March 9th Update

New games

Today, I’m very happy to announce that Leanna’s big Streak has been released for all members.

When her car breaks down on the freeway, only a mile away from her apartment, Leanna is dared to make her own way home…naked! Control Leanna as she navigates the various routes and hopefully makes it back home.

This is a fairly small game, with 180 images in total.

Also released today is something I’m calling the vdategames ‘Image Collection : vol 1’.

It’s 50 HD, stylized, IRAY rendered images of many of your favorite characters.

All images are 1920×1080, so will also work well as wallpapers for most of you.

Join the members section now to enjoy both!

What next?

Next, if you haven’t been keeping up with the blog, I’m going to take a decent sized break from making games to collect my thoughts. This may mean I’m not making frequent posts on a Friday, so if there’s not one next week, don’t be too surprised.

In the coming weeks, dsp3000 will also no doubt begin posting previews for his next game, A Date with Bridgette : Part 3.

See you all….sometime!



37 thoughts to “March 9th Update”

  1. Well, I think the word “game” might be too far fetched for this one. I consider it more of a bonus DLC to the streak ending to the original game.

  2. HI Chaotic,

    I enjoyed it! There might be a minor error in intro9.html (depending on exactly where you click).

    Also, the images were awesome! I really enjoyed seeing many of the characters from past games again.

    Enjoy your break. Please don’t let us draw you back in until you are ready.

    Best wishes,

  3. Just played through the streak for the first time. Very enjoyable, I like being able to guide Leanna through several different paths.

    Enjoy your break
    Best Regards

  4. Good stuff. Enjoy your break, Chaotic. Can’t wait to hear what dsp has in store for us.

  5. I Really enjoy this one, and thinking maybe you could make a few more short games like this one. One or two Between your big games. Just a suggestion, but if you like the idea I do have another one. Beside doing a “Leanna is dared to” series. The Violet images in the Image Collection gave me the idea of a “Naughty hide and go seek” with Betsy, April, and Violet at school. The PC and the girls end up staying late at school some reason, and Violet being bored suggest have some fun.

    Also side note. Where is the best place to make game suggestion and ideas? Is it in you most recent post?

    Anyway enjoy your break.

  6. Leannas Streak is a great little game with various paths thety make for multiple playthroughs, nothing too taxing but enough to be enjoyable.

    Enjoy the break, you earned it.

    1. Not a completely new one, but I’ll be moving one of the members games into the free section sometime.

  7. I think Leanna’s Big Streak should be in the free section…. why

    – Small game, not real storie…. done in 5 min for each patch include….
    – Real long game should be in the member section

    Not really proud to be a member and having this one paid to play.

  8. You said that a few weeks ago that you might release image collections every few months. Are you still planning on doing this during your break? While it would be great as a way to tide us over until you start again, I’d take you having a stress free break to come back stronger over having the collections during the break.

  9. All good man, you enjoy your break!

    Nice work too on the Leanna’s Big Streak game. It’s really fun!

    In the meantime, I’m looking forward to the 3rd instalments of dsp3000’s A Date with Bridgette.

  10. Wait, am I missing something? I don’t see this game on the member site. I see it mentioned in the Free area, but when I log into the member’s area the most recent game is A Date with Bridgette 2…

  11. When are we getting the walkthrough for ‘A date with Bridgette’?? I can only find like 4 endings to each game and am really struggling

  12. guy clearly is a sell out. Puts out a little game and whisks off into the sunset with his monthly subs clearing thousands of dollars. Congratulations, you played yourself. Hes lost his interest in making games and is just milking the site for the money train.

    1. Of course you’re right, Driscoll. You’re always right. You’re a shining beacon of perception in these ignorant times.

      It doesn’t matter that every post you’ve ever made here is either a complaint or a demand for more Maddison. It’s your ability to sell your views without apparently acknowledging anything I’ve said in the blog the past few weeks that really shows your wisdom

      1. ok you suddenly want to leave? You’ve let others take over your work while you sit on your cash. Time off? Come on man. I’m trying to help

        1. OK. where to start unraveling this?

          – There is nothing sudden about my break.
          – I’m not ‘leaving’. I am taking a break.
          – There is not that much ‘cash to sit on’ right now. As Leanna’s Big Streak was a smaller game, there are not as many active members right now (and rightly so. I’m fine with that.) Almost all of the new money will soon be going to dsp3000, not me.
          – You are not ‘trying to help’ There is not an ounce of anything resembling constructive criticism in anything you’ve ever written on this blog.

        2. Suddenly. Suddenly? Suddenly! Chaotic made this announcement back in October. I guess that is a bit sudden.

  13. To DSP3000 I realize that I have preached patience concerning your creative pace. It has been two months since Bridgette pt2 I hope it is possible to give us who have been patiently waiting for a small update. I hope I haven’t offended you by asking this question. Your kind attention is appreciated.

    1. “Oh dearest DSP, I hope not to offend you by asking you this, your highness, but could you please offer an update?”

      Give me a damn break, the amount of asskissing that goes on by some of you guys in the comments is ridiculous. Don’t forget, we are the customer. If anything, they should be catering to us. To me it looks like another one of DSP’s disappearing acts. I used to love the Academy games, so much so that I subscribed for a few months back around days 1-3. But the lack of timely updates has left me searching for other games, and I have found some that I don’t mind donating money to the creators on Patreon to appreciate their work. DSP doesn’t seem to care about creating the content anymore, and it’s a shame because he was on to something good.

      1. Yeah, fuck that guy for being polite! Being the loudest, most arrogant entitled dick possible is the only way to ask about something!

  14. Not shocking, Chaotic came back with his usual line of BS to deflect the “hate” I’m giving him. Clearly this is a quick money grab for you and you lost desire. Now you’re promising bigger things in the future only to keep your subs up. Guess we got fooled, site is hanging on by DSP while Chaotic is probably on a beach laughing. Thanks.

    1. I guess you’ll be leaving then, huh? Nah, you’re just a lying troll and come here to get your rocks off. Pretty pathetic.

    2. ‘came back with his usual line of BS to deflect the “hate”’ = I stated a series of completely accurate facts.

      And instead of actually addressing them, you’ve apparently decided to just ignore them, and keep repeating your same stupid argument. It’s almost like, if you actually address what I say, what you write turns into total bullshit. But that couldn’t be it…could it?

  15. Very clever. Did you type that in all by yourself or did you have help?

    “Don’t go away mad. Just go away.”
    – Gunny Highway

  16. Saw the new “more realistic” body for Marianna on Twitter… looking good.

    Question… have you ever considered ditching the first person POV? I get that there are people who like to customize their characters (well, their sex/skin color and name) and you’d probably have to abandon that but I think it’d have nice upsides too.

    Most importantly I think the sex scenes would benefit A LOT from not being always tied to the same POV.

    Also I think it could help give the player character more personality, no longer being this faceless, nameless guy with very little distinctive traits. Again, I’m sure some people want the main character to be this “blank slate” on whom they can project themselves on, but I tend to find them a bit dull. Think about it. 😉

  17. I’ve not read the comment sections in a few weeks but now I see what you’re talking about in your newest blog post. Comments like some of the ones above don’t belong here and neither do the people who make them. These aren’t constructive criticisms. If you aren’t happy with the content why not just cancel your membership and move on?

    There are things I would love to see and there are some decisions that I wish were different but sometimes we don’t get these things or they get moved further down the line. I’d love to see another Violet game and I’m disappointed that the Molly game changed and got pushed. But thems the breaks. I can always cancel my membership and return down the road or not at all if I’m unhappy. But even though I’m disappointed at times I still appreciate Chaotic’s work and have no plans to cancel my membership because I want to support his work. If I ever feel taken advantage of, I can cancel my membership and never look back. I’ve been a member for over a year now and even though things do get slow sometimes and not every game is what I’d like to see I appreciate that Chaotic and dsp make these games on their own and great work takes time. If he was just in it for the $ he could just move all his work to Patreon. There are some great game developers there but there is also a lot of crap that I can’t believe makes the amount of donations some projects do. I’ve seen a few developers completely abandon projects right in the middle. I’ve also seen some developers drain their Patreon’s wallets by making short little episodes that just keep leading people on release to release with little to show. I’ve never seen Chaotic do this. Was Leanna’s Big Streak short? Yes, but we were told in advance that these were mostly leftover images that weren’t used in the main game.

    Anyway, rant over. Chaotic can defend himself. I have no problems with opinions and criticisms because I also have them sometimes but straight up attacking and accusing the developer of taking your $ and leaving is bull. Many people are passionate about certain characters, myself included, and want to see more but you can’t please everybody all the time. The passion for these characters just shows how great the work is that Chaotic and dsp do. Apparently many people still love the content here or the site would make no money and Chaotic would have no reason to make games, other than passion and unfortunately passion just doesn’t pay the bills.

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