December 2nd Update


To begin with, some words from dsp3000 as he considers how to approach his next game…

‘Having read many of the blog comments I remain open minded as to how and when my next game should be released.

It’s worth noting that each stage/part will comprise around 800-1000 images with multiple achievements including sex at each stage. Each part will be about the same size as a reasonably large Vdategames release. You will need to explore and complete each stage before you can move onto the next.

There are different successful and unsuccessful endings to each stage and these outcomes will effect what you can do during the next stage.

Basically there will be multiple paths to discover and follow during your evening with Bridgette. There will also be things to do with a few other girls too.’

In addition to this, he has requested I add a poll to try and break down where the mood really is for his next game.

Rate Molly

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And some words from me…

Advent calendar

For the 6th year running, I’m happy to say I’m doing the advent calendar again.

You can view the updates by clicking the advent image in the site’s front page. If you can’t see it yet, remember to refresh.


So, yeah. It’s December now and the final version of Leanna still hasn’t been released. It’s pretty much all down to rendering time. I’ve done 437 new images for the game so far, and I’ve still got all of the FPC sex stuff to go. I’m expecting at least 700 images in total before I’m done.

At this stage, all I can say is that It’ll be done when it’s done. Hopefully, I can release it before Christmas, but don’t be too shocked if it’s the new year because it’s turning into a big pile of work.

Needless to say, the time consuming nature of IRAY may be pushing Molly a little further back. I’m looking again at just doing the next game using Poser to save time.



41 thoughts to “December 2nd Update”

  1. Thanks for the updates 🙂

    I voted releasing Bridgette in two parts, but I’m totally fine with whatever you ultimately decide. I guess doing it in “smaller” steps is probably easier for you in terms of having manageable milestones to reach.

    The only other feedback I have is to keep the transition from one part to the next seamless, so it feels like all the parts flow as a single game without any breaks i.e. hopefully, not something that requires entering a unique code like the previous Academy games, for example. Maybe as each part is completed “join” it with the previous parts, allowing you to play through all the finished parts as one game.

  2. This will be a neat calendar. Cant wait for the surprise with lisette and Maddison at the 25th

  3. I love how you’ve jumped from 300 to 700 new images for Leanna since your last update, it just keeps getting better and better, (who knows) maybe you’ll even hit a 1000 before it’s done!

    Take all the time you need, just make the final version of Leanna as crazy and daring as possible.

    Cheers for the update!

    1. Paul wrote: “…Take all the time you need, just make the final version of Leanna as crazy and daring as possible. …”
      And I hope there also will be no walkthrough this time before at least four weeks after the release of the full game.
      Oh god, what I’ve written… I hear the “kiddies” screaming and crying “Where is the walkthrough … We need a walkthrough … The game is so hard …” (and so on).
      But that’s life. Find your own way. Sometimes this way is better then the way given by the walkthrough.

      Friendly greetings

  4. Although I’d have loved to see this release in one or two big parts, my impatience demands that you release next week. I’m interested to see how you’re going to pace what looks to be a very interesting evening with Bridgette.

  5. I think we should just call it good and close the voting… a release this coming week would be just fine by me Nice to hear about your progress chaotic. Looking forward to the release

  6. Sweet. Baby. Jesus.

    I can’t believe that I’m looking at (hopefully) 2 game releases before christmas!

    Man, what a time to be alive

  7. Unfortunate that Leanna will take longer and push back Molly, but as long as you keep providing samples of ultra-hot Molly, I’m totally fine with it. 🙂

    As for Bridgette, I voted for the all-at-once option. I think that would lead to the best experience.

  8. Bridgette is probably the last person I would want the MC to ‘get’ with. I would honestly take any other person in the game.

    I am excited for the advent calendar as always. Cant wait to see some of the renders you come up with.

  9. I can’t believe that some people actually want to scrap date Bridgette and have dsp3000 just go back to academy part five which would mean a game release prob four or five months down the road. That would be torture knowing there’s a game ready to be released and we wouldn’t get to play it.

  10. It sucks a bit that Molly is being delayed to update Leanna, but it is what it is. As for doing the next game in Poser vs Iray, are you talking about the Molly game? And will going back to poser mean Molly doesn’t look as nice/realistic as she has in the photos you posted? Because if the choice is between a delayed game and a game that doesn’t look as nice, I know which I would vote for. I know that ultimately this will come down to how you support your site, and you will do what you have to do. I just hope Molly doesn’t suffer as a result. I’d hate to see you unhappy with the final result because of that.

    1. The Molly game will still be made with IRAY, so will look like the above pic.

      If I do a game with Poser it will be completely different (Photographer 3?).

      1. I like photographer 3 idea including with Rachel, Casandra and Betsy. But hey, I wouldn’t object to Molly or anything that you decide. The games on this site never disappoint.

        1. Sadly, It’s unlikely the Bynes’s would feature in a Photographer 3 as Rachel has featured in both so far, and Cass was in Phot 2.

          The setting I’ve had in mind for a while now is the island paradise, so Miranda, Zoe etc can be the focus.

          1. Well, that does sound good. I won’t give up my hopes of seeing the Bynes ladies in the future.

          2. What about Betsy? I mean she hasn’t been seen since her game or are you going to put her in Betsy 3?

          3. Chaotic wrote: “The setting I’ve had in mind for a while now is the island paradise, so Miranda, Zoe etc can be the focus.”

            But only if Zoe makes her holidays at the island again. 🙂

      2. Oh good! In that case, you do what you need to. I know that I’ve never been disappointed with anything you’ve put out in the past. Thanks for putting such good work together!

  11. Why does the flow of the Academy series need to be interupted and delayed for the Bridgette date game, seriously, I honestly am not a fan of Bridgette so to push back the game you’re already making with a lot of cahracters I like for a 4 part long date with a character I don’t enjoy that could easily be an epilogue to the sereis instead of right in the middle of it.

    i’m sounding entitled but it just doesn’t make logical sense to stop a series for an inconsiquental game that focuses on just ONE of the character to who many might not like and push back the conclusion of what to date has been a rather good series.

    push the Bridgette date to an epilogue and get on with Academy Part 5 please

    1. Dude, DSP is the creator of this series. He said in last week’s post that he felt that making this game before Day 5 makes more sense for the storyline he has planned, so who are you to say this game is inconsequential? If you think your ideas are better, why don’t you put in all the work and make some games of your own and see how many fans you get? And besides, DSP put out a pull to see people’s opinions (which isn’t necessary in the least imo, but a nice gesture regardless) and your opinion is well in the minority.

    2. You are assuming that what happens during your time with Bridgette won’t have any influence on Part Five.
      There also seems to be an assumption that it will be all about, and only about Bridgette.
      I’ve already alluded to the fact that it won’t.

      Right from the beginning of the series I was going to include the opportunity of a date with Bridgette at the end of day four.

      This whole five part series was originally supposed to be a year long project.
      I’m well into my second year working on it because I can’t resist the temptation to expand the story in places, I’m going as far as adding in another part.
      I think I may have already said that, after ‘Bridgette’, I intend to go back to update and expand parts one thru four with some additional material prior to releasing part five.
      It’s pretty obvious that I under estimated just how much this story would need.
      I guess I am also reacting to how popular the Academy series seems to have been so far.

      I don’t really want to compromise too much by skipping an important step just so I can get closer to the finish.

      In terms of ‘A Date with Bridgette’ , I have worked out a pretty good system by which all four parts will seamlessly blend into each other, while also allowing ‘save’ points along the way.

      1. There are some smart people on this site. But there are others that draw evolution into question. I think if you had called the 4B game day 5 they wouldn’t have noticed. You could then have announced day 6 and everyone would have been happy. I wonder if it is too late for a little revisionist history? Just do what you want and I for one will enjoy it.

        Also, should we hold off a month before helping others??? If that doesn’t seem right for you just let us know what you think appropriate.

        1. Your input is always valued Santa but yeah, it wouldn’t be part 5 because it’s the evening of day 4.
          Part 4 was day 4 and Part 5 will be day 5.

          I’m pretty keen not to deviate from the standard seven day week and the Gregorian calendar wherever I can.
          I’m also a big fan of evolution and I don’t think the earth is flat either.

          Anyway, to your other question.
          It might be a good idea to hold off with too much assistance for other users for a least a few weeks after each release.
          I will be putting out official walkthroughs at some point though.
          I guess it’s important to avoid spoilers where possible.

      2. I thought most of you said was already clearly mentioned as well… it all sounds good to me, in any event!

      3. That’s the trouble with good games: they spawn new ideas for the creator, and we as players can’t see the relevance until they are delivered, and then we say ‘Oh, right, i get it now…’. We just feel the frustration of having to wait a bit for the next installment.

        Bridgette is not my absolute favourite girl in the game, but her characterisation is intriguing: any woman who walks around a building with highly polished floors wearing no knickers with a man she has only just met *HAS* to have an interesting side, particularly when she has a friend like Didi.

  12. Is there any thought of having Principal Valentine back in day 5? With her unfulfilled “promise” in day 4 has some interesting possibilities.

    1. I’m guessing there’s going to be an optional path with the principal and Annie seeing as Annie texted you at the end of day 4 pleading to help get her mom’s job back.

    1. Aiming for release on Friday hopefully.

      Looks like the poll is requesting that’s the one to go for.

      Just need to work through the coding tomorrow to check everything through for stage one.

  13. Chaotic! I love the picture of Maddison. Please make another game with her, she is my favorite!!!

  14. Hey Chaotic! Please make another Maddison game! I love the way she looks in the advent calander!

  15. Is Madison ever gonna come back? I want her to come back. Here and other characters. Let there be a Madison Part 2.

  16. Hey Chaotic, is Nikki ever gonna come back? I would love to see her on Photographer Part 3 or in an individual game 🙂

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