January 18th Update

Small changes

First of all, a very quick note from me (Chaotic) on some site changes. As you can see, I’ve changed the front page of the site to emphasize the blog more. I’ve also removed tumblr since I won’t be using it anymore, and I’ve moved the twitter widget further up so everyone can see it. I’ll be positing various experiments and images there intermittently, so follow and check it when you can.


From dsp3000 on his next game, Bridgette : part 2…

“The second stage of “A Date with Bridgette” is very nearly complete and should be ready for release next week.

All the images are done (unless I add some more) and this game is weighing in at a hefty 2240 images, which when added to stage one already makes 3135.

The switch to Javascripted animations has inflated the image count somewhat. I guess it’s added about 400 or 500 images over using GIFs for the animations. While it is difficult to compare accurately, stage two will be about the same size as most of the later parts of the Academy series.

By the time stage three of Bridgette is complete I am now thinking that 5000 images is a more realistic number.

For now here’s a little more information about the forthcoming stage two of ‘A Date with Bridgette’.

There were three locations to explore in stage one, in various combinations. In stage two there are two locations to choose from but each location gives longer scenes with multiple pathways within them. Several factors influence what can happen and some of these derive from what happened during stage one. Each of these pathways has a sex scene to discover.
The two paths then converge for another scene and if you make it past that then you are on the home straight.
If you crash and burn with Bridgette then there is also a substantial bonus scene in this game. The images should give away a little about this, but it is the most extensive sex scene I’ve ever created, especially in terms of how many options you have.

Over the next few days the game will be going through some pretty extensive testing to make sure it gets released without any errors.
That’s the aim anyway.

See you next week.”


59 thoughts to “January 18th Update”

  1. Next week can’t come any quicker! Looking forward to it!
    And Chaotic, the new Crystal is a bit different than the usual one, no?

    1. Yeah, I’m trying to see if I can build a new character, but still essentially have her be Crystal.

              1. No, maybe my English isn’t that good, but if you look to her cheeks, they appear “too” toned, just like stones, and the line to her jaw is a bit “toned” as well. So, the new Crystal is skinier than the old one. Or at least, that how I see it.

                1. Ah! I think I understand now. 🙂

                  The English way of putting it would be to say that her cheeks and jaw are too ‘defined’.

                  Yeah, Leanna’s main facial feature was her very defined cheek bones. I’ll probably end up with more subtle features for Crystal.

      1. Chaotic will you still have your tumblr acc so we can still see the pics you done on there or would you create a folder so we can download on your main site so we still have the pics you posted on tumblr

  2. Ahh have to go away at this time next week 🙁
    Is there any chance of a release a few days early if testing goes well?

  3. Probably not in bridgette but the next Academy instalment,but will i be able to finally have sexy times with Didi? She is my favorite, i do like bridgette but she’s not the one for me

    1. You can get to see Didi towards the end of ‘Bridgette : Stage Two’. What happens when you meet her will determine what secrets can be unlocked during the next stage.

      It’s probably fair to say that you won’t have to wait until ‘The Academy : Part Five’ to have sexy times with Didi.

      1. thanks DSP3000. can i just say that since the hitch hiker the quality of your work has just gotten better and better

      2. That is just awesome! I was hoping at some point we would be able to have some fun with Didi. Even if it wasn’t until Academy part 5 it would have been worth the wait. Your work just gets more and more impressive and I’m very happy that you and your work are part of the Vdate site.

      3. Oh yes! That makes the Date with Bridgette so much better. Some of my favorite (non-nude) pics from the Academy were Bridgette and Didi standing next to each other, both looking at you through their sexy glasses with a mild smile on the lips. Although Bridgette is also such a beauty with no glasses and open hair, as can be seen in one of your preview pics.

      4. (It’s fair to say that Bridgette and Didi in glasses would be a harem dream, although I think they are not quite wild enough to do such a thing.)

        Wait, after I got Miss Goodhead (on Friday?), Bridgette, Didi and the blonde secretary (forgot her name), I can basically enter the teacher’s room naked because I’ll be intimate with everyone … this makes my head spin. Okay, maybe I should never be a story writer, it would be pure wish fulfillment.

  4. Great progress! I really want to see what Bridgette will get up to next! Those images of the barmaid though, now I can’t wait to see what she can do. I will definitely do a play through just to have some fun with her. I hope she is up for anything.

    But I really want to finish all the parts of the date with Bridgette and go on to the Academy part 5. It will be even better if Bridgette is willing to get freaky at school. I want to Fuck her in the shower or throat fuck her under the desk. You could do the thing from part 1 where you throat fucked Maria, but you would get the bad ending with her. I want the same thing with Bridgette, but I want to cum down her throat, make her swallow, and call her I dirty little slut. This would be the bad ending with her though, as I don’t think that Bridgette would appreciate someone being that rough with her and choking her with cock, unless Bridgette is secretly into being sexually used, but I doubt it, or calling her a slut, at least at work.

    It would be cool if Bridgette let her hair down on Friday though. I don’t know if it’s a design thing or like a work thing but she looks so hot with it down. Maybe if the date goes well she will.

  5. A question for everyone – did this blog post appear for you automatically, or did you have to refresh to see it?

    1. While the post appeared automatically, I still have to refresh everytime in order to see new comments

    2. At first I kept getting the “old” blog from the main page, even after refreshing. I wasn’t even aware there were new blog posts until a couple of days ago. Now everything seems to be working (after refreshing yesterday)

  6. i’m not sure about the barmaid, i look at the close up of her face and i see lola bunny 🙁

  7. Dsp, everything is looking fantastic and I can’t wait for next week. Love the inclusion of a “failed” bonus scene and really love how extensive you’re making it. More options is always a great thing for the intimate scenes.

    Chaotic, I don’t use twitter but I’m happy to see you posting more new images and test images there. One comment I had was about Molly with longer hair. I just don’t like it. Don’t get me wrong, she is attractive but just looks completely different. I love her original look. I think it just suits the character that you’re creating better. Her shorter hair is very different and unique. I also love the color of the shorter hair. I know you were just posting a test image and haven’t decided on anything but this is just my opinion. It’s your character and whatever you choose I know will turn out amazing in the end. It always does.

  8. Thanks for the update… I was wondering when Didi would be making an appearance.

    Will the mysterious redhead from the evening bar scene be making any appearances in either stage 2 or 3?

    1. Yes, she will appear during stage three. Maybe a minor or maybe a major role.
      I haven’t quite decided yet.

      1. It must be difficult to add new characters to an Academy-series game, considering the number of girls already included, and at the same time not straying too far from the main plot – but I’m hoping her inclusion will be more major than minor, but even if not, maybe that leaves some room open for her own game, or work her into the main plot.

        She could be a former Academy student 😉

  9. This is looking awesome, dsp. You’ve come a long way with this series.

    Looking way ahead, I cannot wait until Part V. You’re being such a tease about how the series is going to (likely) conclude! haha But, the tease in this case is pretty awesome in the form of the Bridgette sub-series.

  10. So… If we fail with Bridgette, we get the barmaid? Heh, sorry Bridgette…
    Btw, I would like to ask if it is possible to ‘skip’ this game in order to play the next Academy episode, because Bridgette might be the only girl I don’t like in these games. Still excited for this second part of date with her though… Maria, Holly, Didi and the barmaid will make it worth 😛

  11. hey

    +1Just a random guy.

    possible to go academy without bridgette?
    we just don’t like her.


      1. Yes, but first I’d have to make Part Five.

        The Date with Bridgette is a part of the original game, if by original game you mean the whole story I am creating.

        If you could see the bigger picture and the wider plan you would understand how important this game is to the overall story.
        It will take time, but all will be revealed eventually whether you like Bridgette or not.


        1. dear DSP3000

          i’ve never doubt this game is perfect. Really.

          i admit i’m trolling, but i think you’re the best. with mortze. ok, 2 bests.

          sorry to be always such grouchy.

          thank you for all.

          B. F.

  12. I wish all the people saying they don’t like Bridgette would just f*** off. No one is forcing you to play this game, if you don’t like Bridgette then don’t play it.

  13. I’ve gotten ALL the ending possibilities from part 2 of the date with Bridgette…
    All by ending with a crystal.

    What am I doing wrong?

  14. Well, excellent game as always dsp, by looking at the pictures of the achievements, would really love to get to some of those scenes. I’ve tried just about every combination imaginable and seems like all I can get is some action at viewpoint, can’t get past the cop, can’t get anything to happen at theater, back to being frustrated, lol, guess I’ll wait for the walkthrough

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