April 26th Update

Hi everyone. I just want to add a quick mid week update to explain what exactly is happening with Leanna.


Last week I was free from work, and from doing any vdg based work too- the first time I’ve done so this year. This also gave me some time to think about things.

After much internal monologue deliberation, various things scrawled on paper, and a respectable amount of math, I ultimately came to the big decision that IRAY renders and Genesis 3 base figures areΒ a grossly impractical way of making games like this. I’ve been working steadily on Leanna now for about 4 months, and I’ve still only completed around 400 images, and at the most I can get 16 images per day maximum (and that’s if I’m lucky, and if I’m batch rendering some of them over night). Although I’ve been working on the assumption that the game will be around 1000 images, Betsy ended up being around 1600. If that’s the case, I’ll be lucky to finish this for May 2018!

To give another comparison, Mortze made all of the images for Finding Miranda with IRAY, and that took him a full year. And he was only using the V4 models which don’t require as much rendering time. AndΒ he was only rendering at 1280×625, as opposed to the 1700×1000 I am. And, of course, he was only doing the images (Tlaero wrote it and did all of the html stuff, with some help from Kexter). I’m rendering the images and writing everything for this game! So, looking at that as a comparison, spending year and a half to render all of the images seems likely.

So, what to do?

I could persevere, maybe keep rendering Leanna images whenever I have some spare time, but release other Poser rendered games along the way. However, that could up to four years to see it completed if my math is correct. While I’m not planning to retire in the immediate future, it is possible that I might not even be making these games then.

So, despite it meaning dumping a big pile of work, I think the right thing to do is try making Leanna using Poser instead. Unsurprisingly, I at first had some reservations about this, but after downgrading her character to a V4 (Genesis 3 doesn’t work in Poser properly), I’m feeling really optimistic about this.

EDIT : Here’s a more updated one too

She needs a little work from the side view, but a lot of me actually thinks she looks hotter now. I’m eager to hear any options below.

So, my plan is to spend the rest of the week setting up the various main characters so I can just get along with the rendering next week. For those worried that this will push the release date really far back, it shouldn’t be too bad.Β Poser images render much faster than those with IRAY, and my PC is basically designed to render them quickly. By comparison, I can get up to 70 images rendered per day as opposed to IRAY’s 18. It may only take me a couple of weeks to where I already am with the images.

So, what is happening with IRAY images

Well, there’s a couple of options. I could just release the unfinished IRAY version of the game when I release this one. Or, another possibility is to just keep working on it whenever I can and release a sort of ‘Leanna HD’ when it’s finally finished. I’m open to suggestions if anyone has them.

Either way, for those of you who’ve become attached to the Genesis 3 version of Leanna, I will find a way for you to see her naked, even if it’s just a case of making a photoshoot gallery.

I’d love to use IRAY renders for something. I’ve been toying with doing some comics for a while now (basically just linear stories as opposed to games). They’d likely just be about 50 images each, so that seems much more feasible. Mini games might work too. the likes of ‘Kelly Solo’ are only around 50 images each.

In any case, the main thing to take away from this post is that IRAY renders with a Genesis 3 base is not a practical way to make images for games like these. In a few years time, technology will probably exist to render everything ten times faster, but that day isn’t here just yet.

Keep an eye on my tumblr for more updates on this, but in the meantime, I’ll just be handing the blog back over to dsp3000 and his upcoming game.


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56 thoughts to “April 26th Update”

  1. What kind of hardware would you need to render Genesis3/Iray pictures fast enough to continue using them?

    1. You would need to start doing sli or crossfire with gpu’s which just becomes a pain and very expensive

  2. I’m willing to wait no matter how many months or years as long as your games are still on-going. Keep it up. πŸ™‚

    P.S. I didn’t know that you are comparing from the other site, but I’m still supporting you.

  3. Oh man… But I loved the old Leanna. She had a femme fatale-ish look back then, now she look innocent as a schoolgirl! It just doesn’t match with his character, as far as I know. It would be okay if you try to emulate the old look of her though. All of us are waiting for this game for so long, so the faster the better. Best wishes! ^^

    1. Well, she’s still a WIP. At the very least I think I’ll make her look a little older. πŸ™‚

      1. how about using what you have done so far with leanna and putting them as a prequel web comic/game. How the characters met or more of the story about how leanna became bitchy and had few friends, sort of more insight into their personal stories. You can even use these pre-games for your earlier work too. maybe poll this too πŸ™‚

  4. I would lie if i said that it isn’t sad as f*** to “loose” the old Leanna. But, I think the Leanna HD and a Leanna Comic are geat great Ideas. So please do as you want, I have full trust in your decisions.

    Still,… sad πŸ˜€

  5. Good call.
    My experience of Iray rendering leads me to believe that they can make very nice individual images but take far too long to consider for the amount of images required when making these games.
    I spend enough of my life waiting for renders to finish without opting for even longer render times.

  6. I know this isn’t related to this post but whenever I try to enter betsy’s game the game won’t work, was wondering if something is wrong on my end

  7. I like the idea of having an “HD Remaster” of the game a long time from now. Obviously, the first part is to go old-school to get the game out initially.

  8. Sounds like the best way to go. I think you’re newest games Betsy and April and Violet look damn good so as the old saying goes if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I think the “new” Leanna looks good and is heading in the right direction (I agree that the side view is a bit off, not sure what it is). I think this site makes the best looking pay games hands down and are right there at the top with the free game makers like Tlaero and Moretz, Wolfschadowe. So whatever you and Dsp3000 are using to make games it works beautifully. The quicker you can make games the better. I’d love to get as many games as possible before you do decide to stop making games (if you do).

    Using IRay to make the full HD version of Leanna at some point is totally your call. Not something I have to have. I like the idea of mini games/comics or even galleries in IRay though. Maybe take some of your existing girls and or newly created ones and have something like a centerfold set of a half dozen pics or so every month (not sure if possible with all other work). Maybe in various lingerie sets and various states of undress would be pretty sweet. Looking forward to seeing how things progress in the weeks to come.

  9. How about doing the full game on the old render, with some modifications to the script, then cutting the IRAY version short and releasing some kind of alternate unofficial “bonus” version of Leanna based off of the IRAY? Perhaps just one scene or something with her? You get to play as her boyfriend (i.e. all the “winning her over” is already over and done with) and you get into some action straight away? That way we get to see all the work you did using the IRAY and the work won’t be for nothing, plus it’ll be a super-short game. It won’t have to coincide with the release date of the “official” version.

  10. After seeing the pictures of Triss and Ciri I have been wondering if you could make a Witcher game (maybe even with Yeneffer?)

  11. Well that’s incredibly disappointing. The IRAY Leanna went through some community voting to get her looking as good as she did and I was looking forward to seeing her hotness in game. I get the reason why it can’t be done (stupid math), but it’s still disappointing.

    Not particularly loving the new version, something is wrong with her hair and her cheekbones seem too defined. Are you considering opening Leanna’s new appearance up for voting as well?

  12. I saw Witcher inspired renders on your Tumblr. Does that mean we are getting a Witcher game in the future?

    1. Yeah, that was mainly just an experiment on my part. I don’t know if it become anything yet.

  13. As much as I do like the old Leanna better, I have to say, better the new model and the game come out sooner than the old one and the game come out in a year.

  14. i think

    you should make the game normally and inclued the iray pictures as a “bonus” inside the files.

    but, i also think that recreated the whole game from scratch will take you alots of time again and some peoples cant wait…

    soo i think best decision will be to continu the game with normal image by continu the iray ones
    (ok i try to explain better :p)
    keep the iray images of the game, use them as game images and continu it with normal images, the quality will make a choc when it turn from iray to normal ingame, but i guess nobody care as long the character is still with the same “form” :p

    i bet on the fact that nobody care about leanna in iray or not , but care alots about her ass and tits

    also, i have an question :

    did Molly have been definitly kicked out of the game ? if yes, then its sad i liked her alots…; if not, then i would like to see some pics with her πŸ˜€

    you have keep krysten and leanna.. but not a single news about Molly :/ soo i ask

    1. I was thinking about something along those lines. Render at least one sex scene with IRAY, then release the ‘bridged version of the game one I release this one.

      I’m not sure what’s going to happen with Molly yet.

  15. Plz no! I will prefer waiting if need be and put this project on stand by this version of Leanna is ugly coming from a long time fan

    1. Look he said it was a work in progress, so he might bring Leanna back to her original self, Chaotic just needs time, we’ll see. Does that make you feel better? Thing is he just can’t do IRAY it costs way too much time and it just isn’t worth it, okay.

    1. Perhaps what I’m saying is that it might improve quality with less iterations or it might reduce time with many iterations? Also you should decide whether GPU+CPU, GPU, or just CPU is faster to render. At least from what I think I’m reading at some places. Just give it a shot. Also you might try rendering a bigger resolution, but less iterations, and resizing it?

      1. ….and why are you rendering at 1700Γ—1000? Sorry if I’m being a bit rude, but really I think something like 1366×768 is acceptable or what mortze is rendering. To be honest, there is no reason to render that high with many iterations! What I’m saying 1700×1000, no one has that resolution!

        1. Pretty much been through everything you’ve listed there before some time ago.

          The reason the images are 1700×1000 is because the normal screen resolution for everyone to have is 1920×1080. When you also take into account things like the dialog options and character dialog, everything fits onto the screen perfectly.

          I wouldn’t worry too much though. I may have found a way to keep rendering in IRAY after all.

          1. Wait my game doesn’t fit on the screen I have to adjust my default zoom to 80% in order to play the game with dialogue boxes at the bottom Of the screen to be in screen

          2. I hope I wasn’t rude? I’m just trying to help. 1920Γ—1080 is I’m guessing the standard size for desktops these days for people with bigger monitors. However, 1440×900 might be reasonable, since I believe I have around 21″-23″ for my desktop monitor? I’m not sure what size of monitor you have Chaotic, but I don’t think most people have monitors as big as yours. What I mean is that you might have to decide on something lower in resolution to speed up the progress. 1280Γ—625 ran just fine on Redemption For Jessika and also Finding Miranda with my laptop at least 1366×768 with not much of a difference of pixel loss being stretched 683:384 is ~16.008:9. The nice thing about computers is that they can accommodate with graphics cards. What I’m saying is that you have to decide on something that works. This is not a pc game, this is a visual novel, and most visual novels don’t take up the full screen. Also if 1280×625 is what Mortze is really using, then it’s showing up fine with slightly blown-up to 1440×900 because it’s a visual novel and not some pc game. You might have to decide on something slightly lower resolution that works for you that is 16:9. I’m not much of an expert when it comes to rendering, however even though this link might come in handy, it might improve quality with less iterations. I’m not saying it will do anything, but I read something that it slightly helps render processing to show up better on less iterations just a bit. Whatever works, I’m just trying to make it suffice for everyone and also save some time for you. Good luck to you on rendering. http://basic3dtraining.com/biggest-daz-studio-iray-secret-fabulous-lighting/ i

  16. Speaking of Mortze, do you know when he’ll be releasing his next game or what he’s been up to? He hasn’t updated his website in months.

    1. I believe he hoping to release Pandora Part 2 a little later this year, but doesn’t have a set date.

      If you want to see details for his latest projects, I highly recommend checking out his patreon as he updates it with progress reports more frequently : https://www.patreon.com/tora

  17. Hi, I want to start by saying that I am a content creator myself.
    I just wanted to ask whether you have tried using Octane render. its probably the fastest render engine out there right now. Also, how many iterations do you render at when using iRay?

    1. I’ve looked into Octane, but from what I’ve seen it seems to render about the same speed as IRAY (maybe a little quicker).

      In any case, it’s a moot point as I don’t believe Daz Studio has an Octane plugin, only poser does. That would mean I still have to use the older models as opposed to Genesis anyway.

  18. The new Leanna’s face lacks some of the great charachter the old one has. Body is still great though. If you can make her a little more “bitchy” it would be perfect. Btw: Keep up the good work!

  19. The only thing I’m going to miss from the other Leanna is her sculpted body. The new one seems more innocent and softer, but I still like her very much.

  20. I’m fine with Poser – the sample images provided look good as a starting point. Maybe it’s just the shadows, but I do think the IRAY images were more attractive – Leanna looked more developed. Her sculpted figure and bone structure were more prominent, so hopefully that can be improved upon πŸ™‚

    In the final analysis, I think improving rendering times is very important – it affects every other part of the production, and I would imagine that it’s the biggest part of determining the release schedule. Some people here seem to have the patience of a Tibetan monk in waiting for a release – I’m not one of them πŸ˜› As you say, you won’t be doing this forever.

    Spending time on creating a compelling story, natural dialog, and beautiful characters that players look forward to investing their time into should be what most of your time should be spent on doing, not on waiting for an image to render. In short, your time is more precious than that.

  21. What about exporting your scene to unreal or cryengine and take screenshots there. Unreal and cryengine can produce photorealistic results that can rival the iray renderer. If rendering a single frame of Leanna takes about 1-2 hours export your scene to unreal or cryengine and setting up shaders will take about 5-10 mins.

    You should give this method a try.

  22. Hey Chaotic,

    No idea about the technicalities of 3D rendering but have you considered a render farm? Is that an option/possible? You could kickstart it? I for one would get in on a piece of that action, but no clue how much it would cost you with your image count.

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