April 7th Update

This week, the first update from dsp3000 on his upcoming game,  Academy Part 4.

After a short break after completing part three, production on part four of my ‘Academy’ series started around mid January. This is proving to be the most complex part of the story so far due to the carry over effects from previous installments.

The codes required to play the Academy series are a way of recording information and passing it on to the next part. So what you did in one part has an effect on what you could do in the next, and so on. Be aware that you will definitely need to write down your codes from the end of part three if you want to get anywhere in part four.

The number of variables from part three means there will be several different outcomes and options available in part four. As you can probably imagine, working out all these variables is fairly complicated and time consuming, but I’m getting there.

Today the image count stands at just over 1100, and I’m just over halfway through my production schedule.

The last four weeks of production are usually the most intensive for me while I push towards completion. So with that in mind I am optimistically hoping to complete everything by the beginning of May. I wouldn’t be surprised if I run over a little, especially if I can’t keep resisting the temptation to add little extras into the planned scenes as I work on them.

For this week here are a few sample images from ‘The Academy : Part Four’.

63 thoughts to “April 7th Update”

  1. Hope theres some action with the girls in the first picture when the games released.

  2. It’s good news, i understand that’s be though and difficult to make it, because i found 19 codes to acceed part 4!!!.

    Hurry up DSP3000.

  3. Finally the first update after a very long time!!! like 4 months or something like that o.0, dsp3000 you know take your time… it is what it is.

  4. That is good news, and take your time. I was disappointed that there were no sex scenes with Didi or Bridgette, the shower scene with Bridgette was good but nothing with Didi. Hoping that Dinner Conversation with them turns into a threesome

  5. It already looks to be amazing, like the previous three! I’m hoping for another sexy scene with Jodie, as she’s so hot and surprisingly very kinky. Also hoping for a solo sex scene with Maria and finally one with the bartender too!! She looked go hot and willing

  6. IDEA: I could imagine, this game, some dilemma occurs from when the Inspectors turn up and you have the choice to stand on the side if Bridgette, Principal Valentine Jodie, Sebastiana and Didi in hope to keep your job. However, if you choose the side of the girls, you redeem loyalty between you and them. This supplys a apprppriate code and based on the choice you have, in Academy 5, you get to have multiple sexual interactions with said group (group sex, individual, shower, etc.)

  7. the game should be around 4 – 4,5 Gb size when finish completly
    (based on each part approx 750-850mb with 5 parts)

    : O
    around 6000 pics…. and i bet about less than 100 with valentine full naked :p

  8. I know this isn’t the proper place for this but I cannot for the life of me get the Jodie sex scene in part 3. I follow everything in the guide and I get the massage, the kiss, and all the invites to work out with her but then when I hug her I always get the “don’t take this the wrong way”


  9. You take a lot of time to release just one game, but at least I appreciate that there are updates in each friday.

  10. I really love The Academy series. The new images are great. Another month or so isn’t that long of a wait for something as good as this series has been so far. Keep up to great work. I think it should be clear from the postings so far that your efforts are highly appreciated.

  11. yo dsp
    really good to see you back and also can’t wait for your fourth episode

    1. that’s a good question but i think dsp said he will stop use maddison in this game

  12. Really look forward to Day 4! I’m hoping there’s some payoff with the principal 🙂

  13. Sadly, this is the reason both Dragon Age and Mass Effect stopped their story lines at 3 games each with a separate line now starting with Mass Effect.

  14. Awesomeee!!! I really hope that there is one sex scene with Didi, she is so fcking sexy… and cute too!!

  15. Awesome news, thanks for the update and sample images Dsp! Your Academy series is top notch. So many hot girls it’s hard to pick a favorite. You have an amazing talent and I can’t wait to play part 4. I say take whatever time you need, I know it will be worth the wait. Would love to see a possible crossover/collaboration someday with you and Chaotic. Some of your Academy girls and Chaotic’s Violet, April, Betsy (just a few of my favs) would be pretty damn awesome. I just can’t get enough of either of your games. I can’t imagine the work it takes to not only create the images but to come up with great stories as well.

  16. I hope the sex scenes aren’t repeats (as in somebody who already had a sex scene in games past).

      1. They are several codes depend on story line you choose. Brigitte ending is the code different.

          1. I think I know how many now, probably 6 right? I’ve only got 5 of the codes though. I can tell it to you if you’re interested.

  17. Dang, dsp! If this is what you’re doing for Part 4, I can only imagine what you’ll have to do for Part 5.

    Good luck as you head into the second half of this production schedule.

  18. could u make a slave game where the master takes out different girls it would be different where u can force them into submission or ease them into it

  19. I love this series, the game is challenging and fun. Every one of the ladies seems to have a personality. I like Holly and Lola. Its fun to go thru the various parts to get one girl or another. Will be looking forward to the 4th installment.

  20. Wow, Triss Merigold is really hot. She looks perfect for a “Paradise Island” game, or maybe a fantasy game of Ciri will also be involved.

  21. I like Jodie and I’m glad Lola is back. Now onto Bridgette and Didi and the twins.

  22. I have five codes: two A codes and three B codes. I’m probably missing an A code, although God knows I’ve tried enough different storylines. There may be C and D codes (as there were in previous installments), but I’m not sure those outcomes will be very exciting.

        1. We could e-mail each other or we could just tell the codes right here. Either way I’m down with it, hell I’ll even go first.

          1. Actually, upthread is an A code I’m missing (Marco Paris post). But maybe there are more than three??? Counting that new one, the three A codes I have begin A005, A605, and A035. The three B codes I have begin B034, B604, and B004. Which are you missing? I’ll be happy to give that full code. But I don’t want to post my email publicly. Nor do I want to do something that results in all codes being listed, and risk pissing off dsp3000.

            1. The codes work differently to those used at the start of part two and part three.
              For a start there are eight characters in the codes you will need for part four rather than the six character codes used previously. The longer codes record more accurately information which is passed on the the next part of the game.
              Each of the eight characters is generated by something you did in part three. So for example, if you kissed Bridgette then one of the characters will be different than if you upset her. These outcomes effect the story in part four.

              In terms of the codes; each of the code characters has at least two possible generated variables, whuch means there are probably a few hundred different code combinations in total.

              Therefore, I wouldn’t really recommend trying to list them all. I haven’t.

              The idea with the codes is so that you can continue the story where you left off.

              All will become clearer when the game is released in a few weeks.

  23. Hey Chaotic, I see you have done some Witcher images on your Tumblr. Does that mean we are getting a witcher-type game?

  24. Hey, thanks for the update dsp3000.
    The 4th instalment of ‘The Academy’ will be great! I’m looking forward to playing this.

    Oh, thanks too Chaotic for the Tumblr upload of the Hispanic Nascar driver. She looks really hot.
    Can’t wait to see her naked, and in a game.

  25. Hopefully there will be a sex scene with Principle Valentine in the upcoming game

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