November 25th Update

From dsp3000…

‘Since my last blog update last week I would like to announce the proper title for my next game. ‘The Academy: Part 4B’ was just a working title based on chronology, but the game will officially be called “The Academy: A Date with Bridgette”.

To recap this game is designed to bridge the gap between the end of part four and the start of part five. It will also give more detail to the overall story and provide some clues and information which will prove useful for part five in the future.

So back to the present.

I’m exactly 1319 images into the production of ‘A Date with Bridgette’ so far. Which means this week I’ve created about 250 new images/pages. I’m pretty satisfied with that because I’ve had plenty of other things to do besides game creation lately.

What does this mean for the overall production process and when will the game be finished and released? Well, I predict this game will easily reach 3000 images and may reach 4000 before it’s all done, putting full completion around 3 to 4 months away. That means March or April 2018 at the earliest and that’s a long time to have to wait.

I started looking at the structure of the game a couple of weeks ago and had an idea. The game narrative is split into four stages. Each stage has multiple options, locations, outcomes and achievements. You need to pass each stage to progress on to the next. It’s like each stage is a game in itself.

You may see where I’m heading with this…

I’m proposing releasing each stage one at a time over four consecutive months starting in December 2017 and concluding in March/April 2018. Each stage will still be a significant size, with each release comprising a game of around 800-1000 images. I figure this would be a good way of keeping you all happy and as well as keeping myself motivated too.

Stage one is more or less complete which means, subject to a few technical details I should be able to release the first part of the new game within the next two weeks.

I hope this works for everyone.

While you all think it over I’ve shared a few more images from stage one which include a couple of the new characters you might want to meet.


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  1. It’s great that Bridgette is getting her own game, but man the tease factor for the academy’s most popular? girls in principal Valentine and Bridgette is out of control over the last 2 years. I suspect stage 1 of a date with Bridgette is going to perpetuate this :(, as it sounds like it’s mostly going to be for setting the scene and story building. Or will there be some action? Regardless I am super keen on it anyway lol. Please put us out of our misery soon dsp3000!

  2. Happy belated Thanksgiving DSP3000!

    Thanks for the update… I have mixed feelings about splitting up the release. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a nice thing to have more frequent releases, but 4 months for the completion of the full “date” will be an exercise in patience 😉 Maybe you could split the difference and release it in two chunks i.e. stage 1+2 then 3+4.

    As for the overall Academy series, it sounds like part 5 could take us to this time next year 🙂

  3. Hi DSP3000,

    Great idea. Don’t mind waiting for the entire thing, but I won’t complain either. I guess that there is nothing like instant gratification.

    When you do release the first part, please consider posting a time limit or date when others should start posting help for other players. I like the idea of giving players time to actually play. I have been guilty of perhaps helping others too early in the past. So, just let us know what you think a reasonable time might be.

    Nice teaser images. Can’t wait to see the whole thing.

  4. Hey dsp, been a huge fan for a long time since the first part of the academy( which then cause me to back track and play Tara). This news is extremely exciting news, i have to say that doing a release once per month is probably the route to go. That way we get a steady stream of content which is easy for you to put out once a month and will keep people from harassing you

    1. Maybe it’ll be like game of thrones dragons. All jokes aside I’m also in anticipation of Leanna’s complete version rather than the date with Bridgette because I prefer Chaotic’s games more (no offense to Dsp3000).

  5. I like the idea of splitting up the game into multiple releases. With each game seemingly bigger than the last, the waits are getting longer and tougher, so splitting it up is definitely a big plus for me. Also, I’d think it will also help you with sorting out the bugs and errors that inevitably happen.

    Also, is that Isabella sitting at the table in the third picture? She is low key one of, if not the hottest girl in the series. I’ve been holding out hope that she is actually bisexual and is willing to experiment behind Genevieve’s back, who looks too much like Michael Jackson for my liking.

  6. Bridgette isn’t my favorite character in the series, but man her hotness factor took a major leap forward with those teaser images. Haha

    Looking forward to where you take us, dsp.

  7. I can understand your interest in splitting it up into multiple parts given how far away it probably is from release (and how big it will be), but I think you’ll probably face some backlash when there’s an abrupt end right in the middle of action (and if there’s no sex stuff going on in some of the earlier parts). Personally, I think the best option is just release it when it is done, but as long as you aren’t compromising the overall story by packaging it in a way that works for individual “episodes” it should probably be fine.

    On a second note, I’m pretty disappointed that we probably are looking until at least around this time next year (if not later) for episode 5, as I’m more interested in that than a bridgette game, especially given how complicated (and thus long to develop) the bridgette game looks like it is going to be. But I trust you if you feel this was the best way to approach the bridgette date

  8. Honestly, I’m not too enthusiastic about playing the game in multiple parts, especially if it means all the “best” (read actual sex) stuff will be in the latter parts.

    I will probably wait until it’s fully completed before playing.

          1. Yeah, with someone we had sex with already in either part 2 or 3. The most we’ve done with Bridgette is lock face a few times and engage in some light petting, it seems pretty unlikely we’re going to get to go anywhere too far with her until the end of the date.

            I’m still onboard with dsp’s plan, really looking forward to see what he’s got for us, but I can understand why some people might feel like they’re going to be teased for the next four months.

        1. So your answer doesnt work of we are using the English language, but forgetting that at no point does he say there won’t be sex. It’s 1000 images, you really think there won’t be sex? Use your common sense

  9. I think it’s a great idea! This gives us time to explore each part thouroughly and a month or so in between parts isn’t bad at all. Can’t wait. Thanks dsp3000! I agree four months would be a long time to wait especially with the teaser pics we’ve been getting.

  10. I’m with a few people with being able to wait for the whole thing, but whatever gets decided I’m good with, “The Academy” and “Leanna” are both games worth waiting for, both excellent games!!!!

    1. To be honest, I completely agree. I can wait patiently for the whole thing. I think it may make it easier on DSP 3000 and Chaotic that way. Also, this blog won’t be clogged up with complaints that people can’t figure it out and are unable to move forward with the next module (and will therefore promise that they will leave the site if someone doesn’t spoon feed them). I personally will await “permission” from the author(s) in the future, or will at least wait for a time that these author(s) put forward as being appropriate, before I start offering help. I fully understand and appreciate comments from the authors on this subject and will respect their wishes going foreword.

      This brings up a question though. One of the features of the Academy series has been exit/entry codes that unlock various game options and paths. I clearly see how Part 4 would feed entry codes for both Part 4B and Part 5. It takes no imagination to see how Part 4 and Part 4B would combine to feed Part 5. The question is, how would breaking Part 4B into segments impact this “code” system? I guess that DSP 3000 could do this for each segment. But it seems like an unnecessary complication which may impact the multi-segment release plan. No, all-in-all, I am beginning to favor a single release date for a complete game all the more as I think this all through.

      And yes, I am in complete and total agreement with beardo, the offerings of the Academy series, Betsy, Leanna Anna, and many others have all been increasingly excellent and have given us all many hours of enjoyment. My hat is off to all of the developers.

      Please take your time and do it as best you see fit.

      1. If he releases it all at once, people spend $20 once and that’s it. If he releases it in multiple parts, people may spend $20 once at the final release, or they may spend $20 multiple times along the way. It’s a win/win for everyone involved to release it in multiple parts imo. If you want to wait for every part to be complete before playing, or don’t want to spend $20 more than once, then just wait until the final part is complete.

    1. You can just play all 4 parts in spring. What makes you guys think you can tell dsp and chaotic what to do?

  11. I like the play it in installments idea and if you don’t want to play it in installments then just wait and play it all at once that way everyone is happy and there’s nothing to complain about.

    1. No. It takes time, money, dedication and passion to make these games especially with DSP and chaotic only being one person each working on there own games, the least you can do is actually support them for there work if you like it so much, or you can play the games in the free section until the one you want is released there. Otherwise support them officially!!!!

  12. I’d really rather see one complete release than 4 separate ones. I’m more than willing to wait until the final release date and enjoy the game that way it was meant to be played and experienced than to play it in parts, never truly being satisfied by any one part and making the game feel disjointed.

  13. So dsp3000 and chaotic…. have you guys come up with a decision to release In installments vs release all at once?

    1. It’s entirely up to dsp3000. I believe he’s still aiming to release it in parts though.

  14. I’m kind of surprised that people are annoyed about this section of Academy being released in parts, given that that’s mainly what DSP has been doing for the series the whole time. I always understood it as a single game whose narrative takes place over the course of a week. So splitting it up day-by-day made sense, but it might not be the only, or even the most effective way of splitting it up. So instead of one part corresponding to one day, for the next bit, it’ll correspond to, I imagine, a few hours over the course of one evening. It might mean that the code system (if DSP decides to use it) might not work the same, but that doesn’t seem like a major change. It could also mean that more details are packed into one part – the Academy games so far, because they cover a day, are filled, to be fair, with a lot of blank time (click ‘Work on the Report’ and 30 minutes just vanish). And since DSP has suggested that each part should constitute about 800-1000 images (about the size of the Rachel or Maddison games) that’s not an insubstantial amount. But in the end, it’s probably hard to see all of the opportunities and limitations until it’s actually tried – so I think it could be a really good idea.

  15. yo

    it could have been a good news, later.
    right now we’re waiting for next academy part.
    some of us like bridgette, some prefers others…
    really disapointing, i feel like taking for a dumb.

    Like Leanna. sorry Chaotic, i know it takes u time, but Leanna is missed. all that time for that?? the game sucks, all is missing… good try, but bad game. too long, too soft…

    still following what u do, just in case.
    Mortze is a very good idea, well play.
    i believe in u.

    1. Too soft?

      Let me guess – you only like games with hentai levels of nasty sex with as much raping gangbangs as possible.

      1. nice try, lost.

        i tell u, i like Mortze, is that what u think about him ?
        raping ? Mortze?

        i think he’s an artist.

        u think i’m wrong, that’s all. no need to insult me.

        hope u feel better whatever.

        1. Well, pardon me for answering your insult with another insult.

          Perhaps you could clarify what exactly you mean by ‘too soft’ then?

          I understand that English is not your first language, but there’s only really one way I can see of interpreting that.

  16. Chaotic,

    it’s only my adice about the leanna game, not the truth.
    seems i’m not the majority althrough.
    of course i didn’t want to disrespect u and youre work, sorry if u took it that way.
    my bad.

    BUT, i didn’t insult u ! soft is not an insult !

    open google, for “too” and “soft”, it may help.
    i mean, i can’t be more clear.

    BUT (again), i can accept u desagree. just a point of view, no more.
    not one u like, but still, a point of view.

    well, the subject is academy, not Leanna.

    and i’m disapointed. but i’ll be waiting for next episodes, like i do since the beginning.*
    i globaly like what u 2 do, otherwise i won’t be there.

    hope no bad feelings from u, won’t waste youre time any more.

    B. F.

    1. Indeed.

      I never said ‘too soft’ was an insult. How could it be?

      “the game sucks, all is missing” is clearly the insult. ‘too soft’ is apparently your reason for thinking it ‘sucks’.

      So, I ask again, what do you mean by ‘too soft’?

  17. Haha, I think there are some things being missed in translation. I wouldn’t waste my time chaotic

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