April 22nd Update

From dsp3000 in Academy part 4…

Last week I suggested that I might reveal some more information about some new characters who will appear in ‘The Academy : Part Four’.

So first up is Governor Ramsey; He is there to oversee an inspection of the Goodhead Academy. You don’t know much about his background, characteristics or his motivations. You also don’t know where his allegiances lie. But maybe you will find out. Accompanying Governor Ramsey is Miss Goodhead. She is the daughter of Mr Goodhead, the founder of the institution that bears his name. Just like Governor Ramsey, Miss Goodhead is difficult to read. Will she be an ally or will she be a foe?

Of course after part three, you need to decide whether or not you will help Bridgette and Didi in their attempt to challenge to Principal Valentine’s authority. Along with all this their will be plenty of opportunity to get to know a few more of the girls there too. More on that next time.

In terms of the production schedule, I’m currently at just over 1350 images. I’ve completed 17 of about 25 scenes so I guess I’ve got about another 500-650 images to create in order to complete this one.

For now then here are a few more images to tease you.

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  1. Hi, i have a doubt:
    In part 4 it will be variations on the dialogues depending on wich achievement you have on the code???( like if you have sex or not with Jodie, Amy and Annie, been blackmailed or have kissed Bridgette)???, or it will assumed you did all that!!!

    1. Yeah, all the variations from part three will have some carry over effect on part four.
      This is part of the reason it’s taking so long to make part four.
      The variations available are many.

      It will make for a very good level of replay value though.

  2. looks great Dsp3000, I cant wait to play this new chapter of the academy series. I hope that you would consider a weekend addition maybe one of the girls invite you to a sleepover or birthday party, dates with the teachers or students, academy week 2 or something else since with all of these girls being added so late into the series it would be a bit rushed to seduce them by end of this first week. That’s just what i’d hope to see from you in the future but seriously great work. I know you may not do this since it runs the point of your games but I don’t have much time to get to play these games on here due to work and life hassles but would we be able to get codes and brif description on what they do in the walkthroughs for the first 2 or 3 academy games

    1. The walkthroughs for parts one, two and three include information on what the codes are and what they do.
      I’ll make sure that the walkthrough for part four also includes this information.

      1. ok cool, I knew I saw some codes in the first academy walkthrough but not second or third. I’ll check them later but what are your thoughts on the weekend addition and other options I’d really like to hear your thoughts on where you will focus your games after or will it be a new character solo game. I can see so many routes and additions to the academy. It will just seem to me that there will be characters that weren’t given the justice of their story since they were either forgotten or added late into the series for example Megan, barmaid/waitress chick, Laura and Alicia threesome???

  3. She. Is. Absolutely. Stunning. The Third pic caught my eye especially. One of, if not, THEE best looking one out of all of them.

    I almost regret seeing this now because my eager, impatient anticipation just went through the roof.

    Governor Ramsey though……LMFAOOOO

    And as for Lola. Girl I luh you, but don’t screw this up for me.

    1. Lola’s really into the photographer character, so I was thinking she might actually “help” 🙂

  4. Hey dsp3000,

    First off, I just want to say that I absolutely love this series! I look forward to these updates every week. Thanks for all the work you put in to making these great games.

    Secondly, I want to ask if you are okay with me posting a short guide for the entry codes for day 4 in the comments of next week’s update. I have been playing through day 3 many times lately, as I have been trying to figure out all possible codes. I would like to share what I came up with, but if you don’t want me posting it I would completely understand.

  5. Thanks for the update, dsp3000!!

    On a side note: Are we going to see the “code generator” thing for Part 4 launch alongside the game, or are you finishing the game itself first? Just curious.

    1. Priority is to finish the game first. Then get some sleep, then write up the walkthrough then maybe think about a code generator perhaps.

      I’m more likely to just go straight into production on the next game though.

  6. Do we have a theoretical timeline for how long it takes to do 500-650 images?

    Looks awesome so far

    1. Depends how long it takes to remake all the images with Governor Ramsey to sort out his weird body shape…

      1. You don’t have to remake the images of the Governor, you can first do the unfinished work to complete the game.

    2. going through Chaotics previous work, I think he said 100-150 per week and the Dsp3000 needs to test it all out and find any bugs that he missed the first time

  7. What’s up with the body of the Governor? It looks like there are 2 ropes tied around his torso.

  8. i need to ask …

    wtf is wrong with the governor body ? did he use some secret corset or something ?

    also, maybe its just me, but based on him on these pics, he look like someone who dont even know how to make his job, someone easy to buy and very naive.

    but thats just my pov

  9. You don’t button all 3 buttons on a suit (or both if it’s a 2-button suit). Just sayin’. 🙂

    It’s only the middle button or the top two. Never the bottom button.

    Yeah, that’s seriously what I want to comment on this week. lol

    1. Good feedback.
      I rarely get the opportunity or excuse to wear a suit.
      Now at least I can feel confident that the button situation will be all taken care of.

      1. Hahaha I hope you weren’t irked by the comment. My business training is a bit hard-wired at this point, and my eyes immediately went to the suit when I was scrolling by the preview pictures. 🙂

        Really minor thing in the grand scheme of your work, of course.

  10. Is it me… or the governor looks like a Forest Whitaker’s doppelganger?
    Anayway… game’s looking good

  11. Why does Governor Ramsey’s torso look so weird? It looks like you added boobs and a beer belly to a thin model 😛

  12. Seriously, what is up with the governor’s body?! It’s all lumpy and wavy and doesn’t look even remotely human.

  13. dsp3000, I don’t know if this was mentioned already in a previous post or on the website or something, but what model do you use for your girls? Chaotic uses

    I’m assuming it’s genesis 2, but also what female? Victoria 4? 6?

    Thanks in advance! Looking forward to Ms. Goodhead’s luscious looking self.

    1. I’ve created all my female characters using the V4 model. This is mostly because there are a huge range of assets available for V4 models.
      When working with a dozen girls over at least five episodes I need lots of different clothes to ensure a new outfit for each day.

      Unfortunately some of the more advanced Genesis models currently don’t have anywhere like as many assets to convince me that they are worth the upgrades.

  14. DSP3000 – please don’t take the “weird body “comments literally. I’m fine with him staying the way he is. I mean, why would people even be caring what he looks like anyways…the more weird and ugly, the better!! please keep him the way he is, especially since the game is so close to being finished. Just my opinion. Everything looks amazing as always…i love the look of Miss. Goodhead, can’t wait to see her in action!

    1. yeah dsp its okay if the governor have a weird body everybody don’t care of that we just can’t wait to see the part four so please don’t lose your time with governor’s bodies i go ahead with the other image

    2. i think he will be better with his jacket open.

      he is the governor and (i dont know exactly but that my pov) those peoples are generally relaxed more than stressed. even if he is supposed to be hard (and scare valentine) his head make him look like pretty naive, soo i think he is not the bad guy we think he is.

      mmmh, now i wonder if they is a way to “use” the governor for get some advantage of valentine and others XD. its pretty cool to have a governor friend

  15. Hope the sex scenes aren’t wasted on characters we already saw our character do it with.

  16. I like the look of this Miss Goodhead!

    Forget the bitchy Ms. Valentine and her spoilt brat daughter, I want some Good Head! 😛

    And yeah, forget Maria (she’s annoying), and all the ones that had sex scenes previously.
    Bring on the goods of Didi, Bridgette, Miss Goodhead, and those hot new students like the pair that stripped and danced in the first episode.

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