March 3rd Update

The latest set of games are now all online. They can be played or downloaded from the members section.

They include :

– Rachel Part 3

– Kelly : Solo

– Strippers

– Erica & Crystal

These are also available from the paypal store.



13 thoughts to “March 3rd Update”

  1. Please take this in the spirit of constructive criticism: it is very confusing figuring out how to pay you for your games! You have a paypal store with almost no information in it, which has two options and one costs $2 more, but then that one also says it does not get access to the member center (the other one has no indication). Then there’s just clicking the “join” button which takes you to a page where you enter your credit card details, plus a username and password. So ok, you’ve got my $20 and I got an email showing the charge went through, but the username and password don’t work. I assume it’s waiting for you to do some manual process or something, but again there’s no indication.

    Anyways, I’m sure you’ve been plenty busy with finishing up the game and dealing with the other stuff, but can you please take a little time to write up what your payment options are and what the different things get you and how long it takes to get an account set up and all that kind of stuff? I’m sure it would increase your sales.

    I don’t particularly mind if I’ve got to wait for a little bit before I can access the site, but I’d like to know how long it will take in general.

    Thanks! Looking forward tot he new games!

    1. The paypal store offers a direct download of the games, whereas joining via epoch allows you to become a member.

      If your signed up via epoch and your details aren’t working, please contact them for help. There’s a link to billing support on the front page of the members site.

    2. I have the same problem. Login is just not working. I asked the support for help but all they did is refreshing the account, which still did not bring any success. What can I do?

  2. Is it just me, or do others have problems with downloaded Strippers? I’ve tried it with Chrome and Firefox, and in both the money and lust meters won’t budge. The game works fine when played from the site, but the downloaded verision won’t work. Other games work fine.

  3. The new games look good, but it seems like almost every scenario outside of the one on ones with Rachel (if you choose to be a man) involves some form of girl on girl action. It gets old quickly and lessens the replay value.
    More creative scenarios would be good, possibly trying to keep Rachel from going with some other guy, with good or bad results depending on your actions during the date.

    Again, the graphics and renderings are good, but the stories need more creativity and complexity.

  4. There seem to be some bugs in Rachel pt 3. If you get her arousal all the way up during the photoshoot, it drops down to 3 when you leave and decide what to do next.

  5. Love all your games. Am not a member i do not have a credit card. Just wondering if you will adding to the free games, and which game will it be and when ???

    1. Zoe was added to free games when these games were announced. I’m sure something else will be added when he announces his new game.

  6. There’s a bad link in the file endcheck11.html. It’s a file for the army scenes, but when you play as a female it takes you halfway through the nurse scenes.

  7. Hi i’m 17 and i love all your games but Rachel has always been my favorite. i would buy a membership if i could but theirs no way i could get it past my parents, can you help me out?

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