March 2nd Update

Leanna Epilogue

Today I’m happy to announce that Leanna : The Big Streak will be released for members next week, Friday March 9th.

In case you haven’t been following the blog updates, this is a fairly small game (probably just under 200 images). Stranded just outside of the city, Leanna is dared by the player to streak all of the way back to her apartment.

There’s been an alteration to the game, but I think it’s one that most people won’t mind. Rather than streaking with the player, Leanna does the dare solo, and you control her for most of the game. Not having to stick to conventional, first person camera angles means that I’ve been able to get some much better images rendered that really showcase how she is naked in the open scenery.

And also…

Since this is a smaller game, I’d like the update to be more substantial. So, I’m also going to add a decent sized set of images I’m calling ‘vdategames image collection – Vol 1’. Expect around 50 high resolution images of various different characters from the site, most of which will be nude. It’s like the advent calendar I do every year, but without the Christmas theme.

If it’s well received, I could certainly make this a regular things (maybe every 2 months).

What next?

And after that, I’m going to take a break.

You may have seen me discussing this in the comments section and twitter, and I think it’s the right decision. I haven’t really had a substantial break from making games since June last year.

I know why – after the first version of Leanna was released, I had a brief break, but pretty much went straight into rendering the extra gender and ethnicity options. Since that was frustrating, and I didn’t get everything done I wanted to, I went straight into planning the next game. Since I didn’t give my brain time to breath, I’ve been indecisive, starting multiple games but loosing conviction as I haven’t had time to think them through properly.

With this new update, it seems like a good time to take a break and come back with renewed conviction.

So, what is the next game

After Leanna’s big streak, the next game will be dsp3000’s Bridgette Part 3. Don’t expect it too soon though as it’s set to be much bigger than parts 1 and 2. A release date in April seems most likely (though not guaranteed). Expect blog posts from dsp3000 in the coming weeks.

Right now, my brain likes the idea of trying to combine games. I have a plan to combine Marianna and Molly (in the Nascar setting). It’ll be cool, but big. A release date just before Christmas seems likely.

So, what to do between now and then? I want something substantial, but fairly easy and stress free. Photographer part 3 seems like a good choice. It should be quite a fun/relaxed project if I a) Use Poser to render everything rather than IRAY. b) Just have the white, male PC. c) Release it in a few parts.

The basic story would have you trying to save Mr Hughes’s pseudo Playboy company following his death. It’s been acquired by a new character, Mia, and you team up with Maddison to recruit enough new models to keep the business going.

This would be a members only game, but I would transfer an older game (or games) to free to compensate.

That only leaves Crystal Part 3. Next year will be the 10th Anniversary of Crystal and myself’s first game. It seems very appropriate that it could be released then.

20 thoughts to “March 2nd Update”

  1. Fantastic! Have a good rest. I look forward to everything that you just announced.

  2. I really like your idea of photographer part 3 and the older version of characters vs Iray. whatever makes for a good quality game with less time and effort should be better for you anyways.

  3. Enjoy your break!
    Everything you announced sounds great and I can’t wait to see what a refreshed Chaotic comes up with next!

  4. Yeah, since you’re coming with a different idea every week, a break should be a good thing. Like going a step backwards, to move several step forward.

  5. Amazing! Take a break! You deserve it.

    I love the idea of a Photographer Pt. 3. Especially with the idea of having Maddison in it. Hopefully we will see another threesome with the red haired sisters? (wink wink, couldn’t love the chance ;))

    I agree with what you said, and if you were to make a Photographer pt. 3, make it as easier as it should be, I believe most people on your site are pretty ok with only having the white male option as character and with you having the faster/easier rendering options. My suggestion is to take your time and don’t care too much about branches and possibilities, in fact, I think making a relative linear game would be ok.
    To be honest, I personally love the all the games that have the photoshoots scenario, should be a fairly pleasant game for me to play.

    I hope you find something useful in this feedback, take care and don’t stress youself too much, the more relaxed you are to make games the better quality they are. =)

  6. Chaotic I trust you will enjoy your rest. The update on Leanna big streak is interesting and fun. I truly can’t wait for Bridgette part 3 to be completed. The plot of photographer pt3 appears to be interesting and fun. I didn’t realize the size Bridgette pt3 when I mentioned the March 2nd release date. I apologize for any confusion or undue pressure on DSP3000 or Chaotic. Your talents are very much appreciated by me and others. Best of Luck to both you

  7. Man, I do wish it was the player character streaking with Leanna, especially after seeing the screenshot with Debbie. But more Leanna is better than no Leanna, she’s one of my favourite characters you’ve created.

  8. Is that Debbie in the third picture? I hope there is something more than just a quick cameo there. A quick titty fuck perhaps? I hope so.

    Out of all of Chaotic’s newer characters, she is definitely my favorite. I really liked her bathing suit at the pool party. It was hot, but different than the usual bikini. I just love her whole angel, hot rich girl, a little naive, at least in my mind, but a very eager beaver. I seriously think she should get her own game.

  9. Why around april come on man he said he will release each part on each month. Now , ur saying april boom. February and march nothing?? I knw that its a hard job and we need patience but u guyz already said that ur gonna release each part per month until march, u should indeed save ur words.

  10. You should release this as an update to the main Leanna game, the game will get longer.

  11. Wow Leanna’s Streak is looking awsome.

    Can’t wait to play it!

    Just one question will the streets be empty throughout the game,
    or will Leanna encounter pedestrians (maybe even a few fans who ask for her autograph/selfies with the famous Miss Marsellies)?

    P.S. Really hoping she does attract an audience and allows them to look but not touch (this is Leanna’s Streak after all so she is the only one who should be naked and you can’t really call it a streak without an audience!)

    Thanks Chaotic

  12. Looking forward to the updates, especially the image collection! Haven’t seen a lot of gallery updates of the characters so this would be great to see, especially nudes in heels. You rock, Chaotic! Enjoy your vacation!

  13. If that’s really Debbie (and the barmaid from the Spring break party), then I think it doesn’t mean much sense to have her “be” in the streak. I mean, we got the idea that Debbie is a rich daddy’s girl, so finding her naked, in a forest, with another woman camping seems a bit off character.

    1. Maybe Debbie (who was already in the buff) and the bar tender from the party got together at the party and wanted more time together later. Who knows? If the script says they did then they did. Got to admit, they do look great in the threesome.

  14. Delighted to hear you’re thinking of making ‘photographer 3’ – as it will undoubtably feature some of the vdate community’s popular girls ( hopefully some of the lesser known ones too ) enjoy your sabbatical – you’ve earned it

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