January 12th Update


EDIT : I also want to add a quick poll.

I now have 2 distinct formats for my games :

  • The ‘Betsy format’. A linear main plot, but with the choice of 3 locations for some segments. The advantage is that it’s much easier to have a clear plot and well defined characters this way.
  • The ‘Maddison format’. A more open structure when you can choose many locations at any time. The advantage is that the player experiences much more freedom.

Since both formats have a few examples now, I’m wondering which everyone prefers.

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This week, news from dsp300 on Bridgette…

“It’s been a few weeks now since the first stage of ‘A Date with Bridgette’ was released so you may be happy to hear that the next stage is almost complete and ready for release. I’m hoping to have it released on or around Friday 26th January.  The reason this stage has taken a little longer than previously anticipated is due to my decision to slightly restructure the game.

Instead of four stages, the game will now have three larger stages. I’ve moved some content originally planned for stage three forward to become part of stage two because I didn’t want the whole of the last part to just be about sex. Without giving too much away, I can assure everyone who was disappointed that they couldn’t get straight into Bridgette’s panties as soon as they met her, that there will be plenty of opportunities for sex during the forthcoming stage two. I guess I like to try to adhere to a level a reality by making you have to work for it.

If you successfully completed stage one you will have earned a completion code and you will be able to continue your evening with Bridgette. The codes record some key achievements which then pass on the the next stage. Those of you familiar with the previous installments of the Academy series should by now be well used to collecting codes and how certain combinations unlock different scenes and pathways. What happening during the early stages of the evening will govern what happens later on.

In terms of structure I will be releasing the next stage in two ways. Firstly there will be a version which only includes the new material for stage two which should be added to the stage one folder you have downloaded. Secondly there will be a version which includes everything from stage one and stage two in the same folder.

There will also be an online version. Whichever version you choose to use will give the option to play through from stage one directly to stage two without the necessity of inputting a code. The same will be true for the next stage after this. I want ‘A Date with Bridgette’ to eventually become a complete game which can be played all the way through without any need for breaks.

Another technical change I’m introducing to this stage is that I will no longer be using GIF files for the animated sequences.  Chaotic has been using a Javascript that allows animations without the image quality loss you get with interpolation banding. Basically, the animated image quality is better and the script gives a few more options too. The other side effect of using this method means a huge boost in image files without a huge boost in overall file size.

To explain. On average about 10% of the images in my games have been animated GIFs. Each animated GIF generally has about 5 frames (and circa 1.5MB) for looping versions and up to 50 frames (and circa 10MB) for things like cumshot sequences. But with GIFs even 50 frame sequences only appear as one image file. By switching to Javasript animations, each individual frame appears as an individual JPEG file. So instead of one GIF file there can be up to 50 JPEG files.

I worked out that if I had used Javascript animations for The Academy Part Four, instead of 1824 images there would have been about 2400 images. I mention this because the image count for stage two of ‘Bridgette’ is currently at about 1750. I have a few more animated sequences to complete and a few technical things to test and iron out. So yeah, it’s another pretty big game.

I’ve included a few images this week, none of which come from any of the sex scenes, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any.

More images and more details next week.”


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    1. Why not spoil yourself and splash out the $20 it costs to access all the member content?
      It also supports the website and the creators afterall.

  1. Thanks for the update – looking forward to part two! 🙂

    Does the animation change mean you could potentially go back and re-release the Academy games with updated animation files?

    1. Potentially. It does take quite a lot of time to convert the image files and the HTML files though.

      I am planning to do an updated version of the first four parts of the Academy series at some point in the future so it could be incorporated.

  2. Well that’s great news! I really hope we get to titty fuck Bridgette. I just love those big beauties, they look great, and the best way to make then better is to come then in lots of cum! Cover all of Bridgette in cum! I would be great to get her into a blow bang, but it’s not that kinda game and he’s not that kinda girl, oh well. By the end I hope we can get some we can get some cowgirl action from Bridget, I would just love to see her bounce! A double titty fuck with the barmaid would be great too! I wanna open up Bridgette’s ass too, make her gape! Lastly I hope she can deepthroat, cause she needs a good throat fuck!

    1. Don’t be too rough on Bridgette though, she’s a nice girl, I don’t want to be too rough with her. Annie though, she’s a naughty girl, she probably loves it when you get rough with her, I bet she’d even be into a blow bang. She does want to be a pornstar after all.

  3. A threesome with the twins would be awsome, but I bet you have been planning that for a long time! Just think, two pretty faces staring up as you as you jerf off on to them! They can lick the cum off each other’s faces! I see Lola there too! Really she is in my top three of your girls! She is a real eager beaver when it comes to sex! I think we have see her do everything except anal. I think Lola would be down for that, but the same old positions can get boring. Why no try some piledriver anal, so we can look her in the face as she gets her ass fucked? I don’t have any dirty fantasties about Annie, I don’t know why, she’s just so new when it comes to sex it should be really hot to get her to do all kinds of filthy shit, like getting her to lick the cum out of another girl’s ass, but for some reason I want to keep Annie pure, relatively speaking.

    1. Thanks for that extensive feedback.

      I can promise you that some of all the stuff you’ve mentioned will happen.

      1. I can’t wait to see the filthy things these girls will do for us! I just really want Bridgette to go crazy and do it all. She has been teasing us for far too long! I want her to suck, deepthroat, gag, swallow, get fucked in the pussy, make her beg to get reamed in the ass! I want her to let out her inner nympho!

  4. I am still having a little trouble with bridgette part one. A walkthrough would probably be a good idea for that one. Or maybe a walkthrough for the whole game when all three parts are released.

    1. There will definitely be a walkthrough for the whole game when completed.
      I may look into finding time to pull together walkthroughs for each stage prior to that though.

      I guess the level of complexity warrants it.

  5. That group picture with the girls is adorable and enticing at the same time….how?

    Anyways, looking forward to this release!

    1. A bit, but I chalked that up to it being night time. Maybe indoors require a little more light?

    2. OK for outside at night. Indoor shots (unless in a dark theater for example) might want to be a bit lighter.

    3. They are a bit dark, but I thought that was an artistic choice? i.e. night-time/indoor scenes. I have found, however, that these are the kinds of scenes where you can really play with more interesting lighting choices, as long it’s not just making the entire scene more uniformly dark. Point source lighting almost acts like its own camera, used to reveal some things, or hide them in shadow.

      1. They are supposed to be dark enough to be consistent with it being night time, but I don’t want them to be too dark so you can’t see them.

        The images are lit and look fine on my monitor when I’m creating them, but look significantly darker in this blog post.

        I may need to recalibrate my monitor.

  6. I understand you have been working on the game very hard but I’m surprised to hear that the game will be coming on the 26th. Hope we get the academy part 5 because I’m gonna do a gameplay on it.

  7. dsp3000, you have done great things with this series I’m hoping we get to see more of the 2 girls in the cinema in the 5th picture. They could be friends of brigette when she went to school at the academy or college and introduces the main character to them and end up somewhere for foursome fun in the 3rd instalment

    1. Agreed. Totally digging on that blonde. Even the blonde actress they’re watching is hot. If the movie is an erotic one, I could see her meeting Annie because of Annie’s interest in porn.

    2. The new characters I’ve introduced as extras in this game are all Genesis 3 or higher, unlike all my existing characters who are all Victoria 4.2.

      The newer Genesis model has several benefits in terms of ease of use, but I don’t have anywhere near as many assets (clothing, hair, skin textures etc) for G3 as I have accumulated for V4.

      So I’m using these new characters as a bit of an experiment to familiarize myself with them.

      In this game there are the two girls depicted in the movie theater (and earlier on in the bar).
      There’s three more actresses in the actual movies being watched. (You’ve only seen one so far in this blog post).
      You have already seen the redhead in the bar during stage one of the date, and I have few more characters who will appear in stage three.

      So to answer your question; yes they will almost certainly appear in the future, initially as extras and in future some may feature more in full games.

      I suppose it all depends on how long creating these games holds my interest and remains sustainable.

  8. Will there be any dialogue of Bridgette talking about her pussy? Like dirty talk during sex, e.g. saying she’s completely shaved or prefers to wax, likes it smoother, likes having her pussy licked, was flirting when she wore no panties on Day 1 an stood on that reflective floor during the building tour, looking down… It’d be really hot to have the nice quiet Bridgette getting all hot and heavy with talk like that in the right moment.

  9. Oh man i need to wait somemore oh well i can wait if u can update much quicker if u have finished earlier than 26th means do it

  10. hey

    ” I can assure everyone who was disappointed that they couldn’t get straight into Bridgette’s panties as soon as they met her,”

    we misunderstood. the point is that in previous part we didn’t get her panties at all !

    economically it’s good, for you, but for us it is 20 bucks in the wind.

    so you imagine we’ll wait the end of the serie to pay again.

    again, nice job, and thank you.


    1. While the idea sounds good on paper, actually doing so will require a tremendous amount of time, time that can be put toward creating new content, I think

  11. My one request is can you add another sex scene with Holly. She is really hot and beautiful and the only time we got to have her is in part 2 (Tara Part 3 was a minor scene). That too in part 2 we couldn’t see her properly nude because of the red lighting. I hope there would be one sex scene with her (not threesome) in proper lighted conditions. Besides that this franchise has been absolutely wonderful. Kudos to you.

    Your Fan.

  12. Regarding the poll, I’m more in favor for the Betsy format. True, having more freedom can be good, but if in the end, we have the same (good) ending no matter what we do, then it’s waste of time. I don’t mind having restricted choices, in favor of gaining more storywise, because the “meet a girl, take her on a date, try to score” can be quite repetetive after a while, and with games like Betsy and Leanna, it was a huge step forwards.

    1. I agree with you here as well. I was going to post something similar. I love all of Chaotic’s old games and they’re what got me to become (and stay) a member over a year ago. But I love the direction Chaotic and dsp’s games have been going lately. Very large games with really good stories and characters vs meet the girl, go to a bunch of places and eventually sex, just in different places. I’d rather see games like Betsy and Leanna but maybe add more places to have sex or more sex scenes or something like that to satisfy those who want more freedom. Just my 2 cents but it looks like I’m in the minority according to the poll. I realize the poll won’t cause Chaotic to start making all his games this way. I just can’t imagine going back to playing the old format after playing these awesome bigger games like Betsy, April and Violet (my favorite character), Leanna, The Academy. I’m sure whatever Chaotic comes up with it will be amazing though.

  13. Good idea to update the animations. I think the still images could also be improved, their resolution is a little low. It seems like a waste to only render them in 1000×750. For example, when Bridgette is standing naked in the park in Part 1, she is just about 700 pixels high.

    I understand you want to keep free space above and below the image for the text, so I did a bit of coding. Here’s a possible solution, add the following lines to your _functions.js:

    function load_mainImg() {
    mainImg = document.getElementById(‘mainImg’);
    var newheight = window.innerHeight – 150;
    if (newheight > 750) newheight = 750;
    mainImg.style.height = newheight + “px”;

    And then change the image tag inside of each html file to this:
    Before: <img src=…
    After: <img id="mainImg" onload="load_mainImg()" src=…

    What does it do? It tells the browser to scale the image to the height of the inner browser window minus 150 pixels. It works for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. (I've tested to resize the browser window between 768 and 1080 pixels height and got perfect results in each case – the image fills the browser's height minus 150 pixels.) These 150 pixels are reserved for the text – circa 75 pixels above the image and 75 pixels below. Your current scheme seems to work similarly – it reserves 750 pixels fixed height for the image, plus ~150 pixels for the text.

    Where's the benefit of my code? Well, you could make the images 1200×900 in the future. You then have to adjust this value in the code I've written ("750" appears two times in my code, you have to change it to 900 then). This defines the maximum size – which means, for super large screens such as 1440p, the image will NOT be enlarged to something bigger than 900 pixels, but for lower resolutions it WILL be shrinked in order to fit. I think that's the best behavior. People still have the option to zoom in manually (browser zoom to 120% or something), if they want the image larger (and pay the price of an unsharper image).

    Upping the default res from 1000×750 to 1200×900 would be a good move. Most people use 1080p screens nowadays and if they go to full screen (F11), they can fit the image plus text onto the screen (900 + 150 pixels) and see the image at its full glory in 1200×900. If the window is smaller, the image will be shrinked accordingly. Browsers have become pretty good at scaling, there's barely a loss in sharpness when the image is shrinked a little. Produces good results for everyone.

    Have a nice day!

    1. One more thing, I just realized that you have certain images which are not clickable as a whole, but only parts of them can be clicked to go into several directions. I haven’t looked into the code, but I assume this will be slightly more complicated with scaled images – although it should still be manageable. Basically, the effective pixel size of the image can mathematically be determined – it’s “window.innerHeight – 150”, with a maximum of 750. Based on that calculation, you can then determine where the “clickable points” on the image are located.

      I think I’m not the only one who likes to browse the “images” folder directly and look at them in full screen, especially after I’ve already played the game and just want to rewatch the images. 750p looks so tiny then, on a screen of 1080. Higher res would be a nice touch.

    2. I’ve looked into your code for the clickable areas: It’s not a big issue, you just need to write a little javascript that takes the coordinates you desire (if we assume your future pics are 1200×900, the coordinates would be in a 1200×900 matrix), and then the javascript takes your input values and adjusts them in the same fashion that the image is adjusted and scaled. It would basically be the same script as for the tag, only this script is loaded with the tag and calculates and sets the “coords” of the area, depending on browser window size. See here:

    3. WordPress has removed the tags I wrote. Here’s my last sentence again:

      It would basically be the same script as for the “img” tag, only this script is loaded with the “area” tag and calculates and sets the “coords” of the area, depending on browser window size.

      1. Thanks for your technical feedback Steven.

        It’s too late to implement this for my current games, but it’s certainly worth looking at implementing for future projects.

        I also need to run a few experiments with render times on larger images. Larger images seem to increase in render time exponentially.

        I’m still learning. 🙂

        1. For someone still learning, you are doing one hell of an amazing job. Keep up the great work!

        2. That’s how it was meant – as a suggestion for future projects.
          You’re right, going too big with the images has its drawbacks. Especially when the game is played online and has to be transferred over the internet. That’s why I suggested only a mild increase in size.

          But I should probably finish my code snippets. Continuing where I left off: The “area” tags apparently have no “onload” function themselves, but it works to run all the scaling scripts together when the image is loaded.

          So this stays the same:
          <img id="mainImg" onload="load_mainImg()" src=…

          And the head of every html file gets a "script" section with this:
          function load_mainImg() {
          // add_area(0, 0, 500, 500);
          // add_area(501, 501, 700, 700);

          The scale_mainImg() function and the add_area() function will both be included in the _functions.js file. The scale_mainImg function will scale the image as described before. The line with the add_area function has only to be added when you want clickable areas on the page. You then write the coordinates into the parameters of this function (see examples above) and the javascript in _functions.js will do two things: Create a clickable area at these coordinates, and afterwards scale it with the same algorithm that is used for scaling the image. The code shouldn't be difficult to figure out.

          I actually haven't tested what I've written in today's post, but to my knowledge it should work.

        3. What you describe as “render” time (meaning, how long does the CPU need to draw the image) is not the issue. You can see that when you play the game offline, the images are drawn in the fraction of a second. The limiting factor is the speed of the web server and internet connection, and what counts here is file size. Technically, a 1200×900 image is roughly 40% larger in file size than an image in 1000×750. You could reduce that a bit by slightly lowering the quality setting of the JPEG (it will still look better overall, because of the gained resolution), so that the difference in file size is more like 20-30%.

          1. I assure you that render time when creating the images is a major factor in terms of production time.

            There isn’t a huge difference in speed when downloading finished larger images individually, but they do accumulate to increase overall file size for the entire game when downloading.

            My point is that during game creation, rendering an image out from the 3D software, takes lots of time.
            This render time generally increases exponentially with larger image dimensions.
            So a 20% increase in pixel dimension from 1000×750 to 1200×900 would increase file size by 40% and increase render times by about 80% or more.

            On average individual non iray renders take, on average, about 90 seconds to complete on my current hardware set up. I have been using some iray render for backgrounds and these take about ten times longer.
            With well over 2000 images per game, anything that slows down renders adds a huge amount of production time.
            All this before the rest of the game construction, coding and post work on images is taken into account.

            This is why it takes months to make each episode.

  14. I voted for the Maddison format. I miss that about your old date games. Made things more challenging, I felt.

    But, I get the idea that the Betsy format is probably easier to make?

  15. Looking forward to Bridgette Part II.

    Note to DPS3000, I really like the two girls in a movie theater(?) that can be seen in the preview pics. Hopefully you’ll considering giving them a big role (read: nudity/sex) in some future project.. those models are great, particularly the one on the left. 😉

    Edit: after writing that I scrolled back up again noticed you saying that you indeed plan on using them, good.

  16. For me the thrill of Date Games was allways trying to get the girl of interest in a Story I create. Even better if there are plenty of options. So the Betsy format isn’t Really doing it for me because the plot is more or less given to me. Sure, you still have to make some choices about locations but creating the plot by myself.
    So I really really prefer the Maddison format!
    I hope that makes Sense :’D

    1. Mistake:

      Sure, you still have to make some choices about locations but creating the plot by myself is the real fun experience.

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