April 1st update

April 1st

So, the first thing I want to address today is the date.

I did debate doing something in the April fools day spirit, but I ultimately decided against it. Plenty of the visitors to this site are international, and I don’t know how universal April fools is. People might just get confused.

Which is a shame. I did have an entire fake announcement worked out. I was going to quit releasing two large games per year, and instead follow the common Patreon creators model of only one game at all, but released dripfeed by tiny expansions every month, even though they were the most basic images possible and clearly only took me about 1 day to make. I was then going to milk anything I made for as long as possible, continuing far beyond the plot’s natural end until everyone was thoroughly sick of it, my revenue began to slowly drop, and I would begrudgingly move onto to something else.


But. no. I don’t think everyone would have gotten the joke and I would have been more likely to confuse rather than amuse.


Slow and steady means she will eventually be finished.

Here’s a new preview of the third possible ‘fitness’ choice, the gym (the other two being yoga and basketball).

I’m getting a bit tired of just rendering the buildup, so when I finish all of the gym images, I think I’m going to cut to the end and start rendering some of the sex segments. Really need to start playing with a naked Leanna. 🙂

Academy Part 4

Dsp3000 is still working diligently on the next in his series. We may have a full blog post from him next week, but if we don’t, understand that it’s only because he’s working hard on content instead.

Girl group game

A little while ago, I floated the idea of a ‘girl group’ based game where you could romance several members of an all female singing group.

When Leanna’s done, I’ll probably want to do something in Poser next. Crystal Part 3 is the obvious choice, but I’ve used up about half the ideas for her game in Leanna, so I’m probably going to need to do something else while I come up with enough scenes I like.

I have a few basic characters worked out. I really want to finally use Mia in this. I think she’ll fit well.

Beyond that, I have another character I’ve been working on. She could be the second member.

For a third member, I like the idea of a little variety in the body shapes. Someone quite small, skinny, probably with smaller breasts.

Still just gathering ideas at the moment though. Given the setting, it seems easier to write scenes than it does for Crystal part 3 though.


No poll just yet. I may add one if something occurs to me.

40 thoughts to “April 1st update”

  1. I honestly don’t like Leanna’s face. she looks like starved when she was young, but due to some luck she could gain some weight, but still the marks remain, and that’s why her face looks like not full.

  2. The third character idea sounds really good! it would be awesome if she was a redhead too… idk just a random idea

  3. Leanna looks hot in the latest photo! She reminds me a little of Ivanka Trump (sorry!)

    I’m personally into big boobs (like your second band member) but support he idea having different girls of different shapes and sizes. No fun to have everyone look the same.

  4. I really like your new “second” character. She is hot. Kind of reminds me of Casandra with larger breasts. Really hot!

  5. I really like the two new character!

    Here a storyidea: The Player (you) has an aircraft crush and lands on a lonley Island. The only people there are a clan full of naked or halfnaked woman. If you don’t get their lust over 100 in a time they will sacrifice you in a volcano for the Island god. But if you get their lust over 100, than you are their new god and you could nearly do anything with them you want. . A fact for them that you could be their god is that you came/falled from the air.

    Just an idea from my Head…

    Or a Story after Fallout

    And I would like to see a 3rd Part of the photographer with the Girls from ‘the academy’

    1. I like that idea. Maybe “sex for survival” where sex with different women earns you different health levels. If you don’t score enough points in each day, your health looms lower and you are also more prone to being sacrificed. And maybe you DO get sex with the head Queen (if you get enough points) but if you don’t make her orgasm, she unceremoniously sacrifices you on the spot. That way there’s lots of sex scenes but they aren’t the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is a big orgy with heaps of hot naked women that give you eternal life.

  6. Both Mia and the new character looks particularly good. Cannot wait to see something with them (after Leanna, of course, which also looks like it’ll be a really cool game).

  7. For what it’s worth I thought your planned April Fool’s joke would have been amusing and make me go “what?” for a few seconds before remembering the date.

  8. Maybe someone could do a game like House Party (Look on Game Jolt) or maybe in the setting of a house party where there are multiple girls, but that idea of a girl group sounds cool

  9. Maybe a game in a house party where there are multiple girls,but that idea of a girl group sounds cool

  10. Hey Chaotic I was just wondering, why not put the images for Leanna at 1920×1080 instead of the current 1700×1000, cause 1080p is a bit more higher quality but also it also fits to most peoples monitors and devices better, at least in my experience of animating. Thanks in advance for your response.

    1. as it took hours and days to render only a few pictures.. i guess it will take years to render pics in HD 1080p :p

      thats why i guess

    2. Hey! 🙂

      The reason why the images are a slightly lower resolution than 1080p is basically so that the rest of the game can fit around them.Remember that the game will also have dialog options a the bottom and the character’s dialog above the image.

      I did have a 1920×1080 monitor in mind when I decided on the resolution, so everything should fit into place just fine.

  11. my birthday the 4 april … (nope, no april fool, its serious :p )

    1 years old more, still loving this concept of game … something never change 🙂

    ps: for how is curious, i got 31… 32 in some days

  12. oh btw, in the gym picture, they are an poster about fight club… i think you should add it in the game too as gym option.. can be good to kick her ass or get kicked by her XD

  13. I really like the girl group idea. I also like that you can romance more than one of the girls. Two of my favorite free game creators (Tlaero and Mortze) released a game based on a male character meeting and falling for his favorite female singer. While you only were able to sleep with one member (two if you played your cards right) of the band it was a damn good game. Both of your girls are hot. I like the second one best. She’s a bit thicker, like my favorite girl Violet. I usually like boobs a bit smaller but her face and rest of her body is amazing so can’t complain. The idea of the girls having different figures is a great idea. Hope maybe they have different attitudes as well. Maybe wild child/rocker chick, badass, nerdy/reserved/good girl, athletic/high energy. Something like that could be cool.

    Gotta say I just love how you’ve progressed with your female characters. Don’t get me wrong, the girls from your earlier games are hot but your girls from your games in the past couple of years are just next level gorgeous. I find myself playing Betsy and April and Violet over and over. Wish they would never end.

    Can’t wait for Dsp’s next installment of Academy. Some seriously stunning girls in that game and the concept is great.

    Keep up the damn fine work!

  14. I like the look of the 2nd band-member – she resembles Rachel McAdams a little bit 🙂 And yes, she could do with a more modest chest; it would actually suit her better, I think.

    Maybe one of the characters could be a little older, like in her late 30’s/early 40’s; She could be a long-time musician that has had some experience in the limelight years ago. It would allow for a rich backstory and layered personality. She doesn’t even have to be part of the band – maybe the tour manager/agent.

    As for Leanna, I think she looks great!

  15. Is there any other websites with games like these to play while we wait for a new game here?

    1. they are the whole playforceone website full of this kind of games from every creators around.
      i think it also have some vdg game (the free ones)

    1. You mean the girls page?

      Just go on the site’s homepage and click ‘choose a girl’.

  16. The 2nd potential band member looks really hot. Strip poker in a game is a fantastic idea.

    1. YES PLEASE!

      In fact there could be mini strip poker games for all characters, including dsp3000’s characters.
      Keep them for member’s only and use to encourage paid membership.

  17. When I read the above post I misread the subtitle “Girl Group Game” as “Girl Group Name” instead. I thought it was going to be a poll on what you should name the group. Anyway, in case you hadn’t come up with a name for the group already, I wondered whether you could call them “Chaotic Lovers” or “The Chaotic Lovers” just as a bit of a double entendre.

  18. I really like the look of the brunette “2nd member” character. She will be great in a band member sex game.

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