December 14th Update

Just a small update today so that no one gets too worried about what’s happening with Leanna.

While the polls showed that most are not too bothered about the female gender option, those that are seem to be enthusiastic about it and that’s a factor I have to consider.

So, what I’ve decided to do is keep the female white gender. Since I really want to be truly done with Leanna, I will however be cutting down the female sex scenes a little (since that’s all that remains to do). There will be animations, but less than with the male gender (only 6 in total), and there will be no third person angles. Some unnecessary frames will be removed from the sex scenes so that I can get through the rendering quicker.

I am also just going to scrap the ethnicity options. People like then, but seem less bothered about them being there. If I keep them in now, it also sets a precedent which may be annoying – if I have them in Leanna, I’ll feel compelled to have them in all future IRAY games too. Since I’ve rendered so many of them though, I think I’ll still release all black male images in a zip sometime next week for everyone to see.

I’ve already been able to render all of the female player character still images with this plan. I’m currently rendering the animations. Hopefully, the final version of Leanna will be available on Monday.


30 thoughts to “December 14th Update”

  1. Thanks for this update Chaotic. Looking forward to the new version. I will consider it an early Christmas present.

  2. I’m happy that Leanna is finally done, looking forward to the start of the Molly racing game (as I’m sure you are too). I will give the new version of Leanna a try, but honestly I’m not too excited about it as it’s not a new game and feels like something that has been going on forever. Hopefully going forward you find a happy medium in regards to rendering ethnicity, gender, etc. of the main character, one that doesn’t turn away too many fans, but also doesn’t completely stunt production time that could otherwise be going towards new games.

  3. β€œThere will be animations, but less than with the male gender (only 6 in total)”
    You mean that the animations for the female will be the same as for the man minus the third person angle?

    1. No, they’ll also be less animations overall. For some positions, it will just be a still frame. there will be at least one animation per sex scene however.

  4. So will you be changing the main male skin tone to a slightly darker version (like olive or tanned)?
    Or will we have to play as the standard really white skin?

    1. It’s the standard white skin form the version that already exists.

      Replacing it would mean re-rendering several hundred images.

      1. Sorry lol I meant for future games. I don’t mean for Leanna.

        Will your future games ever have a slightly tanned skin male?


  5. Just want to say the advent calendar is great so far! Can’t wait for 25th! If I remember correctly there will be a surprise there. =D

    Keep up the good job.

    1. Definitely. My favorites so far are:

      4th: Anything Cass is automatically great.
      8th: We don’t even have a Molly game yet and she is quickly becoming my favorite Chaotic character
      11th: Miranda was one of my favorite games
      13th: Love the depth of this one

  6. hello every one

    i don’t want to spoil anyone, about academy, so please, if into the game, just don’t read it.



    well, dsp, i’m a fan, i admit. sorry, dsp AND chaotic fan. i admit i’m not a nice supporter, but i like youre work.

    i said you before i was disapointed with that new academy part, not e real one, and not with the girl i like the most.
    yeah, my bad, in my world bridgette is the worst. it is only for me, my own advice.

    anyway, youre work, youre games, deserve to be paid.

    BUT… please, 20 bucks to not even fuck her!!! or another.
    that was many players critics about part 4, not enough sex.
    we all understand the story line thing, not a problem.
    artistically, it’s good. very good. but our interest is to pay when game will be finished, cause 20 bills for just progress in the story, we can’t. and we won’t. we prefer wait. and if we wait, … you know what i mean.

    please don’t answer with anger, don’t even answer. just think about it.

    thank you

    B. F.

    1. Thanks for you comment banana flavour.

      I understand where you are coming from to an extent. However I consider my games and stories to be more erotic novels than just porn.
      One of the most erotic things imaginable is the anticipation of sex rather than the sex itself.
      At least this has always been true in real life which is why you may have noticed the amount of teasing and build up work I put into my stories and games.

      You are more than welcome to wait until the very end of the story before you pay for it. If you can wait that long then you are a better man than me. I’m making the game I can’t wait to see the next stage finished let alone the whole thing.
      As long as you do pay for it and support the site then I will always appreciate your steadfast resolve.

      I will say that the next stage of the Bridgette game will have a lot more sex in it.

      As an aside; how come banana flavour milkshake never tastes as good as a real banana?
      Should I ask for a refund?

      1. good evening

        i feel honored you talk with me !
        and you’re absolutely right, i don’t resume the game, i just talk about the only default i beleive in the game. Well, i don’t say THERE IS a default, i say I BELEIVE there is a default.

        and i tell you again, i don’t like her πŸ˜‰ bridgette.

        to conclude, milkshake and fruit only share banana name, so differents. i don’t even know if there are really bananas into the milkshake ! who cares ? πŸ˜‰

        Academy is a great game. thank you fot this.
        B. F.

          1. I’m totally fine with a bit of waiting in these games, especially when you’ve been up front about it being Pt.1

  7. I don’t seem to find Leanna on the “Choose a Girl” link/page. In fact, none of the new ladies from the Leanna-verse are there. No Molly. No Kristen. And, OK, maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself, no Mariana.

    1. I mentioned this already some month ago. But I think since Chaotic want to redesign his page he will include the new girls after this.

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