would also like to say that I don’t think masking the character’s face is really necessary and a masked face may diminish some the expressiveness of some of the scenes you make. That being said, relatively closed helms might work towards that goal while still allowing for some facial expressions, even if I don’t think hiding the face would be a good thing for its own sake.

    Lastly, because what I just wrote got me fantasizing, I’d like to just share that I think female rivalries turning erotic (at least) would be amazing. (good vs good character or good vs villain)

  9. Chaotic, if you don’t want this here, feel free to delete it. I thought I’d help out the people who’ve been bitching on some of the earlier posts about you taking a (much-deserved) break.

    If anyone’s looking for a Chaotic patch, while he’s recharging his batteries, check out the games on [redacted]

    MOST are in production games, incomplete and some are “abandoned”, but it tells you which are which…. it’s free to register…. and no I don’t own it. I’m a fan. I tried to make a game and failed miserably LOL! but I do enjoy playin….

    Anyway, like I said, if you don’t want this here, I apologize. I just figured it’d keep the bitchers from bitchin while you were taking a break and working on the next game(s) LOL

    1. Please don’t post links to that site. It’s the one dsp3000 has been very frustrated over as the keep uploading what should only be games for the members section.

      1. Gotcha! My bad… Just wanted to give the bitchers another option. Didn’t even notice they had your (by that I mean VDG site… yours and DSP’s) games on there til you said something. (I searched and sure enough they do.

        Tried to edit the comment but I see you already took care of it. Again, I’m sorry.

  10. Hi,

    Any news from DSP? will we be getting a blog update soon? i am looking forward to the end of the date with Bridgette and seeing where it ends up. plus it means afterwards, DSP can get back to finishing the academy! (after a well deserved break of course!)

  11. Hi Chaotic,

    It seems that all anyone is talking about, these days, is DSP3000’s next release but I just wanted to say that I am not too fussed on ”A Date With Bridgette” or ”The Academy” series.

    The main reason that I follow the site is for your work Chaotic!
    And I have to say that, this year, you have taken your games to an all new level of awasome, with the ”Leanna” series.

    For me, what sets Leanna apart from all the others is:

    > Depth of story – the story is well thought out with lots of drama and unexpected twists, branches and easter eggs through out.

    > Character development – Leanna’s progression from uptight bitch boss to soft hearted, funloving exhibitionist creates a really exiting dynamic for the game; giving the player a real sense that anything could happen, after every click of the mouse.

    > Great graphics – Perhaps the most well rendered games to date (including DSP3000’s games), not to mention that all the characters are really hot.

    > An all new level of daring – as opposed to the usual take the girl on a generic date, then if it goes well, take her home and screw her – or maybe have a threesome – format; you have really shaken things up by creating ”Leanna” a character with an eagerness to explore her exhibitionist fetish. What makes it all the more exciting is that she’s already a celebrity, which only adds to the thrill of her being caught since she would be instantly recognized and she knows it (and likes it).
    I know that you have experimented with such characters in the past (Rachel, Maddison… etc.) but this is the first time you’ve ever done it with a celebrity, such volume of material, prominece in the story, well rendered images and lengthy scenes.

    With that said I would like to add that I took up a new membership just to play
    ”Leanna’s Big Streak” but I have to say that it felt a little rushed and it could have been longer. For this reason I desided to cancel it. Don’t get me wrong it was a really awsome and exciting game and I loved it. Definitely the most daring ever, but still, it seems like you held back a bit, personally I feel it could have been a little more daring – like – just when things could have gotten really crazy Leanna makes it home and the fun is over before it started.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m not suggesting gang bangs in the street or anything like that – I like the way you made it quite risque and playful – but perhaps something along these lines:

    > After passing through the crowd, with the mask on (as you recall Leanna talks to the people at one point), well what if someone recognised her, by her voice? And what if she reacted suspiciously by – lets say – trying to change her voice suddenly? However, this convinces the person that it really is her and in his excitement he says, ”I can’t believe what I’m seeing… Leanna Marsellies, walking totally naked and in the street… this is the best day ever!”
    Leanna replies, ”I’m not totally naked… I’ve got a mask on… and I’m not Leanna”.
    the person then says, ”prove it… go on… I dare you… take it off… and give us a show!”
    Leanna ponders for a moment, she can either run home, or, do the dare (and we all know how hard it is for Leanna to resist a dare).

    > When Leanna was masterbating (with her eyes closed) on the bench, suppose a crowd of people might have been passing by and (keeping very quiet) they appoach her. Recognizing her instantly they begin recording her with their phones. A few moments later she cums before opening her eyes to the shock of the realisation that she is beeing recorded by a live audience. Startled by the fact that she had just came, in front of a large crowd, she tries awkwardly to cover herself with her arms. The crowd begin to cheer and congratulate her for her bravery. Perhaps it is because of the adoration of the crowd, or,
    perhaps it is because she knows that there is no other way out the situation she is in, or, maybe it is due to her finally experiencing her wildest fetish come true, what ever the case, Leanna throws her arms up in the air playfully, giving the audience an explicit view of her naked body, she says, ”Okay… I can’t believe I’m doing this but I’m gonna give you a real show… But remember no touching”.
    She then proceeds to give them another show demonstrating the full extent of her flexibility, before posing for selfies and cuming again. Leanna then heads home, not worrying about who sees her along the way, as she knows that she is likely already featuring on every porn site imaginable (and the thought of that excites her).

    > After the sex scene with Debbie and Kayden, Debbie and Kayden get dressed, (since it is Leanna’s streak, so, no one should steal her spotlight after all), but they have no spare clothes for Leanna, so she has to ride along nude. They get into Debbie’s car and begin to drive. After a few minutes Leanna realises that they’re going in the wrong direction but Debbie assures her that she is just taking a quicker route. Suddenly Debbie stopes the car (or it breaks down) in a crowded area. Leanna duckes behind the seats, hoping not to be recognized, when, Debbie cries out, ”Hey everybody look… look… it’s Leanna Marsellies… naked in public… come on Leanna don’t be shy… say hi to your adoring fans”.
    As people start to notice, still hiding behind Debbie’s seat, Leanna replies, ”Debbie how could you? you promised to take me home!”.
    Then Debbie tells her, ” How could I? How could I not? I have a naked celebrity in the back of my car… how could I resist? BESIDES… lets think back to when I fould you… you had left your clothes at your car… were walking through the woods naked for a dare… how could I not think that this is exactly what you wanted? I think you just needed a push… so here it is… I dare you… I dare you to spread you legs… right here… on the hood of my car… in front of everyone… go on… I dare you… show us how flexible you are and put on a show”.

    So just wondering if we’re likely to see an updated version of ”Leanna’s Big Streak” in the future? Or is this the end of the Leanna saga?

    Thanks for the great games

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