February 24th Update

So, sadly a bit of bad news today. It looks like the release of Leanna is going to get pushed back by a fairly significant amount. Now that I’ve been rendering IRAY images in larger groups for while, I’m seeing all of the problems as they are, from a tech view, and then from an artistic one.

The tech view

Firstly, batch rending things overnight is good, but it isn’t as great as I thought it would be. Using the graphics cards for so long wears it down a little so that the next image takes longer. So, say you have 20 images which will take 30 minutes each to render. The first 8 will take about 30 mins, but then they will start to take 40, then 50. By the time you get to image 15, they are taking about 2 hours each to render. The issue is solved by simply restarting the computer, but it’s not really an option at 3am.

About a third of the time, there’s also normally another issue. Maybe the scene is too dark, maybe there’s weird reflection from a character’s eyes that makes them look possessed. Maybe, as occurred earlier this week for an entire set of ten I rendered overnight, Kristen will be super shiny for some reason and I’ll have to re-render the entire set, but first of all do about 7 test renders to find what the problem was.

So, I was generalizing and optimistically saying that I could render 150 images per week – and that would be true if everything worked flawlessly the first time. But it doesn’t. This week I’ve only been able to add about 30 new images to the game. There may be some weeks when I’m on a roll and get 100 images plus rendered, but I think they’re going to be the rare ones.

I’m rendering what I can during the daytime, but the another problem with that is it’s interfering with my work a little. I have a ‘main’ job away from this site and I do a lot of it from home. Some of the softwares I use for the job require a graphics card, so I can’t really render anything using IRAY while I’m doing that.

The artistic view

Some things have been starting to bug me about Leanna from an artistic view too. As it is, the game is more linear than I’d like.

The game structure of Betsy goes something like this :

  • Linear day 1
  • Choice of 3 dates
  • Linear day 2
  • Choice of 3 dates
  • Linear day 3
  • Choice of 3 photoshoot locations
  • Linear series of ending sequences (though with different scenes and consequences depending on earlier choices)

Leanna by comparison, goes like this :

  • Linear day 1
  • Choice of 2 activities
  • Linear day 2
  • Linear day 3
  • Linear day 4
  • Linear day 5
  • Choice of 2 activities
  • Linear day 6
  • End sequences

As you can see, there’s much less choice in this game, and it’s been really starting to bug me. I made things a little more linear in order to reduce the amount of work, but I don’t know if it’s worth it. As much as I could at the time, I’ve always tried to make these games have the most amount of choice possible.

So, what I intend to do is expand the game, even if it means more work. I want to do this game right more than I want to do it quickly. So, that’s what I’m going to do!

I need at least one more day in there with three choices. I also need to expand the times you have a choice of 2 activities and make it three.

I am also going to include the choice of selecting ethnicity! I know according to the stats that only (I think) 25% of people play as black characters, but that’s still a pretty significant amount. Having that option has been a hallmark of my games ever since Maddison too. It’s only right that it’s there.

So, what is happening?

I’ve been pushing to finish this one as soon as possible, but my normal schedule is to release two big game per year – one around January/February, and one around July/August. Maybe that should have been the reasonably expectation this whole time.

I’m going to continue working on Leanna as much as I can, but I don’t expect it to be finished until late May. It may even be longer, so be prepared! It is possible the game may not see a release until October (ish). If it looks like game production will take that long, I will probably start another game with the intention of a summer release. Most likely Crystal Part 3, but another possibility is the Girl Group game I was floating the idea of last week. Either way, it’ll be rendered with Poser, but IRAY.

To make up for the delay a little though, here a picture of Leanna doing her best Marilyn Monroe impression.

Free game

So, that means it’s time to release a free game! Since it’s been a while, it needs to be a big one too. I was going to have a poll to decide which one, but let’s face it ; it’s going to be Photographer Part 2. So, that’s what I’m doing.

Photographer Part 2 will be released for free two weeks today, March 10th.

Members game

It hasn’t been too long since there was a members game, plus it shouldn’t be too long until Academy Part 4 is there, but I still kinda want to do something small for the members section.

The short story I did for the advent calendar was quite popular. It was also easy to do for me. Since I already had all of the characters and the scene of Betsy’s bedroom setup, It only took me 2 days to complete.

I think maybe a pack of short stories similar to that might be a good way to go. Call it ‘VDate stories’, and have it be 5 or so images series of a little episodes in various characters lives.

I’m not sure though. I’ll think about it.


40 thoughts to “February 24th Update”

  1. i m just checking around and it look like this render problem is well know from iray specially combined with DAZ.

    hope the devs will post a fix for this : /

    damn, i cant just imagine this nude pic you share i this post like if it was the 40 pic of the day will took you about 10 hours to render …. dat some crazy and serious shit, a real pain to work with this problem.

  2. I support you taking the time to release the games you feel proud of and not just to meet an arbitrary deadline.

    1. By the way, this is only joke. I fully support the delay of the game so you can make it how you want it and be proud of it when it’s finished. I would like to hear from dsp3000 though

  3. Great! I fully support your decision! I agree the ability to select ethnicity has been a hallmark of your games, and one that makes your games unique (whether one actually plays as that character on one’s first playthrough or not). I think the idea of introducing more choices is well worth the possible delay. Better a job well-done than a job made fast!

    If you are going to implement new choices, have you thought about doing something you haven’t done before? I’m thinking something like impregnation, because I can’t remember that ever happening in any of your previous releases and I think that could be a cool optional outcome (or at the very least a hint of such happening).

    1. Probably won’t be going with the impregnation option I’m afraid.

      Irrelevant of my own opinion of the fetish, I think the main problem is the suggestion of it creating a child. Since there’s always the possibility that the character we play as in most of these games are the same person, I don’t really like the idea of the player abandoning their responsibilities as a parent in favor of sexual adventures around the city with other women.

      1. Well you could always say they’re all a bunch of different people you play as in all of these games. I mean the player always has a different job overtime you post a new game on.

      2. Well, yes I totally get what you are saying, but I like to think of each game (or at least a large portion of them) as existing within alternate/parallel universes. So while the player is living “happily ever after” with Madison in one game, s/he is also doing it with Lisette in another game, and the there is no conflict between the two. Madison will not get angry because the player is “cheating” with Lisette simply because s/he never they never hooked up in the first place (unless the story is written in a way that it actually takes place in the same universe). Certain games will of course continue to have a set of continuity simply because the plot devise calls for it (such as “Photographer” and “Academy”) but is different.

        On this account, I don’t consider the concept of pregnancy as inherently problematic. Getting Leanna (or anyone) knocked up could be an option the player could make in the course of the game, and even so, it wouldn’t mean that Leanna would have a kid next time around we meet her in a different game. In the event we see her again, we can all either assume it is a Leanna in a different reality or that the “no impregnation” option was chosen. For those that favoured “impregnation”, well, they can just assume the player is a responsible, loving father through the rest of his days in that reality and we are now “turning over a new leaf” with a different version of ourselves, something like a different “what-if” scenario. 🙂 Just to be clear, I wasn’t talking about showing the whole trimester, in case it is a question of it making the rendering more difficulty. All of this could be communicated through dialogue or text.

        At any rate, that’s my take on it, and this does not necessarily only apply to impregnation, but basically any kind of action/relationship pursued with any of the characters in the series. Bottom lie, whatever the player chooses to do in one game should not necessarily impede on the artistic freedom of what can, or cannot be done in another game.

  4. I think that if the game needs to be released in october, so be it. It’s way better to have a good polished game with good story and multiple options than just a game with nothing new or any improvement at all.

    Take your time and just focus on your personal or main job, although people here are suportive and are waiting for a game, that should not interfere with your life. We will wait all the time needed to make this game, a great game.

    1. i agree . a good game is worth waiting for . but in the meentime i suggest releasing another older game as freegame , i vote for strippers( i want to know Annabelle and Roxie a bit more)

      1. Lol. Photographer Part 2 isn’t big enough for you?

        You know it’s the largest game I’ve ever made, right? 🙂

        1. Can you post a walkthrough of photographer part 2 when you release it as a free game? I couldn’t find any on the web

  5. Sad to hear this is being delayed, but that’s okay. Take your time. Best to put out something you’re proud of than shit something out because you feel obligated to.

    The model for Leanna looks great, btw. Progress has definitely been made.

  6. Quality over quantity wins all the time. Amazing how good this game is looking, it’s a shame you’re having a bit of a hard time though.

    Quick question. So it’s dsp3000 who’s going to work on the choose a girls section?

    1. I’m afraid I don’t understand your question.

      The choose a girls section will be updated soon though, yes.

      1. I saw someone ask if the girls section was going to be updated soon on your last post. You then said that yes, it reminded you why you had to contact dsp3000. I thought you were implying he was going to work on it so that he could add his characters so that we could tell the difference between both of your creations.

        Thank you for answering though. Appreciate how dedicated you are to your work.

        1. Chaotic contacted me for a full list of all the girls who have appeared in my games so as not to miss any out when he updates the ‘Choose a Girl’ page on the website.

          So far I’ve introduced 17 new female characters to the Vdategames universe plus 2 male characters.
          I can also reveal that there will be 3 new characters who will appear in The Academy : Part Four.

          PS: @Chaotic; I’ve sent you the email now. 🙂

  7. still no opinions on the game idea from February 10, 2017 at 9:28 am or my idea for the Emma game from December 24, 2016 at 5:25 am(i would like to hear what Chaotic think)

    1. OK, though I’m not too sure what I can say about them.

      The ideas you’ve posted are very vague, though with an odd emphasis on giving everyone a surname. They seem alright from what I’ve seen, but since I already have about four more games lined up, I don’t think it’s likely I’ll ever be pursuing them. Sorry, Dude, but I appreciate the effort.

    1. There are two possibilities :

      1- You were previously a members
      2 – You illegally downloaded it from somewhere.

      1. I’ve been a member for quite some time. So this is a different game than the one listed on the main page?

  8. Had a thought that you might explore. It is sort of a play off the party scene in the Photographer series. Have the whole game be in a social setting… a party, a bar or something. And there are 3 or 4 possible girls for the character to score with. Each girl has a different route and has a different response to the same questions. one girl would be more outgoing like Rachel. Another might be less wild, but still not shy. just takes a little work to open her up. The other is maybe nervous and inexperienced, uncomfortable in social settings, so she might eagerly leave with you, but not be quick to go to bed. Or maybe one is quiet, low key. The other is very athletic and wants you to prove your athleticism before you go to bed. Another is very wild, but you have to go streaking, skinny dipping or something exceptionally wild before she is “charged” enough to have sex. One could even be a lesbian or bisexual, which has the possibility of leading to a 3-some with her girlfriend if you play your cards right. I just thought of another possible 3-some. Say one of the less wild girls has a twin. Play your cards right and you meet the wild twin, who talks you into playing spin the bottle or strip poker or something. Truth or Dare, a drinking game, whatever. And it can lead to a 3-some there too.

    It might be difficult. If so, just ignore it, but the idea does give the game some decent replayability because you have each girl with a possible sex ending, one with a possible 3-some ending and then the usual “bad” paths. With the “wild” girl, a bad path could see you getting thrown in jail for public nudity. Guess it’d be pretty big though, huh?

    1. Not just yet.

      It’ll be done when it’s done and announced when it”s announced.

  9. Hey, sorry to read about the rendering issues with IRay. You are probably already onto it but I find that the Glossiness setting in Surface is often defaulting to the max when I use a V4 item in IRay, so now I always check it before rendering and drop it down real low.

    I did not know you can set up for multiple renders to happen in a row. Cool trick, how do you set it up?


      1. I gave up on IRay renders after the first time I stared at my computer monitor for 40 minutes with not much happening. The thought of multiplying that experience by 2000 times was too much to contemplate.

        You are right though, they can look really fantastic.

        I’m sticking to 3Delight renders with a bit of postscript for the time being.

  10. Random thought about the girl group game: Maybe Tammy, Daisy, and/or Lissette could be part of the group, along with some new characters to round out the band.

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