April 13th Update

Fun week number one!

Over my now many years making erotic art, I have found myself investigating others and their inspirations. If there’s one name that turns up time and again, it’s Frank Frazetta. When it comes to erotic fantasy art, he’s the yardstick that many still hold themselves against.

If you don’t think you know him, you probably still do. From the 60s to the millennium, he was famous for fantasy book cover illustrations, comics and paintings. Basically, have you ever seen a fantasy painting with a curvy, slightly muscular and scantily dressed woman wielding a spear of something similar? That’s Frazetti.

Here’s some examples :

If you want to see more images, this is quite a good link : http://frankfrazetta.org/

So, as a homage to the late, great Frank Frazetta. I thought I’d try creating a few images in something close to his style.


13 thoughts to “April 13th Update”

  1. Refreshing and fun. This problem is, you are now going to get a lot of demand for games based on these images. Personally, I love it! Add me to that list.

  2. Those raptors just want some of those boobies.

    Maddison always looks so hot though.

  3. The new images are great – girls in a new setting ( you’re a great artist + mind reader too ! ) Frazetta’s work is amazing ( I like Boris Vallejo’s art too ) Molly images are great – can’t wait to see more of her in a game .

  4. I’ve been a Frazetta fan for years and your version of his style is spot on! I was never a huge Leanna fan until now. I have to agree with others, you may have opened Pandora’s box. Would love to see a game based on any of the three.

  5. I will echo the opinion that I would be down for playing a game in a fantasy setting. Ladies look great.

  6. I love Frazetta’s women – strong, but always gently curved with a little weight to make them welcomingly soft. Your renders are great too – especially our favourite redhead!

  7. While a prehistoric setting for a game ( with some of the girls – Leanna,Maddison etc ) would be great – I would imagine it would be some ways down the road ; as I understand it Chaotic is having a break – and then he will probably start on Molly and Mariana game. Dsp3000 is working on ‘ a date with bridgette part 3’ and then hopefully the final installment of the ‘academy ‘ series ( That by all accounts is a serious body of work – let alone for a hobby ) – thanks Chaotic for the pics ( they are great and a welcome surprise) cheers , and enjoy your break

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