January 8th Update

Just a small update today. I’ll be doing the Leanna evaluation on Friday when I also try and get back into the habit of doing weekly blog posts.

Saving Chloe

Tlaero and Mortze have finished their latest game and asked me to host it on the site. It’s called Saving Chloe and is the conclusion to the story arc they began in Dreaming with Elsa.

The game can be played here. As always, if you like the game, please consider supporting them on Patreon. You can do so for as little as $1 a month, and use Paypal.


I’ve also added one (hopefully final) update to Leanna today. No gameplay changes, but I fixed about 100 spelling mistakes.

It should be version 2.3 now.

That’s all for today. See you all on Friday.

19 thoughts to “January 8th Update”

    1. I’ll be sending an update for the blog over to Chaotic this week.
      I guess it’ll be up on Friday.

      More details on the next stage of a date with Bridgette will of course be included then.

  1. Could we just have a small patch for the changes? Some us have really slow internet speed, and downloading almost 1 Go for the third time might be a bit too much.

  2. Saving Chloe is quite fun. There are multiple endings that eventually unlock a bonus scene when you get all of the achievements.

    1. The bonus scenes are a specialty of the games of Tlaero and Mortze and also the different story endings. There are most a good and a bad ending.
      To understand the background of the story you should have played the games “Dreaming with Elsa”, “Redemption for Jessica” and “Finding Miranda” (in this order).

  3. Been sort of busy lately, so haven’t got to play Saving Chloe yet, but can’t wait. RFJ is my favorite in the series, but just barely. All of the games are awesome.

    And great news from dsp, too!

    1. Last time I checked, it wasn’t in their website, but it’s available in their Patreon (they’re more active there)

  4. Wow Wow Wow Saving Chloe fantastic game!!! Now that’s the Sh1t I’m talking about. You don’t get many games with so many paths

  5. Hi Chaotic,
    hopefully you fix at least all the link errors from the list I sent you yesterday.

    Greets Homi

    1. I’ve received your email and will try to correct the errors if I can find the time. However, as you can see in the above post, I’ve already corrected around a hundred of them though so I’ll wait for a little while. Most of the one’s I’ve missed seem to be very minor (capital letter in the wrong place or a missing dot from an ellipses).

      Some of the one’s you note also don’t need to be corrected. ‘LOOK AT THE LAST ONE’ if fine, I think it just got lost in translation for you. also ‘I’m sorry that two sloths with their heads stuck up their asses have a better chance of winning the quiz than us?’ (not too sure why you think it should be sluts).

      1. Sorry I haven’t sort the recommendations depending on their kind. So look in the list for wrong link target to find the link errors only and correct at least these – please.

        On the other side I’m not an English native, but I communicate in these language very often (my job requires this 😉 – reading, writing speaking).
        So for me there is a big difference between:
        The first means the very last of a pile (in this case of DVDs) and the second is the one I’ve looked at before that one I currently look at.

        About the other example. In the original game the text was “I’m sorry that two sluts … ‘ At least I think so or is my memory leak.

  6. After playing everything there is, I have to admit: “Saving Chloe” is the 2nd best game of the “Elsa-Verse”. Don’t know if Tlaero and Mortze will ever read this but someone had to say it! =)

  7. Hey dsp3000. Is it possible to get the apartment achievements in Part 1 ? Because it seems that you need to have had cocktails and wine to do that. But after visiting the two locations required, the game concludes awaiting part 2.

    1. If I remember corectly, you should:
      – Check the chair in Morland’s room
      – Check the book in Morland’s Office
      – Check The seats in the meeting room
      – Search the lab (go through the dining hall, then the pantry, and you’ll find it)

      After that, there are 3 bonus sex scenes, one in the office, one in Morland’s room, and one in Chloe’s room.

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