December 8th Update

From dsp3000…

According to the poll it appears that majority of you have requested that I go ahead and release my latest game in four stages. I’m happy to be able to release the first stage today.

To clarify; this is the first stage. I intend to release the next stage four weeks from now, and the next four weeks after that. So a few months from now all stages will be released. I’ve constructed the game in such a way that you will be able to download each part as it is released and add it to your previous downloads as an expansion to your game. Eventually you will be able to play the full 3000-4000 image game pretty much seamlessly from beginning to end.

One of the benefits of having stages is that it offers ‘save’ points during the game. This means while you will be able to play the whole game in one sitting, and you will also be able to play it in smaller stages and see how different combinations effect each part.

For now though you have stage one to get to play with.

“The Academy : A Date with Bridgette” starts at the end of part four of the Academy series. Part four was Thursday, and your date with Bridgette takes place on Thursday evening.

The first stage has 848 images and has mulitiple paths to explore.

One hint though, you will need Bridgette’s phone number to play this game. Gaining Bridgette’s number was one of the achievements you could get at the end of ‘The Academy : Part Four”. Can I also please ask that any spoilers are kept out of the blog discussion.

I hope that you enjoy the game.


A date with Bridgette part 1 has been released. You should be able to see it’s listing on the main games page. In the members section, I’ve had a bit of a reorganization and changed it so that the games page is the first page when you log in. I’m in the process of redesigning the members section to make it easier to update.

As always, if you can’t see anything, remember to refresh.

76 thoughts to “December 8th Update”

  1. If someone knows her number please tell me I really don’t want to go and play all of part 4 again

  2. To everyone who complained about not liking Bridgette, there’s Alexia, the redhead at the bar, the two girls at the bar later that night, the bitchy waitress, and who knows if there are more, so there’s plenty of possibilities for the upcoming parts. I myself am a huge fan of Bridgette, so every other girl is just an added bonus (especially Alexia!).

    Also, I’ve been playing this game for like 4 hours straight now and I’m having a hard time building up Bridgette’s lust enough to get many of the achievements (assuming the achievements are all obtainable in part 1). Maybe I’ll figure something out after some sleep, I need it.

    Great game, DSP. Well worth the wait.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Easy E.

      All 20 achievements are achievable during this stage but you can’t achieve all of them during just one play through. You have to let some go to get others.
      There are also a few other achievements available other than those you see at checkpoint one.

    1. I’ll give three hints regarding Bridgette’s phone number.
      1) Go back and play part four again.
      2) Work it out based on Bridgette’s measurements.
      3) Have a look in the ‘buttonsetc’ folder. I’ve left you all a clue in there.

  3. Nice start. Lots of options from here. Bridgette is really hot.
    I wonder what you have in store for part 2.
    Perhaps a visit to the principal’s house if the date with Bridgette fails?

  4. Can you pls share a member account for this game…. i will trade you for her number …. tnx

    1. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkkkkkkkk you.

      Yeah, I don’t think you’re gonna get much traction on this comment.

  5. With all of those hints, let me get it straight with her number: [redacted].
    See, the easy way πŸ˜›

    1. Bit too much on the side of being a spoiler that one…

      As I previously mentioned, you can find Bridgette’s number by playing part four.
      Failing that it is included in the ‘buttonsetc’ folder if you download the game.

      No spoon feeding just yet please.

      1. 216/5000
        I found it in buttonsetc, but it did not show me the code or phone number at the end. “error, play in Firefox browser and clear cache”, firefox not use because google google has chrome. so I can not get the number.

        1. You don’t need an end code from part four to play this game. They will be required at the start of part five.
          You only need Bridgette’s phone number so you can call her at the start of this game.

          If you have found her number then I don’t know what the problem is.

  6. When I click on achievements on the game start page it’s giving me the 404 file not found. Anyone else getting that?

  7. Part one is great DSP! Bridgette was one of my favorites for the Academy series and this first part of the date series did not disappoint. Now to collect all the continue codes for the next release!

  8. Great first part! Really looking forward to seeing what’s next in the series and after that. Keep up the good work!

  9. Really enjoying this one. I wasn’t in favor of releasing it in four parts. But I am having fun. Thanks DSP.

    It will be interesting to see how some of the options work going into part two.

  10. If I understand the comments above correctly, there’ll be continue codes for each part, sort of like how there are codes at the end of each of the main games so far?

    1. Yes.
      But once all the stages of the game have been released you will have another full game which you will be able to play all the way through from beginning to end if you want to.
      It also means you will be able to save your progress at the end of each stage if you wish.

      I aiming to have a full game which will ultimately be easier to experiment with without necessarily having to start again.

      The code system is what I have until a better system for saving progress cookies can be developed.

  11. Whelp guess I’ll wait another 6 months for part 5 of the game series I enjoy, won’t be playing this with the one character I don’t like from the game series that was all about a lot of characters, very disappointed you didn’t take a logical route and make part 5 and then make this an epilogue. See you in 6 months I guess

    1. I’m assuming you will be passing judgement on this game without playing it?
      You are entitled to do so but I can’t help feeling that if you have enjoyed the series so far then you will be missing out an important part if you don’t give it a chance.
      This is the logical route and it’s very much a part of the series. And it’s not all about Bridgette.
      I guess perhaps I should have just called this one part five.

      As for epilogues and continuations; I already have plans for what happens after the first week concludes on Friday.

    2. Hey DSP, you will read from him (nickh) if he starts to play part 5 later on and he realizes that he missed some thing he needs to continue which he could find only if he had played this intermezzo.
      He will cry and scream and stomp with the feet and he will hate you again. πŸ™‚ You know what I mean. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      Have a nice Christmas time!

  12. I’m enjoying this game (Bridgette Part One). Huge replay factor with all the different paths depending on where you go first, secnd, etc.

  13. Thanks, DSP.

    A very nice beginning – it’s a bit of a tease (as Bridgette would say), but I suppose you can’t jump right into the deep end in the first episode. Part of me wishes I had the willpower to wait until the full game is released before playing it through, but, I don’t πŸ˜›

    I hope we see more of the redhead later in the game!

  14. Really good start, I’ll admit to feeling a bit cock-teased by her but the night is still young after all. I think there are a few lust checks that are impossible to hit (park81check), and there’s a “bridgette_alcohol” variable in bar173check and bar87check that doesn’t exist elsewhere (just called “alcohol” otherwise). Can’t wait for more!

    1. Thanks for pointing out those specific files.
      I did go through and rebalance the scoring variables the day before release so it’s possible I may have missed a couple of checks.

      I will get them checked and sorted tomorrow.

    2. That explains why I couldn’t trigger the start of the Alexia sequence no matter how liquored up Bridgette got. I’m wondering if the lust check at bar184check is also impossible to hit. Even bypassing bar173check and manually entering bar176, I can’t seem to get Bridgette’s lust high enough to pass bar184check despite playing what I think is a perfect game in terms of Bridgette’s lust. Could be that I’m just missing something, but I feel like I’ve tried everything.

  15. Great game so far. I like the fact there are so many chances to look down shirts and check things out. The women and scenes are very well done and definately worth the price of admission. I’m not sure if I’m asking too much of a spoiler but … is it possible to have sex with anyone in this episode? Not asking who… just if there is any sex possible. Thanks again dsp3000. Great work !

    1. Can you drop an email to Chaotic please.
      Use the contact email on the main Vdategames website.

  16. Hello. I played all your games and I love it. I liked it very much. now, to get the Bridgette number, I wanted to play Academy 4, but it can not be played. I do not know what you did, but I can not see the whole picture on the screen, and the graphics are so terrible that I can not look at it. the original was something completely different. if you pointed out that you need to note both the code and the phone number, that’s probably what everyone would do. I am convinced that the phone number should be published. no one remembers it after a year since the last game. it would certainly be fair to the players who paid. If you do not want to do that, I’ll lose the twenty dollars and I’ll delete your game. I will not play the old game for several hours, just to know the number in this game.

  17. Really good release DSP/Chaotic, well worth the wait, having trouble getting all the achievements but having fun trying, starting to think that some responses have different affects depending not only on not too previous responses but responses from beginning to end, think I might have to start mapping this out? lol, Excellent work though!!!!

  18. Frustration setting in, guess I’ll give it a rest and come back to it. Great game though. Think I’m going to have to experiment with what I would consider a wrong response, but ones that kind of piss bridgette off but don’t deduct points from either stat and might benefit future respones? I don’t know, lol

  19. Bugs reported to Chaotic as requested, but the bugs i have found have already been shared above, and there is an accidental line break in bar 85 at line 84 that kills one of the lust pumps that when corrected might allow later checks to be passed.

    1. Didn’t catch that one in bar85 before, but it doesn’t affect getting achievements 4 and 5 as if you go the the bar first you will be on a different path anyways.

  20. LOVE the game! Cant wait for the rest of it! Would love some tips or help getting achievements 4,5 & the final 4 as well (17-20) feel like I am trying everything lol so many combos haha…Great game though and love the park seen!

    1. There is an error in the coding that prevents you from getting 4 and 5. As for 17-20, you are able to get those. Bridgette needs to be drunk, and while it may seem counterproductive, try to keep the inference meter as low as possible.

      1. By inference are you meaning the lust or happy stat? Also, is there a certain order…the only way I have got in the car thus far is by touching her in the park when its not the right move lol. I appreciate any help!

  21. No achievements on downloaded version. Plus the love and lust stats do not increase. Currently playing online version. Great game. Keep up the good work and have a good Xmas and New Years Break

  22. You should definitely expand on the parts with Alexia, she’s gorgeous!! I’d definitely want a game with just her!

  23. dsp3000, you had mentioned some achievements that aren’t listed … can you give us any hints on those?

  24. I forgot her name, but it was the new lady character from part 4 who’s dad owns the academy. Will she be featuring in any stages ?

  25. I definitely need some hints on the last row of acheivements. after about 4 hours of playing i haven’t gotten passed the third row minus a few here or there. not sure why i’m sucking this bad lol

    1. seems to me she needs to be a little drunk because after you leave the bar you can tell her you can give her a lift then she says shes dizzy in the car..then she asks if youd like to come up…or something like that. once youre in her apt. then you can get those achievements..i believe the order of locations I went to get those was first go to dinner, then the park and then the bar. im not sure if ordering cocktails at the bar has a different effect than wine or beer… but I ususally do cocktails

      1. Yeah the amount of alcohol Bridgette consumes during stage one effects what can happen during this stage and the next.
        The different drinks have different strengths.

        She needs to be drunk to get the last row of achievements.

  26. Hey DSP. Really loving the game! Bought membership just to play this and academy 4 again! πŸ™‚

    Just a quick bug I’ve found playing through – I can’t hit any lust checks because my lust/happiness metres do not fill at all, they’re stuck on 0. I’m fairly sure I’m hitting the right combos, as I’m getting somewhere with kisses/checking her out, but I can’t raise the metres and thus can’t unlock anything. I’m using Chrome, but am playing the downloaded 1.1 version. Any help would be really appreciated – I really wanna get out Alexia’s tits (The characters all look amazing – especially that redhead).

    Can’t wait for more instalments of this and academy series (I’ve been waiting to see Principal Valentine’s tits from the start, and Ms Goodhead was rendered beautifully too).

    If you could look into that bug, I would really appreciate it. Other than that, keep up the good work! πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks for the feedback Mach94.

      I’m glad you like Alexia and the redhead. She does have a name. I haven’t revealed it yet but trust me… You will get to know both of them better.

      As for the bug. It’s not a bug, it’s because you are using Chrome.
      I’d recommend using Firefox.

  27. The redhead is gorgeous!! looking fwd to see more of her in the subsequent parts……Pls also add her as a part of academy 5…..she is too hot to be just a minor character in the story…..just my opinion

  28. A question for dsp3000… I don’t know if this is a bug or not. When at the bar later in the evening (not the first stop), after ordering drinks, the player can choose to look at the two seated women or go to the table. After looking at the two seated women, the only chance is to go to the table and wait for Bridgette–even though the screen is split. Was there supposed to be an option for either approaching them or looking more closely at them?

    1. The only option after looking at the two girls is to sit down and wait for Bridgette at that point.
      It is supposed to be like that.

      Those two girls do appear again later in the game series.
      You will be able to talk to them.

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