April 15th Update

Academy Part 4

From dsp3000…

I’ve made some progress on part four of the Academy series since the last blog update but, due to other commitments, not as much as I would have liked. Progress is progress and, while I still have plenty to do, the game is getting there and it’s looking good.

I’m not going to commit to a release date yet but I promise that I’m definitely not slacking off. I know how eagerly anticipated my games have become so the last thing I want to do is keep anyone waiting longer than they have to.

About four or five years ago, inspired mostly by Chaotic’s games and characters, I started experimenting by modifying existing Virtual Date games, altering dialogue, changing coding and adding in other options. This developed further when I started playing around with creating my own characters and scenarios.

It’s been about two and a half years since I was able to release my first game “Tara : The Hitchhiker” back in late 2014. Looking back it was a bit rough and ready, but hopefully the improvements with each successive game I’ve made have been noticed and appreciated. I see my third game ‘Tara : The Assignment’ as my first ‘proper’ game. It’s far from perfect but a big step up in terms of image quality and content.

Looking back at earlier games I certainly see the flaws more than anything, but I am very critical of my own work. I know the some of you are too, which is cool. Constructive criticism and feedback are essential for developing ideas and for making improvements.

When I first drafted out a plot for the Academy series, it wasn’t supposed to such a big game. I had anticipated around 700 images per episode. The first three parts have had 997, 1500 and 1797 images respectively so part four will likely have even more. As the story unfolds ​I just can’t resist adding in more and more content. But size isn’t everything so I also strive to keep improving the quality of my work too.

It is after all really good to have such a creative outlet and a relatively large and receptive audience. Sometimes I wish producing these games didn’t take so long though. I get ideas much faster than I can turn them into anything.

I would also like to publicly thank Chaotic for allowing me the opportunity to showcase my work. It is much appreciated.

So, back to the update. I’m not sure what the exact image count is at the moment because I’m writing this update on another computer, but I have completed a few more scenes since this time last week. Here are a few more images to tease you all.

Next time I might say a little more about the new characters who you will meet in ‘The Academy : Part Four’. I don’t want to give too much away though so we’ll see…


Photographer part 2

Just one quick update from me too – Photographer part 2 now has an official walkthrough. You can find it here : http://www.vdategames.com/walkthroughs/photographer2.html

37 thoughts to “April 15th Update”

  1. Love the Academy series but I have a question real quality work.

    Is there a plan to have all girls showcased already as well as possible new ones (with the exception of the lesbians) to at least have some level of erotic content (not just peeking) within the series or is there a plan to leave some out as a tease for future stand alone games once the academy is done.

      1. Good question.
        I think all the characters will have some level of erotic interaction, but this will vary depending on their personality.
        For example Maria starts out very keen and eager, desperate almost to please you as the PC.
        Whereas Didi for example is much more reserved.
        Just as in real life, some girls like you more than others.

        1. Thanks for the reply, I ask because I really was wondering if I should expect to be hopeful for more content with Megan at least within this series or expect it further down the line.

    1. Dear Chaotic & DSP 3000,

      Indeed it is so good to hear from you two again. I am also very glad that The Academy Part 4 game shall be release sooner or later.

      Whatever new interesting elements that would appear in Academy Four game created by dsp 3000 and being advised and guided by chaotic now and before, the most important elements to be included in this game whereby I would kindly like to request is, to have more sex scenes with Bridgette and Principle Valentine. Maybe a threesome sex with them could be even possible too. I also hope to have more sex scenes with Megan, and Jodie, and also cannot wait to have sex with the new female character, (The governor’s daughter) she is really hot too.

      I would also wish to propose a blackmail sex request given or aim towards Principle Valentine because it is only fair that justice be given to her and this might make the game more interesting as she is always a perfect slut that love to have blowjobs sex with Sebastian or any other male characters. Remember before that The Academy game part 1 plot did mention that all of the previous male photographers were fired and sacked from Principle’s Valentine Academy due to having some sexual relationship with any of the female characters from The Academy. Please punish Principle Valentine with lots of blackmailed sex scenes with her and therefore, all the former male photographers could witness her sexual relationships with any other male characters or workers in The Academy Centre including having sex with The Governor as well, so that justice could be given to those men that were sacked by her from The Academy.

      I can ress assure you Dsp 3000 and Chaotic that by having some blackmail sex plot scenes towards Principle Valentine, it would further increase The Academy Part 4 game ratings to about 60 to 80%. Just give it a shot and you would find and see the different results in The Academy Part 4 compared to the previous chapter of The Academy games.

      So, how would my suggestions be as I had mentioned above here. I would be looking forward in receiving your reply soon.

      Thank you so much.

      David Ong.
      Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

      1. How do you know the governor’s daughter is hot? I mean she is for sure. But she wasnt on any of previous images so far.

  2. The truth of the matter is, the Academy showcases so many different girls, I feel this series could go on indefinitely. It’s a rich world that could continue with a lot more episodes, or branch off into their own storylines. Subsequent stories would benefit from the history that has already been established.

    Gameplay for Tara pt. 3 was fairly simple and straightforward, but the images/presentation were excellent. I think it would be kinda nice to see Tara pop up sometime in future games in a cameo role, as a sort of throwback tribute. Would be nice to see her in a high quality render 🙂

    Really fantastic work with the Academy series so far. I think it’s fair to say it’s been the most ambitious game to-date in this genre.

  3. The progress and the quality of every game is advancing and getting better with every single release, so keep up the good work! I’d like to know if Laura is getting more protagonism or even a standalone game in the future, because she is cool character in my opinion and she deserves more.

  4. It’s looking excellent DSP!!! Keep up the great work! totally forgot about Megan…I hope we get to see more of her in part 4 🙂

  5. Yeah i wouldn’t mind after finishing the series having more games in the academy universe and we get more games even after episode 5 ends

    1. With all the ideas I have and all the plot deviations and possibilities that are presenting themselves, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if The Academy spawns a few side projects and continuations.

      I have at least three additional full game ideas that derive directly from the current story.

      1. I know, you didn’t want to make crossover between your girls, Chaotic’s and Stompers, but i think – a lot of us want to see lake party, or photographer with all released girls in one large game… Sorry if i mistake…

  6. Sorry, one more comment. DSP, a question for you. I know your mind is on the Academy series right now and the 4th part looks amazing. But, are you thinking of adding another Tara Game? The replay value for those games is amazing. I’ve replayed them so many times. Thanks and again the 4th Academy looks amazing!! Best wishes!

    1. Yeah, Tara and Natalia aren’t dead.
      I have thought about a game based on the conversations you have with them in the bar in Tara part 2.

      1. Thank you so much for the reply, DSP. That sounds VERY interesting!! I’m so glad to hear they’re not dead and that you’re thinking about a game! Really looking forward to Part 4 of the Academy. Best of luck and thanks again.

  7. and…..

    the HDD died 🙁

    damn i hope you are more lucky than me, i just lose 3 weeks of work because my HDD just died. and nope, i not have backup as i not expected it to died and its work soo i will not backup all my work, each work make around 2Gb size :/

    but , well, good to hear good news from here 🙂

    gimme dat valentine !

  8. One always underestimates how much effort something will really take. haha

    Keep at it, dsp.

  9. Great to hear some of your backstory and how you got started creating your own games. I wish I could do what you and Chaotic do. While the character Tara wasn’t my favorite you had plenty of other stunning girls in that series that made it worth multiple replays. Your work, ability and quality has grown by leaps and bounds. Thanks for the tease images, just so damn hot.

    As someone above said, you have so many gorgeous women in the Academy series that you have a huge jumping off point for many more games. With all the work and background you’ve laid out in Academy you could build on that game for many more episodes, even adding more girls, but I’m sure the difficulty with the codes for each episode would make that very difficult and time consuming. Or you could create brand new girls, but there are a few girls from the Academy that I would love to see more of perhaps in their own games. Sucks that it takes so much time to make games like these but I appreciate every minute you and Chaotic put into your work. I really look forward to whatever you have in store for the future.

  10. Chaotic DSP3000 and gentlemen, you are number one. Better games I’ve found, and I’ve been playing really much. really all thumbs up for you. Never stop.
    Thank you so much for your beautiful work.

    1. the futur Chaotic games is a free ones (Leanna)
      i guess it will finish it soon enougth.. no reason to make another game free while an specially news fresh ones is coming out for free.

  11. This is a 5-part 5-days story, have you thought about adding a couple days? what would the PC do with a couple free days with the girls over the weekend?

  12. Hi, i have a doubt:
    In part 4 it will be variations on the dialogues depending on wich achievement you have on the code???( like if you have sex or not with Jodie, Amy and Annie, been blackmailed or have kissed Bridgette)???, or it will assumed you did all that!!!

  13. Hehe yeeeaaah…..Action with Bridgy in the elevator!
    ‘Love in an elevator’ by Aerosmith! YEEEAAAHHH!

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