December 11th Update

Just a small mid-week update today.


Thank you to everyone who has reported bugs in Bridgette part 1.

dsp3000 has sent me the correction files and I’ve uploaded them. All reported errors should now be corrected. I recommend downloading the new 1.1 version if possible. If playing online, remember to refresh (I’d actually recommend emptying your browsers cache just to make sure it doesn’t get confused with the old version).

And a quick poll from chaotic…

I don’t want to draw too much attention away from dsp3000’s release, but obviously, I’m still working on getting a final version of Leanna released.

The render times on the animations are taking a massive amount of time. I’m still only just about to finish all of the renders for the alternative male player ethnicity. Although all of the female player options for the non sex scenes are all done, I still haven’t rendered a single image for the girl on girl sex scenes.

I could just finish the game and release later this week with the two male player character options, plus a few expanded scenes from the version you know. I could then actually start on my next game.

Or, I could persevere and add the female player character options. This means that the full version of Leanna will not be released for a while longer, maybe even until February. If I did that, I also wouldn’t be able to start a new game rendered in IRAY until then.

So, how does everyone feel about the 2 options.

Rate Naria

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This isn’t one of those definitive polls where I’m certain to go with the top answer, just one to get a feel for where people’s minds are at. I’m also open to third options if anyone wants to suggest them.

EDIT : Secondary poll too

Thinking in terms of the future, if I do a follow up game with the same player character, I’ll have to do all of the extra genders and ethnicities every time then too. So, here’s one more question to follow up.

Remember, if I have to spend less time doing the gender and ethnicity options, it means I can produce more games per year.

Rate Nelena

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Rate Nikki

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45 thoughts to “December 11th Update”

  1. Just finish the white female player. No need to do both and for now on just doing white male and white female would be good b/c the black male and female is just the whites with different color shades.

  2. I say don’t bother with the female characters, I doubt anyone who plays these games is a girl anyways.

    1. Not true! I play with the female character all the time and I love it! Also love changing the ethnicity around too so please don’t stop doing it! 🙂

  3. Why not just add male and female options rather then ethnicities? I understand you appeal all races and genders but the games are in first person anyways so why does it matter. Please also do a female version for Leanna. I’m totally cool with the wait and prefer quality over quantity anytime.

  4. As one on the (probably) few who play as female character I’d prefer if you keep at least one female ethnicity per game. Your games are some of the few that give this option. However, if that ties you down too much and prevents you from doing other games, I can understand that you want to stop it. Maybe an alternative could be to release a female only game every once in a while? This way you don’t have to create too many player /ethnicity options

    1. This is something I’ve been considering a lot today. A new, medium sized game where you control the main female would be useful right now (similar to Grace’s game).

  5. I have actually been really looking forward to the female option with leanna, I think that would be amazing

  6. The main reason I play your games is for the female option. I’ve been looking forward to the female option for Leanna since it was first posted, please don’t give up on it. I know the general consensus will be to not bother but I thought this option really picks you out if the crowd for me.

    1. ^ This

      When the rendering problems with IRAY first manifested themselves during the initial development, there was a poll similar to this. That poll more or less suggested you take the time and do the game right, why change now?

      Honestly, outside of text only games there are exceedingly few developers that let the player pick the gender. Off the top of my head I actually can’t name any others. This has been the way you’ve made games since like Maddison if I’m not mistaken and I’ve loved the option to play as a female in every single one. My biggest problem with dsp3000’s games is that he doesn’t include and option to play as a female. Anyone who’s been a fan of your work for the last few years has always only known this option.

      I understand this rendering with IRAY is a pain and you’re eager to move on to other things, but please finish what you started first. If you absolutely can’t go on, then take a break and come back with the female option. After that you can go back to the older models and shelf this IRAY stuff until it becomes practical to render with it.

  7. Dsp3000, I’ve played date Bridgette 1.1 and noticed most of the achievements went a lot better so good work fixing that. In your op you had mentioned some achievements that were not listed… any hints on those on eiwhat they are

  8. Thank you DSP. The update really helped. I have enjoyed the game and can’t wait until next month to see what the various exit codes will unlock moving forward. I feel that this is a wonderful addition to the Academy Series. I anxiously await more of the Date with Bridgette, Academy Day 5 and anything that you have for a follow up(s). I see many enjoyable hours of play ahead. Thank you again.

  9. Hi Chaotic, I have been a big fan for years now and honestly doing just the black and white male would be good. I’m pretty sure that a lot of the people on here are guys anyway and doing both ethnicities would appeal to both sides. Just my two cents, keep up the good work and wassup DSP3000.

  10. I took the polls. But I feel that additional input might be useful. I do “like” the idea of being able to play the first-person female as an option. I even actually do this upon occasion (OK, usually only I am bored by the lack of new games). But that says it all, doesn’t it. If I had new games I truly wouldn’t get around to playing the first-person female option very often. But, I will allow that this may be a draw for some.

    That having been said, I do not see the cost benefit to going back and repurposing an already released game. Make whatever fixes you feel should be included and move on. This is clearly taking too much of your time for very little return. However, if a game is released with these options from the start, then I can see putting in the effort to fulfill a promise. In this instance, I am not sure that this is completely the case. If people are impatient to play a game then they just have to live with the results.

    Enough on this topic from me.

  11. Normally, I’d answer that I’d like to see all of the options just for the variety, but given the immense amount of work that it’s taking you, I’m totally good with you cutting things off here and moving onto something else. I get the feeling from the phrasing of your post that you kind of want to move onto something new, as well, rather than keep working on the same thing over and over again just with different gender/ethnicity options.

  12. I enjoy playing your games as female. I however wouldn’t be to upset if you left leanna as is and begin work on a new female driven game. I hope you continue making games with the female option and wouldn’t mind more games like Lucy or Sarah.

  13. I think you should finish Leanna completely with both genders and then decide in the future if the female player gender is something that you want to keep doing.

    As for Bridgette, I really hope there is going to be a 1-on-1 scene with the bartender. Don’t let me down, dsp!

  14. For once my opinions are in-line with the majority! I don’t mind foregoing the female POV nor not adding other ethnicities, especially when it means you can work on more games 🙂

  15. I love your website, your games and everything, and I don’t know if english is you main languague, but shouldn’t “Advent CALENDER” be “Advent CALENDAR?”. There is no such thing as a calender, at least in english. =)

    1. johnny,

      You wrote “you main languague” which should have been your main language. Someone who knows neither the difference between you and your, nor how to spell language, shouldn’t be correcting other people.

      1. Why do you get so upset about a simple correction? I wasn’t rude or anything, I was just pointing out a single mispelled word on the main page. My mistake was just a typo, but even if it wasn’t, so what? I can’t point things that are wrong because I make mistakes? Your comment makes no sense.

      2. JohnNada

        “Calender” is wrong. Even if johnny’s comment had all the grammar errors in the world, the word calender is wrong, and it’s on the main page of the blog, not on a random comment on the blog. Stop being a child.

  16. With regards to poll 2, maybe a compromise can be done. Why not make the character a light/pale brown. It creates what I feel a very general ambiguity with the character. Is it a slightly tanned white guy, is it a light skinned black guy (like Steph Curry), is it one of the many brown races of the world (Latino’s, Arab’s, Samoans, etc), I’ve worked in China before and even then I’ve seen a decent amount of East Asians with a tanned skin tones.

    Of course how it would look when rendered is something that might be different than how I imagine it and in the end might not work out.

  17. Hi Chaotic, I know that one of your inspirations for making dating games was “Date Ariane” from Ariane Barnes.
    And I also know that the reason for the recommendation of your “Betrsy” game on her blog was the possibility to chose gender and ethnicity. She liked it to play the game as a female MC.
    And Ariane was the reason that I came to your site. And I liked it to play your games – like the Photographer I + II – from both views the male and the female view too, although I’m a strait guy.

    The other fact is, if you provide your Leanna game with this choices you have to do this for all follow ups too, which means your effort to make a complete game is always the four times to a game with one character only.

    It’s up to you to decide. But I have the feeling you set yourself under pressure with your goal of making the next game.

  18. This post makes me both happy and distressed. I am in the minority of gay female, and I have to say your games are some of the *very few* games that let you pick a female MC and still date a girl. I can’t stress enough how much it means that these are even options. I understand that I’m not your largest audience, and I can’t fault you for aiming in that direction, but please consider that your games are enjoyed by many of us ladies as well 🙂

  19. dsp3000, i just wanted to ask if we would get anything more sexual from the principal? she was the first character i was drawn too but was a little disappointed with the lack of sexual opportunity with her (i understand it was for the story but i was just wondering if you had any plans or thoughts on this)

    1. Definite thoughts and definite plans for Principal Valentine in the future.

      You will see in part five of The Academy after A Date with Bridgette.

  20. Persevere! I’ve been waiting SOOOOO long for the Female player character! Even if it just the one White one! Just please push through!

  21. Here’s an idea. Finish what you promised with Leanna long ago (you don’t make promises and not keep them) but for your next games change things up.
    It’s my personal opinion, but adding gender/skin color choices doesn’t really expand the game for an average player. These choices don’t matter in the game itself. It’s not like it’s an RPG with male-only or female-only scenarios. The story and sex scenes play out exactly the same with minor differences for gender. It’s obvious these options are there just for the sake of diversity and you really have to force yourself to include them. So why bother making something you don’t enjoy making?
    How about making games with defined character with set and unique look and personality with some scenes from third-person view? You wanted to make something like this for Leanna, no? You won’t have to waste your resources trying to do 4x work and you can satisfy everyone by simply changing the PC for other games. You can have a white male or black female as your main PC. Or you can even have an asian/hispanic/other PC. And more importantly, their identity can be written into the script to flesh out the main character. In this scenario less choice will actually open up more options. And you will be able to invest this freed time into making more quality games.

  22. I don’t understand why any straight guy would want to play as a guy. But, whatever floats your boat…

    If you put the females in every game, I’m down with it.

    Otherwise, the guy centric games are what is preventing me from purchasing a membership.

    I’m a straight guy. So, I don’t care much for dick.

    1. It’s so you can put yourself in the main character’s shoes and pretend that you are the guy with all these hot girls throwing themselves at you, simple really. Nothing to do with being gay and liking dick, you just pretend it’s your dick and all the girls want it.

    2. I always play as female if i can and only play the game one time if i have to play as guy

      dont like to see a naked Guy or his dick

  23. I love Bridgette, and I’m hyped that she is finally getting some attention and i can’t wait for Academy Part 5

    I know you guys are going to roll your eyes after you read this. But members should be getting more updates than unpaid fans, no? I mean it would be cool if the members got like a Monday, Mid-Week, and Weekend update, or something as long as we get more updates. Sometimes the anticipation is too much and I would rather have a month or specific date I can expect something. I’m just trying to see more of The Academy tbh lmao.

  24. Patricia, Nikki, Girl123, Violet… It’s funny how all these “girls” are popping up to say they want a female MC option, yet I’ve never seen one of them post in these blogs before.

  25. Who did you make 2 male character when we already have one and none females. The game was already out with one male the only thing we was waiting for was to play as female

    PLEASE make one female character White, Black, blue or green dont care just make one PLEASE

  26. I download the 1.1 version and still can’t get the topless scene with the barmaid!!! WTF, i choose the restaurant first, then the park and finish at the bar and NOTHING!!!!, what a bummer!!!

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