June 2nd Update

Just a small post today to show what I’ve been doing this week.

In the last update, I mentioned that I would be experimenting with some ancient Egypt assets I bought. Well, I did and here are the results…

Some of you may notice the lighter skinned woman as the female player character from Leanna. This is because I’m trying to find a use for her. Around when I discovered the faster way to render IRAY images for the game, I also decided the remove the most of the shots where you will able to see the player from a third person angle. They weren’t adding anything satisfying to the game content and just creating more work. Right now, you only have the option to switch to third person during the animations (basically, the sex). It can give you a much better, and hotter view of what’s happening.

So, as I say, showing the faces of the female player characters became pointless. I rebuilt the female pc bodies so that they are no longer the woman you see above.

I know some people were into her however, and I’d love to find a use for the model. If these images turn into a short story, that seems like a good option.

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      1. Tell dsp3000 we need the walkthrough cause i cant complete the game in a successfull way…..

        1. you have to play the game multiple times to get all of the achievements. There’s literally no one linear way to play the game to get all of the achievements in one play. Just experiment and have fun. Keep a yellow pad or notebook near you if you want to. Write down the choices you pick and where it leads. Then play again and pick different choices. Remember that there may be hidden click spots on the screen so don’t just find one spot and go for it. Mouse over the entire screen where there is no dialog option…. see if you can discover something you haven’t found before. Not saying there is anything. Not saying there isn’t. Just giving you a few tips to playing. Have fun!

        2. Also, in the post from last week I left a 18 step procedure that will help you get through without a complete walkthrough (labeled A-R).

  1. Well, if the model won’t be for the player, maybe they can be part of the game itself.
    Egyptian princess, slave girl, priestess, or even your own rendition of Cleopatra

    1. well, as she is mostly white’ish …

      she cant be egyptian princess or cleopatra for sure XD

      still an slave girl can be implented with her, because she can come from another country

      1. Uh, Egyptians run the gamut of skin tones, besides which, Cleopatra was pure Greek (her ancestors came to Egypt with Alexander and ruled Egypt for a little under 300 years!).

  2. Hey Chaotic, really like the model here, and ancient Egypt is awesome. Could the next short story or whatever be in caveman times? Or how about Mythological Greece? (You can say no to this I just thought it would be awesome.) By the way what ever happened to Mia, are you still planning to use her?

    1. caveman time will have an pretty shittystory imho ^^ (not much to do at this period of time)

      dont use far cry as reference, as far cry use tons of “actual” things in the primal game that was actually never existed at this period XD

      1. If you aren’t convinced by Far Cry, I’d suggest reading Jean M. Auel’s ‘The Clan of the Cave Bear.’ It’s a classic and has been adapted into a movie as well. Of course, if fantasy and mythology are on the table that does open up quite a few more possibilities. I wouldn’t mind seeing a sword-and-sandals type game, owing as much to epics like Ben Hur, Cleopatra and Clash of the Titans as to actual history or mythology.

  3. Dude, try a couple of images with vikings or norse mythology if possible. That would be very interesting and possibly kind of hot.

  4. i am dissapointed … the third person angle was the main reason i was interrested in Leanna and could accept that we been waiting a year or more on the game

    1. you still have third person view during sex… thats the most important imho…

      too much third person view will probably break the immersion of the game for me and make me think that i not play an game where i see the life of someone (or myself) that i control actions,choices etc..
      but more look like make me think i play an game where i m just spectator and watch an person doing linear story

      well .. maybe i explain bad, but , i cant explain better.. :/

      anyway, for me , too much third person view will not give me the feeling to make the choice of the character but more make me a spectator of that character story. (immersion zero)

      hope now its ok :), my english is terrible 😀

  5. if only i have the money to buy some good stuff too … they are soo many great things :O

    those screens look very cool.. i would like to see something original for once . i mean, something else than an female adventurer or archeolog or whatever searching some ruins etc..
    i would like an real egypt story, like an women who lived at this period and all.

    i dont know about others , but i m very tired of deja-vu cliché story like hollywood movies XD
    something original will be super great imho

  6. i think that the 4th part of academy has some errors , i liked the story even it’s alittle complicated and i appretiate his work but i found some errors like when i enter the game i write the 1st and the 4th code then i want to choose whether i want to have sex with jodie or lola . the 1st time i had sex with jodie but restarted again and made the same steps to discover the game more and when i did that i found that i cant find jodie anywhere anymore and i did that many times any she doesnt appear so i need to know why and in the last part of the game nothing leads to the good end so i need to know why this happen but the game is so good and i liked it. 🙂

    1. The 4th element of the code must be aa 5 if you want to meet Jodi. If it is a 5 you can have sex with either Jodi or Lola. After leaving Didi you will be at a corner that turns right. You will then see a long corridor. If you click to the left at the end of that corridor you will turn left toward the changing rooms and the gym where you will meet Lola. If you click to the right at the end of that long corridor you will turn right toward the double doors of the canteen. Go through those doors to meet Jodi. But only if the 4th element of your code is a 5.

  7. I’d definitely like to see a short story with the new assets you bought. Would be a cool diversion from the normal stuff you do.

  8. Hi Chaotic,

    I absolutely love this idea you’re working on. I thoroughly enjoy games of this kind, that goes into medieval ages. It seems like an escape from the dull reality, enabling our imaginations to go wild. You’re idea flows into this amazingly.

    I definitely support this idea of yours and I hope you continue developing games of this kind.

  9. As a follow up,

    The background’s detail is breathtaking, and the female character… wow. Thumbs up from me!

  10. Yeah buddy time to bang Cleopatra
    Hopefully you play as a Roman General

  11. These Images look awesome!!
    I love the idea of a small game such as Nelena with this new character.
    I miss these small games anyway.
    Keep going, you are doing a great Job!

  12. I love these new images! The brunette model here is stunning.

    Use her for an Arabian Nights or Cleopatra-inspired sex game. Just a short or medium one. Not too extravagant like ‘The Photographer’ or Academy.
    It will be a refreshing change to the modern cityscapes of the other games.

    Speaking of The Academy, you could use dsp3000’s character Ms Goodhead in an Arabian Nights kind of game too…

    Also- keep in mind that Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks used a sugar mixture when waxing- yes the women used to wax their goody bits. You could say the Egyptian came before the Brazilian. No hairy bush at all.

  13. Can someone please share tips on how to get Principal valentine fired ? and the code required for it.

    1. The best key will depend on your goals. If you want to score well and end with a date with Bridgette, you might want the key B6047212 (or B6047217(. If you are after a good time with Jodi, you may want to use the key A6057212.

      A. After your 9:30 meeting and talk with Bridgette in the library, you need the key to the storeroom from your desk drawer. You must get this prior to getting the camera.
      B. When you go for your 10:30 meeting with Governor Ramsey, look at his laptop and plant the camera in the trashcan to your left.
      C. If you lent Holly the key, get it back right after lunch. If you leave too late you cannot do this. So, play again and do not loan it to her. If you used a “B” code, do not loan it to her.
      D. When you follow Didi (around 1:30), do not go with Alicia. Meet with Megan and go with her instead.
      E. It should now be 2 PM. Go up to the Principal’s office and get the camera from the trashcan.
      F. When you leave her office she will fire you.
      G. Head to the library. Before you get there you will turn around and talk to Olivia.
      H. Go into the library and talk to Bridgette and Didi.
      I. Leave the library. You will see Valentine and Ramsey going into the Office Suite (they go to the Medical Room). Go to the Principal’s office. Click turn around (left of screen).
      J. Hide in corner (right of screen).
      K. Watch them leave (right of screen).
      L. Select on screen option to look down (left of screen). Take the laptop.
      M. Leave the office and start down the stairs (you will see Ramsey and Valentine). Turn around (left of screen).
      N. Show the laptop to Didi and Bridgette.
      O. Tell the to find Ms. Goodhead and to bring her to the media department (several clicks).
      P. Follow Ramsey and Valentine. When you turn left at the Gym you will see them. Click to the left of the screen to hide).
      Q. Keep following them.
      R. When you get to the Store Room turn around. Should be obvious from there.

      If, prior to your 9:30 meeting you decide to have sex with Jodi, Bridgette will be very unhappy with you (sex with Jodi requires a 5 in the fourth spot). Having sex with Lola will have no impact on Bridgette’s happiness. Sex with Lola has no dependencies in the key choice.

      If you are using a “B” key, and you wish to maximize your results with Bridgette, you will kiss her in the library. Right after the kiss, click in the upper right corner to push her against the bookshelves and kiss her again. After that, you can feel her breasts (several clicks here).

      1. Never mind the previous question. On Shark’s forum I learned that the last character in the code indicates whether or not you found Sebastian stealing Jodie’s panties (2 if you didn’t, 7 if you did). I’ll play a few rounds with a 7 and see what differences occur. Also in the second to the last code (before you meet Megan for the first time), 1 means that Valentine didn’t find out you had sex with Annie (you deleted the photos on your phone in Part 3), and 9 means she did find out. I’ll see what difference that makes, if anything.

      2. I did not go into it, but if you are not going for a “Bridgette” ending, you can go for a hand job from Amy at lunch. Just be sure not to loan the storeroom key to Holly and Maria as you will not be able to collect it afterwards.

  14. Some additional things I’ve discovered…

    In the seventh space, if you enter a 9 instead of a 1, Valentine threatens you with exposure (instead of offers you a blowjob) before the 9:30 meeting. The dialog is also slightly different when she fires you.

    In the eighth space, if you enter a 7 instead of a 2, you do not see Sebastian stealing more panties (before Annie comes to visit you in your office). I have not yet discovered it that changes the dialogue with Megan when she asks you to retrieve the camera–only because I’ve been trying to have a successful completion going the Alicia route. I also don’t know if it changes anything else in the game.

    Regarding Alicia, you will get busted by Sebastian, Valentine, and Laura if you do not let her make the choices when you are having sex, or if you are rough with her. You will be fired on the spot, and the game ends. I still haven’t figured out how to get busted by only Sebastian and Laura.

    At 3:00, after leaving Bridgette and Didi in the library, if you look for Ms. Goodhead instead of following Valentine and Ramsey, you can peek in the girls’ locker room to get the achievement of watching six girls shower together. But you will lose 30 minutes, and I don’t yet know how that affects the finish of the game.

    One route I haven’t tried at all is the route of not exposing Valentine and Ramsey. I assume that’s a dead end path, but something to try regardless.

    Finally, I have not started with a C or D code. The C code means you gave Bridgette a ride home, but did not kiss her, in Part 3. The D code means she got upset with you at the bar (or in the car, I can’t remember) in Part 3. The B code means you kissed her in Part 3. I can’t imagine a C or D code means successful sex with Alicia, but one never knows.

      1. If you start the game having sex with Lola, or if you start the game watching Lola in the locker room AND if you enter a 3 in the third spot when prompted, Amy will rush out of the cafeteria when Lola is rubbing your crotch. Then it’s up to the player to mention to Lola that you had sex with Amy..

        If you start the game having sex with Jodie, AND if you enter a 3 in the third spot when prompted, Amy will bring up the topic herself at lunch.

        1. How to get jodie give us the note in meeting ? i used 5 when the code appeared for 2nd time. and i had decent lust with jodie still i didn’t get the note from her.

          1. You need to complete sex with Jodie and either cum inside her or in her mouth before the meeting. After you finish talking with Didi, head to the cafeteria (right side of screen). You will find Jodie there. The content of the note depends on where you cum.

      1. A = You did not meet Bridgette and Didi at the bar in Part 3. For Part 4, that means you don’t have an opportunity to kiss or flirt with Bridgette regardless of whether you started Part 4 having sex with Jodie, Lola, or just watching Lola on the locker room camera.

  15. like i said u could make a slaver game with that it might make it more intriguing making slaves is still building up a relationship in a different perspective

  16. man, you are getting lazy too like the patreon game developers out there. take so long to release games, but still don’t mind to take money from people.

  17. You are getting lazy too like the patreon game developers out there. take so long to release games, but still don’t mind to take money from people.

    1. Well, Matris, you can have a shitty game fast or have a quality game every 2 or 4 months, but there are plenty of other sites out there to get your jackoff fix if you need to. Personally, I’d rather wait on quality. Maybe try to make one if you think it’s so datgum easy!

    2. Matris, stop being a punk. Since you’re unhappy, cancel your membership. Whining won’t get the games cranked out faster. Since these games are too important to you, try getting a life.

      1. Matris is nothing but a troll. He only wants to come here and complain and it makes him feel important. Pretty pathetic actually.

    3. Yeeeaaahhhh.

      Of course, in reality, I’m making games just as fast as I ever have – except the first couple of years where I made four games per year, but each only about 200 images each. The current games are bigger than nearly every games I’ve made in previous years, but I’m still managing one roughly every six months, so in reality I’m producing more cotent than ever.

      But let’s not bring silly things like facts into this if it means you can have a good moan. 🙂

  18. Are there any other games similar to the ones on this site where you make the game ends depending on your options. Ive played the mortzeart games too and enjoyed those, any suggestions?

    1. I actually can’t!

      Yeah, I found this out a while ago, but epoch have a list of things that I can’t have in my games otherwise they’d be forced to terminate their contract with me. I may do a blog post on them this week.

    2. please no. no slave games. I don’t really like when stupid things like slavery includes in adult games. the only reason I like vdategames games is, because they have some standards, unlike some patreon creators who include even poop, pee and all kind of weirds things in their games.

      1. You like vdategames? I don’t believe you for one second, not after all the bashing you’ve been doing…

  19. Hey chaotic.

    First off love your games very good im carious about something if sometimes we have to wait long periods of times in between your games and dsp3000 games have you ever thought about doing dlc and add-ons to your already completed games it would be the same extra content for the download option and when you play online with your membership

  20. Can you please make a game with some indian characters like sunny leone, etc.

  21. Ah Chaotic, your latest Tumbler post is proof that you are truly an artist of the first class.

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