January 26th Update

From dsp3000…

Once again I am very happy to be able to release another game on the VDategames site, and this game is another big one.
“The Academy : A Date with Bridgette : Stage Two” is the second stage of a three part game.Β This installment adds another 2287 images to the 848 from stage one making a total of 3135 images so far.
The downloadable version of the game will comprise stages one and two together. There have been a few minor modifications to some of the stage one files so it makes sense to release both parts together to ensure consistency.

You can play straight through from stage one to stage two, or you can use your code from stage one and jump straight in at the start of stage two.

The second phase of your evening with Bridgette takes in a choice of locations and encounters. What happens in these scenarios is largely effected by what you did earlier on in your date and what you choose to the time. There are a huge range of variables to discover so the game should be worthy of several playthroughs to find everything.Β There is also sex, plenty of sex and not just with Bridgette.

Please avoid posting up any spoilers on the blog.

The game has been thoroughly tested but if you do find any errors please report them.Β A word on that though. The game can be quite difficult, and just because you can’t get some achievements doesn’t mean that there is a bug.
Some achievements cancel out others, and some are impossible to get if other factors aren’t quite right. But even then failing can be fun.

There are 20 achievements in stage one and 30 in stage two. You will not be able to get all of them in a single playthrough.

Good luck and have fun playing.


129 thoughts to “January 26th Update”

  1. Hey dsp3000

    Can’t seem to find the game for some reason.
    I have refreshed several times, but it just isn’t there.

    Looking forward to playing πŸ™‚

    1. It should be on the same page as Bridgette part 1, just in a new section added. Make sure you refresh that page.

      1. hello, I can not upload the 2nd part. He still wants a new epoch payment after a click, but Epoch tells me that I’m already a member until February 24, 2018. When I return to the vdatagames page, this is still repeated. I can not play the game online or download it.

  2. Just waiting to see how long it takes for some idiot to ask for free password for the members site. I honestly think it’s sick how somebody puts so much effort into a product, just for the benifits of making said product to be taken by people who prefer to pirate. Regardless, keep up the good work and I’m excited to see more from you.

    1. Yep, it does kinda piss me off to quite a significant degree to see my work stolen.

      Might have to spend some time working on some security features for my next release.

      It’d be a shame to have to divert my time away from game production just because some people are pirates.

      1. It bugs me as well. I get the same with music that i have produced. People tell me it’s good, but nobody wants to actually pay me for a copy of it.
        I am happy to play online, but I prefer to have a downloaded version on my hard drive, only because I have a collector’s mindset, not because i want to circumvent the payment mechanism. I have been supporting the members site for some time irrespective of whether there is a new game on it that i have not played.

  3. On the games page, you need to click on Bridgette’s face to be taken to a page that has the game links. Clicking on the text brings you to The Academy page.

    Possible bug: In the movie theater, when following Bridgette to a seat, the player has to option to check out two other women or follow Bridgette. Even when I follow Bridgette, she still asks “Am I going to catch you checking out all the girls we see tonight?”

    1. I should add. The “bug” doesn’t happen with all codes. But I don’t know which digit triggers it.

      1. Bridgette’s reaction at that point in the game has nothing to do with any of the start codes.

        I’ll take a look but I don’t think there is any issue.

  4. I can see that I am going to be very busy this weekend. Great thing that the Super Bowl isn’t for another week and the Gunners don’t play until Tuesday. Thank you DSP3000!!!

  5. Dsp3000 I’m just wondering if this is a bug or just script not resetting but i didn’t go through the theater path on second play-through and i’m still getting the achievement 7

  6. Why the switch to online only for part 2???

    I don’t mean to complain, it’s just disappointing in that it’s not the way I prefer to play.

    1. Sorry if I sounded upset, I didn’t mean to come across that way. It’s just that I bought a month and timed it to expire this weekend so I could download part 2 and play until I buy another month when 3 and 4 are out. I was really looking forward to this.

    2. I have to say it’s not my preferred way of playing games either. I’ve always downloaded the games thus far before playing them, because this makes the experience more convenient: Loading times are practically instant, and I can easily browse the “images” folder after playing the game, to rewatch the best pictures. Also the structure of the html file names gives you an idea what routes you have missed. Figuring out the routes gets a bit tedious with the online-only version.

      On the other hand, I understand the decision to do this to battle piracy. So I’m not really complaining, just giving my feedback as a user. If you provide the download links with a reasonable delay (one or two months?) I think I’ll actually wait until the download links are available, before I play the game. I am not in such a huge rush and prefer to have the better experience.

  7. Yippee!!! I really like where the Wisp of Reason movie path goes.. I think you want to write that exit code down when you get to it.

  8. Cant seem to get the 10 digit code from stage 1 for stage 2? At the end I click continue and a picture for stage 2 shows up. Now I can’t play stage 2, just get stuck at the phone.

    1. Same issue. I’ve played and redownloaded the latest version of the game numerous times but I never see this 10 digit code pop up. Is there a certain browser it’s showing up in or something? I’m at a loss here and don’t want to restart from part 1 over and over again.

  9. I just joined, and realized part two is online only – is there a way I can get a download link for the offline version?

    1. It’s online only for the time being.
      The site seems to be handling traffic flow very well though every time I’ve had a look. Everything loads up really quick.

      There will be a download version available in due course.

  10. That’s good to hear, my ISP is kind of “weak” so I prefer to play the games downloaded. I’ll look forward to it.

  11. Still can’t find the game!
    the links goes to academy part 4 or Bridgette part 1!
    I’ve refreshed the page, tried with 2 different browsers!

  12. Hi have played part 1 and when I put the code to continue part 2 the Hearts and lips are all ways 50/50 and not the score I got on part 1

    1. That’s supposed to happen.
      There is a file which ‘balances’ the scores out so stage two isn’t too easy.
      This may mean your score can reduce a little between stages.

      1. That explains a lot, however, thought this game was either one shot or 4 episodes so I couldn’t really figure out why you lowered the stats from the first episode, all good though, saw the hint about the cop too, thx for that, couldn’t get past him to save my life, off to replay ep1 πŸ™‚

  13. Hello, i am really impressed by this game and every game made by both caothic and dsp3000.

    Is there any walkthrough for both versions, or explanation on how codes works like for academy part 3? Thanks. πŸ™‚

  14. HI, I don’t normally post any comments but have to say great work on all your games. I’ve been a member for awhile now before you started the Academy series. Looking forward to playing Bridgette part 2, as it has Didi in there. All the girls are great but she is my favourite I really hope there is a chance with her at some point. keep out the great work


    1. Start the game and once you are past filling in your name, you can copy and paste the URL into a new window.
      That will give you scroll bars if you need them.

  15. hello, I can not upload the 2nd part. He still wants a new epoch payment after a click, but Epoch tells me that I’m already a member until February 24, 2018. When I return to the vdatagames page, this is still repeated. I can not play the game online or download it.

    1. Walkthrough. Walkthrough! After one day you need a walkthrough? It is a puzzle to be solved. Play it. Enjoy it.

  16. Hi DSP3000 can you check game i think part 2 have bugs. I get in part 1 event with Alexia but in part 2 officer all time arrest you i try all already go theater go drive nothing help and i can t bribe him.

    1. Definitely not a bug.

      To get past the cop you need to see my other comments regarding how much and what you drink during stage one.

  17. I cant get past the cop and i dont know how to successfully bribe him.
    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Firstly, don’t drink enough to fail the sobriety test.

      Secondly, if you need to bribe the cop to get Bridgette’s clothes back then make sure you have enough cash in your wallet.
      If you flash too much cash around during stage one, you might not have enough left when you need it later.

      It’s all about weighing up the pros and cons of your actions.

  18. If you can’t get past the cop in part 2, you drank too much in part 1. You can get Bridgette drunk and not drink yourself. “Drive sober or get pulled over” Replay part 1 and don’t drink.
    Nice touch DSP!

    1. Yep, you nailed it OldGuy.

      Getting past the cop is an essential hurdle to overcome. But it can be done if you think about how.

  19. Also remember, sometimes you have to lose to succeed. This game has an incredible number of pathways. Some will take you to stage three and some are a lot of fun, but may not take you to stage three. I have been working on this for more than a day now, and I can tell you that some of the best scenes require a lot of work to achieve and that there are many failures along the way. Keep working at it. This is not an easy nut to crack. But the rewards are definitely there.

  20. I’ve played through a couple of times now… Bridgette who? I think Alexia kind of steals the show. Now I want a game featuring just her. Maybe a story where you go on a weekend getaway with Alexia after sorting things out on the final day of the Academy. Truly excellent scene with her.

    Oh, and that cop is one annoying SOB.

    1. How do you get Alexia achievement without getting wasted? The only way I can do it is by ordering cocktails.

      1. There are ways. It is possible to get past the cop even if you fail the test. Keep working at it.

        Just out of curiosity, where are you taking Bridgette in Stage Two? Don’t concentrate too much on just one path. Diversify your playing choices as there are different choices on different paths.

      2. Second this question. This seems like one of the tougher puzzles. I’ve figured out how to stay sober enough to get past the cop; I’ve figured out how to drink enough to make plans with Alex afterwards; I can’t figure out how to do both. Any hint would be appreciated, because I’ve tried about a dozen different combinations and I’m at a loss.

        1. I hate to do this to you, but DSP3000 has actually provided the hints that you need in some of his posts. Look at one of his January 27 comments.

  21. hai dsp and chaotic

    about bridgette part 2, im sure i only got 8 code


    is that the code? omg i cant play

    1. Hello
      There are no letters in the code you may have gotten at the end of stage one.
      It’ll be 10 numerals.

  22. Hello DSP and Chaotic. I wonder if I’m allowed to mess with your game files. I like to have super powers after a few game plays (cheating eh) and it’s only for personal research interests… Not much advantages thou since your games do also have several endings that cannot be achieved by merely maxing the scores.. But still, well. Actually I just wanted to say it’s too dark. Very dark. That I can’t play well at night with brightness set low. πŸ™ great game thou. Awesome modelling. It’s a living world, I can sense it. More than a hentai game.

  23. No matter what i do i can’t have fun with bridgette in the cinema what could i be missing?

    1. Think about what might make Bridgette NOT want to have fun with you at the cinema. There are several things that might come into play. DSP3000 gives a good hint later in this blog. But there might be something else that could spoil her toward your advances. Think about it. The roots are back in Stage One, but the roots show in this scene (potentially – depending on your actions in Stage One).

  24. The cop ruins this entire stage for me. Especially in today’s world of sexual assault allegations and police misconduct, no cop is going to openly harass a naked lady in the middle of a public street. And having a couple drinks way earlier in the night isn’t going to result in a DUI. The whole scene is unrealistic and just takes up space which could’ve been used for a much better scene imo.

    1. It’s probably a bit of a cliche to have a corrupt cop character, but I wanted a bad guy as an obstacle to get passed otherwise your evening might get boring.
      It’s a game, so there will be puzzles to solve and challenges to overcome.
      I would’ve thought that a nasty cop on a power trip is within the realms of what’s believable.
      I’ll rethink the planned scene where you ride home on the back of a flying dragon though…

      Out of interest, what would you like to see as a ‘much better scene?’
      Genuine question.

      1. I would’ve preferred just showing the car ride. You could’ve chatted with Bridgette while you’re driving to discover more of her kinks, thoughts on the other girls at the Academy, and get her to play with herself or give you road head, or even pull off to the side of the road and have some fun in the back seat if you play your cards right. Just seems like lots of time/images were used on the cop scenes which are all ultimately dead ends, failures, or lead to nothing, I would’ve preferred just getting to know more about Bridgette or more sex with her.

        I’ve been a big fan of every game of yours before this though, and am still very much looking forward to stage 3 and day 5. But like I said, the cop scene ruined this game for me. Just one guy’s opinion here, idk…

        1. Those would definitely be fun choices, but at that point, it would basically be the same as Tara part 1.

          1. I’ve done quite a few scenes in cars now over the past seven games I’ve made.
            As Tezster points out, ‘Tara : Part One’ is all about a car journey, and ‘Tara : Part Three’ has trips out in a car throughout as well as sex scene in the car.
            Technically, anything other than conversations in cars is a bit limiting.
            There’s so little space to work with. Just ask Maria…

            The idea of more time to discuss Bridgette’s desires, fantasies and kinks is all part of the plan though for stage three, albeit in a location other than inside a car.

  25. As a member of the site and a fan of both Chaotic and Dsp3000 games some hints or possibly a walkthrough would be greatly appreciated especially Bridgette as soon as possible. Thank you

  26. LOVE the game! Its so good yet so frustrating as well… So many codes/routes I have tried but struggling haha. I cant get to where you meet Alexis or not have Bridgette get loud in the movie ugh… I know its only been a day but would love some pointers/help! Just something to get me headed in the right direction!? Well done DSP!!!!!

    1. To meet up with Alexia in stage two, she needs to have suggested it during stage one.
      For the movie theater action, try watching a movie where there is nobody else in the movie theater with you.
      It’s a 50:50 choice.

  27. Love all your games but would like to have a female cop rather than a male so you could have that extra bit of fun and you could include her in part 3 of bridgette or part 5 of the academy

  28. Oh, I like where the Didi route is going! I’ve always been wondering what exactly is going on between Bridgette and Didi (Hidden attraction? Is Didi a Lesbian? Do they *already* have a sex history, or is Didi just secretly hoping to get intimate with Bridgette some day? Maybe she’ll tolerate me as the third wheel, if she sees that the only way into Bridgette’s pants is through me, in a lovely threesome?).

    Something to look forward to to find out.

  29. I loved this stage. Great work dsp3000! I’m aching for a tittyfuck with bridgette. I hope to get one in future updates. Alexia is a sweet girl. Loved her scene. I’m looking forward to the next update already. Thanks for the great work.

  30. Really liking this stage, steady improvement from stage 1, great job DSP3000! Stage 3 should be awesome.

  31. Hi DSP3000,

    Bridgette Stage Two is a lot of fun. A bit of a challenge to figure out a few things. But all-in-all, a ton of fun. Stage Two makes me appreciate some of the subtleties in Stage One that I took for granted as obvious selections. Can’t wait to see what you have for us going forward.

    Thank you,

  32. Hi there, I think there is a small bug in view372. There are two “Squeeze her breasts”, one on the left, but the other one is in the same spot as “Kiss her”. I think it was supposed to be on the right, with the “Kiss her” between them.

    1. Thanks Nazim10. I shall take a look at that.
      Minor mistake by the sounds of it.
      Thank you for reporting it.

      1. Yeah, it’s nothing major. I’ve noticed another one, in park103. While the choices are fine, you can also click on the picture (Continue), but it leads you to park103, meaning a loop. I guess the picture shouldn’t be clickable?

        1. This was corrected with the update I sent over to Chaotic a few days ago.
          I’ll give him a nudge to check it’s been updated.

          1. Actually scratch that.
            Those two do need correcting.
            So minor though that I may just leave those until the stage three update.

            Overall this game has over 2600 files and over 3100 images.
            The production folder has over 17500 files in it.
            I guess i haven’t done too badly given how few errors there are.
            Still… Must do better.

            1. Oh, I know, and it’s totally understandable when you or Chaotic make those “mistakes”, but that what’s the community for. If you forget anything, we’ll be here to help out, and make it perfect ^^

  33. Thanks again DSP3000 for another quality release in the Academy/Bridgette series!

    So, I’ve played through stage two a few times now, and have a good sense of all the branching paths. From what I can gather, the following story arcs need to be covered:


    -Continue the evening with Didi + Bridgette
    -Possible threesome with Alexia?
    -Join the Academy girls at a club?
    -VIP club tickets courtesy Holly/Maria (same path as above?)
    -Encounter with mysterious redhead from the bar?
    -Some form of final pay-off scene with Bridgette
    -Segue into Academy part 5

    That is A LOT of ground to cover πŸ™‚

  34. Just a heads up – the game is great, I really enjoy it. however when you finish stage 2 and get a code, the image link for the numeral 0 is trying to find “code_0” but the image in the folder is “code_zero” – so while it was easy enough for me to figure out what my code was, and it was easy enough to just rename the image file but I thought you’d like to know.

    1. I sent an updated version of the game that corrected this minor error over to Chaotic a few days ago.
      I’m not entirely sure which version is currently online but it should be the most up to date one.

      1. Just checked and the online version is all up to date and does not include this error.

        You must have an early and outdated version which was briefly available for download for a short while after release…

  35. That’s great, i already looking for the part 3 and the nightclub (I like Bridgette? yes, but Amy and Alicia…) your games are just the best

  36. So I’ve played this one quite a few times and cannot for the life of me get some of the achievments. Is there any plan for a walkthrough/general hints that might come out some time soon? Love the game and the site but sometimes I want to see all the storylines after getting a few by myself! Thanks!

  37. DSP300 and Chaotic,
    I gained a whole new level of respect for your work today.
    On a whim, I just started working with Daz3D and Iray doing my first ever 3D renders (Gen 8 figures.) I thought, I know AutoCAD as well as Unigraphics so how hard can it be, right? BOY what a wake up! My hat is off to both of you and I now have a whole new appreciation of what it takes to do what you do especially since the renders are only one piece of the puzzle in creating a game. Truly outstanding work!

    1. Yeah, I cry tears of blood after each ten hours of rendering.
      I swear I’ve aged at least seven years since I started using Daz3D about seven years ago too.

      Glad you gave it a try. It’s awesomely powerful software. It just takes a whole truck load of time.
      You can put your hat back on now.

  38. Sorry to see the way Alexia turns out. Hope her return trip is better. Also hoping for interaction with Olivia Goodhead

  39. Hey Chaotic are we going to have any Molly updates soon? Please reply to this comment, Thank you.

      1. Possibly Molly updates sometime soon, but I’m having to think through some things with her.

        If you want to do emojis, you just need to type the shortcut. For instance : ), but without the space for a smiley face. πŸ™‚

        1. Great news about the Molly updates, although I’m a little nervous when you say you’re thinking some things through with her.

  40. Hey DSP3000,
    Don’t know if this is a script error or not, but it seems strange to me. When you complete Stage 1, the last digit codes for bridgette_lust. If 55=7. But when starting Stage 2, the higher lust you scored in Stage one, the lower your starting lust value in Stage 2. If your Stage 1 code ends in 7, you start at 35. If your code ends in 8, you start at 50. If your code ends in 9, you start at 40. The lust values for 7 and 8 seem reversed to me. Should be 7=50, 8=35, 9=40. Am I wrong?

    1. Sorry, some of this question didn’t post due to greater than and less than signs. If you had lust higher than 55, you get code 7 which starts you at lust 35 in Stage 2. If you had lust lower than 40 you get code 8 which starts you at lust 50 in Stage 2. Those values are reversed, no?

      1. That is a genuine mistake.

        You are correct, the values are the wrong way around.
        This doesn’t occur if you play straight through from stage one to stage two, although the values are still adjusted down a little.
        The error you have pointed out is only applicable if you use your ‘save code’.

        Updated version to rectify this is coming soon.

  41. Well, guess I’m just an idiot when it comes to your achievement system, I don’t know, but seriously frustrated with trying to get to content that I feel like I’m paying for that I rarely am able to reach. Don’t get me wrong DSP and Chaotic, love the games that both of you design, have for quite awhile now, but if I can’t get to the content that I’m paying for, idiot or not, then I see no point in it. I’m really not trying to sound like a dick, just really frustrated with failed attempt after failed attempt for days. A walkthrough would be nice for people that struggle with your achievement system and it shouldn’t affect those who don’t want the walkthrough because I think they would have the choice of whether or not they want it. Thanks for your time, whatever you decide here because I know you don’t like giving up to much info on how to achieve certain scenes.

      1. Not a rush really, just knowing you will when you get time is fine, patience I have. If you’re on break I understand!!! Great game as always!!

        1. I’m never on a break. Anytime I’m not working on game creation is spent working on my other professional endeavours.
          Sometimes it’s tough to balance the two.

          I do think a walk through would help clarify my intentions so far.
          Certain combinations are designed to bring about failure.

          1. caught quite a few of your hints over all these posts which seemed to help, Got a few changes in dialogue when same play through on certain paths, feel like I might still be a step or two from the gold ring so to speak. Still playing through the game because I hate to have my butt kicked by these things, just can’t play for too long hitting dead ends without getting into “screw this” mode, really appreciate your help DSP, least with a walkthrough those of us that get stuck will be able to have it to fall back on and get to the scenes we otherwise might not ever see, thanx again!!

  42. Thanks DSP3000 for putting in the panties and shaved pussy comments into Bridgette’s dialogue!
    That was a real kick! Wahoo!

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