January 27th Update

Hi everyone. Lot’s to get through today, so this is how I’m going to do it – I’ll start with a summary of Leanna, then I’ll address the polls and debates from last week.

Leanna – The summary

A lot has changed when it comes to Leanna, and I know that not everyone checks the blog every single week, so I feel it’s appropriate to have a summarizing description so everyone knows exactly what’s happening.

Leanna is an upcoming, free game for the site.

Leanna Marseilles is a local news anchor for the city the player lives in. I’ll be reusing the premise that the player is a photographer again (though not necessarily the same photographer as seen in other games). You are initially hired by the studio to do some formal publicity shots of Leanna, however, as you are doing so, you witness an argument between the journalist and her assistant, Kristen, who then quits.

It transpires that the two were preparing to take part in a TV quiz show in two weeks time. The premise of the quiz (as inspired by an episode of American Dad), has teams of two ‘best friends’ answering question on each other. Whoever gets the most questions right, wins the show.

Leanna has a bit of a personality problem (she’s a bitch), and so doesn’t have any friends. When asked to appear on the quiz, she therefore asked her assistant instead. Since Kristen has now quit, the player offers to be her partner instead. Leanna hesitantly agrees.

What follows is the main body of the game. The two of you spend 2 weeks together, over which time you ‘fake’ your friendship by joining in as many activities and visiting as many places as possible (essentially dates), while taking as many photos as possible to be shown at the quiz. You also crash course each other’s history, learning as many favorite movies, songs, hobbies etc as possible.

Along the way of course, romance can flourish, and Leanna’s bitchy personality can be improved to the point where she’s a much nicer person by the end of the game.

Leanna is intended to the the first of a new generation of games. Instead of using the normal base models and software, I am using the Genesis 3 bases (a new, more detailed cgi model), and I will be rendering everything in daz studio with IRAY, which provides a much more realistic look to everything.

As usually with my games, you will be able to play as either male or female, though as a test I’m not going to add an ethnicity option (I checked the stats and hardly anyone uses them). As a new mechanic, I’m also adding the option of switching camera angles during certain scenes (such as sex scenes). It will be entirely optional, and if you’re male, you will never see the face of the MPC in order to maintain the illusion that it’s you. For the FPC though, I’ll just be showing everything.

Here’s the image of the new character selection screen so that you can see what I mean.

I will also be upgrading the image size for this game from 1280×720, to 1700×1000. I have a 4k monitor now, and old sizes were far too small. The new size should just the the right fit for the normal 1920×1080 screens too.

The polls and karma

The plan recently with this game was to have a ‘karma’ variable which applied to Leanna and that the player can slowly alter through the game. Initially, Leanna has very bad karma (as she is not a particularly nice person), and through choices and actions, the player can improve her karma. Should she end up with ‘good karma’ at Β the end of the game, you would get a ‘nice’ ending, but if she had ‘bad karma’, you would get a ‘nasty’ ending. I’ve been through a few scenarios of what this nasty ending could be, from S&M style setups to some sort of orgy where Leanna makes you watch her have sex with a bunch of guys.

None of these scenes really resonated with me though as I’m not into their fetishes. It was also worth mentioning that it’s unlikely that any of you were really into them either. Generally speaking, people are attracted to a site’s erotic content when it shares the same interests they do. I’ve never had any serious S&M or boy+boy+girl scenes, so they’re probably notΒ your thing either. The polls I posted on the blog seemed to confirm this.

So, what am I into then? Public exhibitionism! Yeah, I don’t know if I’ve ever officially stated this, but this is totally my fetish, and if you look back though my games, it’s probably pretty obvious to you. Nearly every game I’ve made has sex somewhere you’re not supposed to be, streaky, public photoshoots etc. Betsy alone has photoshoots in 3 different public locations, sex at a school, sex in a nightclub, Betsy flashing a little at said nightclub, Violet dancing naked at a public pool, and of course some brief on stage nudity.

So, I decided that’s what I’m going for. An ending where the player and Leanna have a ‘rampage’ of sex and nudity in as many public places as possible.

The problem with this so, is that it doesn’t really fit with the idea of ‘low karma’. A person is perfectly capable of having both good karma and sex in a public place.

All of the potential ‘low karma’ endings, were generally quite nasty, which doesn’t really fit with the tone of the site. I was also concerned that, if it becomes about deliberately making her have poor karma, it becomes a corruption game (a common sub-genre of erotic games), and I don’t want to become about debasing Leanna.

So, I can’t remember what series of thoughts brought me to it, but I decided that this should be all about Leanna’s ‘facade’. At the beginning of the game, she has a mean and very conservative outlook on life, but as you get to know her, you find thatΒ she has a much kinder and naughtier side which has been suppressed for many years now. The facade is the fake version of herself which she created for the sake of her news channel persona, and has consumed her. Your mission is to break it down.

I like this. It means you’re making her naughtier, but it’s not in a negative, debasing sort of way. It actually has quite a positive message about being true to yourself. It also has similar game logistics to the ‘confidence’ level in Betsy, but is very different at the same time. It’ll also be working backwards, the ‘facade’ will start off at 100, with your aim being to reduce it to 0 for the best ending.

So, that’s where everything is right now, and I very happy with it.

So, how does all of that sound to you?

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Finally, I’ll leave you with this image from when you meet Leanna in a bar at the start of the game. It may be the most beautiful, detailed image I’ve ever done, and it really shows the advantages of using Daz studio and IRAY.

95 thoughts to “January 27th Update”

  1. Hi Chaotic,

    First let me say that I am slightly dissapointed that you chose to avoid the b,b,g or more idea, but I hope you will look into it for future games

    I am also slightly dissapointed that you are not going to try new things, the rampage ending does sound good but follows the same ending as most of your other games

    I would suggest making a game with corruption being the main focus, like I said before you could have a game based on betsy and her partners separation because of what somebody made them do.

    I hope that you do add b,b,b,b,g and cuckold to at least 1 of your games at some point this year

    1. Fair enough. I had an inkling you would be disappointed, but this story setup is clearly the one I would have most doing.

      Highly doubt I will ever do a corruption story. It’s not something I’m really interested in, and there’s a ton of them around on the internet already. It seems like 90% of the erotic games I see these days are corruption or incest based.

      Not too sure where you got the idea of this ending being like most of my other games though.I’m struggling to think of one that’s even close.

      1. I made another question in another comment to my last comment, sorry I did not mean ending like other games, just that it seems very similar to many others.

        Last question for a long time, will you be adding b,b,b,b,g options at some point to any games?

        I a hugefam of your work Chaotic and wish you the best but please expand on the fetishes and try them from time to time in your new games

      2. Sorry for my last comment, I was at work and rushing without thinking of what I was typing at the time

        I was simply stating that in the end the game is the same as Rachael, Lisettie, Maddison and other games where we go around fucking in different locations (all of which are great games)

        Do not get me wrong Chaotic I truly do love your work but the question still remains will you open up to the idea of a male orgy or more as you did incest?

        And I do appreciate that it is a free game, god speed to you with that

      3. Good call Chaotic. Stick to your guns.
        I used to play fantasy sex games on a few sites but got sick of all the rape & incest ones coming up. Complete turnoff.

        I’ve been a silent member of your site for over a year now and it’s been good.

    2. Also I have to ask, will we be filmed or will we see other people while doing the rampage and maybe pay them to join in for a public orgy?

      That way you could have groups of boys and girls doing things together

          1. If chaotic and the crew aren’t into certain fetishes any attempt for them to write a convincing scene around that fetish would probably be dissapointing. Generally people write about what they are into and the best stories come about when the writer can imagine themselves in that role. My suggestion is to leave chaotic to do what he does best and search out some of the other game developers who make the content you’re looking for.
            That being said I also voted for b/b/b/b/g (So let me know if you find any good ones.) But the ending he is going for does seem to be more appropriate for the story he is trying to tell.
            P.s. your artwork is looking amazing keep it up

          2. To La_st1

            I could not reply on your comment (this limited reply thing is really annoying)

            I understand it is his decision and choice to make and I respect that but we would never know if it was a good idea if he never tries, like with Rachael and Cass on Photographer 2, that was an amazing thing, then he blew my mind with that Betsy’s Christmas special. He says he does not like incest but I say he is really good at it, so he will never know if he never wishes to try

            That is why I always vote on change, I do not like anal or BDSM but welcome the idea and would still play through it regardless of my limitations (skip button) πŸ˜€

            And as a last comment it is hard to find games as good or better than Chaotic’s that have b,b,b,b,g scenes in them (unless on Patreon with the pixel style game type)

            1. Looks like I found the setting that was limiting the amount of replies. You should be fine now. πŸ™‚

  2. Hey, Good to hear on how Leanna will go! Do you have a time frame for its completion? Also, how are MrStomper and DSP3000 progressing?

    1. No time frame yet. Now that I know how the entire plot is going to happen though, I should be able to start gauging how long it will take soon.

  3. I have to say, I’m quite relieved by this post. The nature of your games are very subjective, I mean you ARE the main character, not playing as a guy who is. And frankly, I can’t see myself engaging in some of the nasty things that were mentionned…

  4. I see you picked rampage, the rampage is fine.. i have no problems there.. my girlfriend and i actually love your games and imagined somehow the jobs we pick would be different or at least we just input it and it wouldn’t play a big role in the game, kinda like what you didn’t do with rachel part 3 or in any other game.. i understand that you are very busy and that you’re trying your very best to make the most out of the game and i respect that.. i was one of the people who also changed my vote so that you can have the opportunity to rethink it over, just so you know.. i suggested something different, that you change the job description of the player as i thought that being a photographer is always used as one of the main jobs and its getting pretty old, at least for us.. photographer, office worker and gym instructor are not the only jobs in the world and i suggested that instead, we should just type our jobs right from the start the way the game asks for our name, and it just mentions what our job we typed in the beginning in the latter aspect of the game.. this gives the player i think a more point of viewish, since it kinda immerses the player in the game itself instead of pretending yourself to be a photgrapher or somewhat else.. no point in making an argument over it now since you’re done with it and i think it’ll just fall on deaf ears again.. this is the last time im gonna say something in your blogs too.. somehow this killed the excitement for me over the past few weeks, since ive been waiting and checking your blogs every day and your tumblr too.. anyway who am i to say different, im just a guy and your still one of the experts in making these kinds of games.. great details and epic visuals on the scenes by the way.. its a shame i wont download or try playing it.. so good luck man, and wishing you the best when leanna comes out as i know a lot of people will enjoy playing it..

    1. It’s not that he thinks those are the only jobs in the world. He just found it easier to initiate sex scenes with the photographer, I’m sure the gym instructor made it easier to get list in dates and the office worker was thrown in because it’s one of the most common jobs out there. However, he has sort of fallen back to the photographer for character continuity and consistency.

    2. So, just to clarify, your objection is that there aren’t enough jobs options at the start? Seems like a weird thing to have as you dealbreaker to me, but OK.

      Part of the reason why I go with Photographer so often is that it’s a familiar thing we could all see ourselves doing. I mean, we all take photos, right?

      On possible explanation could be that you are a part time photographer, but have another main job as well (or just full time photographer if you wish). It could just be something you enter in then turn up later in fame a few times.

      It might to useful for the quiz segment too. What do you say?

  5. Wow Chaotic, these are some really great news. I’m so glad there is not option to be demean Leanna’s value, it felt morally wrong. It’s even better that the main character won’t be a cuckold. Just work at a pace you’re comfortable with and the game will be ready sooner than we expected.

    Just one question, why is this photographer not the same from the other games? I liked that premise from your games.

    1. It certainly can be the same character if you want to see it that way, I just never explicitly state that it is.

      It’s up to you to decide! πŸ™‚

      1. Considering I play as a female most the time for the Lesbian factor, I do consider all of your games to be linked and within the same world making a cross over playable character possible

        My only wish is we had more of it, that and Incest (sorry had to get it in) πŸ˜€

        1. Well the premise was that you’re the photographer, that’s why you see him in so may games, for consistency.

  6. I applaud the decision, and also commend you for both considering a lot of options and engaging in dialogue with visitors to the site. For this particular game (Leanna), it makes sense for you to defer to your own preferences for a couple of reasons:

    1. It’s your site. There are plenty of other sites and games that feature other fetishes.

    2. It’s a free game. You don’t have to deal with lack of subscriptions/renewals because you pissed off a paying member.

    Looking forward to playing it.

  7. So Justin to confirm, th re is an ending where you have sex in public places/get other girls involved?

    1. There is an ending with sex in public places, but there will probably be a scene after that where you have the threesome.

  8. I’m a little bit dissapointed aswell, but it’s your game and that’s why i love to play them.
    Also I’m happy that we get to see something else than all the g/g/b stuff.

    But since 30% of the oeople would like to see b/b/g (me too) you should consider an option for it in the rampage ending, maybe in a nightclub or fitness-center.
    Just a small little scene, that way a third of us is happy πŸ™‚

    1. I would be happy either way, I just wish that Chaotic would have considered appealing to use by announcing that he is still open to the idea but like you said his game his rules, back to playing the Betsy Christmas game πŸ˜€

  9. Hello Chaotic,

    I have been inspired by your games for sometime now and when you did Cass and Rachael’s Incest scene my mind was blown and I loved the Betsy Christmas scene, I was very hopeful that you would do something new, the b,b,b,b,g thing really had me on the edge of my seat, it is not something that I like but what Stargazer said about it being Cuckold was an amazing idea, I think my fetishes outweigh yours by a lot: Incest, Exhibitionism, Cuckold, NTR, Fisting, Squirting, orgy/gangbang (both groups of females and males one 1 of the opposite sex) lesbian, double vaginal/anal/oral and more, but dislike BDSM and anal.

    But enough about that time to rage, WHY did you go back on your original idea of the group sex, is it because of the polls, ha ha ha, no I highly doubt that considering how there was only a 4% difference between them, because of this Façade idea could be but no (though it is interesting but still could lead to a orgy ending), you would have gone back on it regardless as it makes it easy for you to do what you are comfortable with, people like incest (as I do) but we only got a few scenes, you want to try something new, OH people like the rampage idea that makes it easier for me as it is what I do now, SCREW YOU 38% I like what the 42% say so the 38% get screwed, that is only a difference of just over 100 votes.

    I am not in anyway saying you are a bad designer for the games, just the opposite, you are great at it but when it comes to change and trying new ideas, you back away from it without a second glance if something simpler comes along.

    Like Stargazer said make a game with b,b,b,b,g as the main bad end and a nicer one for the good end, hell I’d even go as far as to say add BDSM and hardcore anal as the second to last bad end.

    I was looking forward to seeing Leanna gangbanged by a group of men, it would have been something new and interesting, exactly what you said you had planned in the first place, rather than turning tail when given an easier option.

    Rant over, glad to get that off my chest, I do not expect you to reply as you hardly ever do.

    Regards Pissed off Fan

    p.s. I do understand that it is a new game on a new system and free so that is all good, but please remember that we all have different fetishes and once you say that you plan on doing one and more than 1000 people vote yes, then do it or you will get pissed off people like me here.

    Oh and Meh to the vote….I hardly care now

    1. Okay I respect you using my name but please it is his choice to make that happen, also I think we have almost the same number of fetishes πŸ˜€

      though mine do include Bestiality, huge insertion, food play, cum inflation, prolapsing and stomach deformation (I love me some hentai) πŸ˜€

    2. As I tried to make fairly clear in the recent week’s posts, I was never into the the idea of these fetishes myself, just floating the idea, and if there was a significant amount of interest in them, I could have been persuaded to give them a try.

      It’s also worth mentioning that it was only 42% vs 38% when I kind of pushed for it a little more. The original polls was 51% with no interest and 26% who liked it.

      I am certainly not afraid of new ideas and trying new things, but if it’s something I have no real interest in, and the majority of players have no real interest in, it seems a bit pointless just for the general sake of ‘trying something new’.

      Though sometimes, of course, this isn’t really about trying something new, is it? It’s just about some people not getting their weird fetishes satisfied, then throwing a hissy fit when they don’t get their own way.

      1. Chaotic, I understand that you updated with a new poll but is it not clearly obvious that more people changed their minds after you explained it in more detail?

        Also do you plan on ever using b,b,b,b,g because of the 12% increase of people who changed their minds next to the 9% decrease to those who did not?

        Please remember that I too changed my mind once I understood the concept and believed it to be a good one

      2. It’s me again but this time I am more calm,

        I wish to apologies for my outburst, it really did rube me the wrong way how you went back on your idea but I hope that you will use it in any future game.

        I wish to also apologies to Stargazer, I did not want him mixed up in all this, he is a person of some amazing ideas and I like his accepting of the rampage idea by adding something to it.

        It is your creative freedom Chaotic and I respect that, I like how the game will follow your chosen fetish design for a free game because it is something you are best at.

        That being said I wish to ask you a calm, more polite questions, which other games are you working on before Leanna and will any of them have a gangbang or other fetishes?

      3. Other people’s fetishes are no more weird than yours. You can by all means make the game you want to make but please don’t put down the people that don’t share the same fetishes as you.

  10. I kinda feel bad with myself now because I do read the blog every single week…

    Its my first time comenting in a post too and i have to say that the game sounds really good until now and the “facade” as a score system sounds pretty good too.

    I think that I read on a comment about making a game where there is a definition of what happened between Betsy and the player, that would be a really good idea to explore in my opinion. Also having a more confident and maybe naughty version of Betsy where she uses more revealing clothes or has more initiative or even a version of Betsy where she is a camgirl, thing that is very popular these days and that requires to be confident and naughty would be awesome too.

    1. That would have been my suggestion.

      the idea was to have Betsy and her partner (the player) get broken up to explain why they had split at the start of April and Violet, though I do not think Chaotic wishes to make a game where Betsy cuckolds her partner with a group of other men.

      (I will dominate the comments again) πŸ˜€

      1. It seems like a bit of a stretch that shy little betsy would turn into a cuckolding, gangbanging dominatrix slut. But It could be interesting to watch.

        1. that it would, but we would be playing from the perspective of the couple who break them up, taking Betsy while her bf/gf is tied up >:D

          I left you a comment to your last reply to me πŸ™‚

  11. Hi Chaotic

    I was wondering if there was away to talk with you about a future game idea I had?

    Thank you in advance

  12. I like your choice, period. My fetishes aren’t really out there and very much align to yours.

    There’s a tonne of hentai, domination. harcore etc. out there and, possibly because it’s not done very well, I don’t really like it. I like that your games are full of good people, and as is the case of Leanna now, if they have unattractive qualities it’s up to you as a player to redeem them. That’s attractive gameplay!

    I totally go for the wholesome aspect of your games. Perhaps that’s boring but if your games prove one thing it’s that sexy and mischievous is anything but boring – you don’t need to push the boundaries to create something brilliant, you do something simple and do it very well. And that’s your forte. To quote a legendary reviewer of ACDC’s umpteenth album: Why f**k with magic?

    Hail, Leanna! You little minx…

  13. That render at the end is awesome. If the whole game looks like that, it’ll easily be your most visually-appealing game.

  14. I think you should keep the ethnic choice in the game as well as the gender choice. Some female players might have an interest in IR scenes.

  15. Public exhibitionism is incredibly hot — I love it. Oddly enough, however, I don’t love sex all over the place. That doesn’t sound too hot to me. A woman going about town naked, however, that is hot. Scenes in prior games where you would convince a woman to get naked for a photoshoot or convince a woman to get naked on a strip club stage in front of a bunch of strangers was hot. I think what I like most about public exhibitionism is knowing that as a random stranger, I can possibly be out and seeing some woman who has never been naked in public suddenly naked right in front of me.

    If you can do something like that without the fucking, I would be down or it. Or at least there’s a big deal at first about her getting naked AND THEN she has sex in public.

    Either way, keep up the good work.

    1. If I follow your query correctly, yes. It won’t just be the sex in a public place, there’ll be lot’s of walking around and probably some photo taking too.

  16. An idea i had during the comments:

    The game flows normally, but the bad karma can attack during the game show.

    She doesn’t need to do S&M or other things to be a bad karma. The sexual frustration created by her facade could make an apperance during the show (saying or doing things inappropriate and getting caught by the game host). It can work as a punishment to the player. The series of “bitchin’ outbursts” during this part, leading to a loss at the game show and an epilogue of how bad it reflected in her life (decided to follow this bad karma and changed her life to suits better this new life, being alone because of her behavior or never getting something to satisfy her need, becoming a sex rampage, lots of differents partners, of different genders but still being a bitch and breaking up her relationships)

    1. I was thinking more along the lines that during the show, if she is naughty enough, then she could have a remote vibrator in her pants, which is controlled by the player of cores πŸ˜€

  17. Thank you for yet another free game. She looks amazing. If I correctly understand you are going to cancel the selection race in the game. This is quite the right decision. This will reduce the number of errors in the game. Do you often have errors, 3 or 4 version of the same scene. For example, in Betsy’s been absent in school82d.html.I More about Betsy dancecheck16.html dance12b the game had to be replaced by dance21b. If I’m not mistaken course. I’m sorry if you do not absolutely correctly written, I have used online translator.

  18. Leanna Marseilles

    without an “s” at end, as french, i would have say that was a terrible name XD

    DAz studio ? i thinking you using DAZ poser ? O_o i m lost

  19. Say you’re using Google webmaster to find broken links (404 error). So it will be easier to find errors in the game and quickly correct them.

    1. I don’t use google webmaster, but I do have a similar tool that checks for dead links.

      You always get at least a couple slipping through somehow though. πŸ™‚

  20. Does ot really have to be Chaotic that fulfills your game desires? I mean, there are tons of “dark” porn games out there…

    1. please name some that have cuckold, gangbangs and are of cores 3d rendered and play the same way as Chaotic’s great games.

          1. http://playforceone.com/

            if you look around that site a bit there are some games that are cuckold/gang bang routes that branch out depending on your own characters choices/faithfulness/interests etc. The site is free though, so it’s more broad strokes with the genre. But yeah, Lesson of Passion and Sex and Glory (which I’m pretty sure is an affiliate) have some thing’s I’m assuming you’d like (i.e. the Eleanor games which is alternatively titled: “Looking for More Eleanor Loving Wife or Dirty Whore” and “Living with Temptation: Wife Gone Wilder) Personally, I’m generally really not a fan of GB’s or Cuckolds, but I have to admit some of those kind of scenes in LoP games are damn hot.

            1. I do agree LOP and S&G (I am a member of both) are both very good but they are nothing like Chaotic’s games but there are not many and the guides or walkthroughs (if you can call them that) are just details nothing that can really help you out , sure some of the girls there are very hot (Lisa’s my No.1) but they hardly re-use them which I think is a shame.

              Chaotic has also done Incest (in some aspect anyways) which is something that I think even LOP and S&G have not touched yet.

          2. Check out Lesson of Passion. They just released a new game called Club Velvet Rose that may wet your whistle.

  21. Firstly, stop having a go at Chaotic, they are his games and he can build them how he likes.
    I have seen personally how people putting their over exuberant fetishes into someone elses game and ruined it for other players.

    DSP3000 and Mr Stomper managed to make games using Chaotics methods so if you want those games you could always make them yourself and maybe Chaotic will put them on his site if he wishes.

    On the Guy complaining about the other 38%, Brexit was voted for by 51.1% of the UK population so what about the other 48.9% of the UK population who don’t want o leave they have to put up with it so, so should you.

    I like the sound of a threesome of BBG but it is really up to Chaotic if it is feasible, but stop being pissed off, if you don’t like the product don’t pay for it, if you do then you can suggest things to be done POLITELY and accept the yes or no, getting angry about it is not fair on the maker or the other fans who may not want to see it.

    1. I have already apologies to Chaotic from another comment I did, I was just being over enthusiastic about the games potential for something new, but alas he has not replied to that (he is not very active when it comes to talking with his fans, unless he has another forum somewhere?)

      That being said Brexit never had a maybe vote and that is something which I personally feel should sway the votes, if you look at the poll you would see more people changed their minds, which to me is a clear indicator that people wished to see this.

      Also I do not wish to argue about this but Chaotic clearly stated that the b,b,b,b,g end would have been the absolute worst ending meaning all the other endings could have been achieved easily unless you wanted to be an absolute dick (like I have been), which I think many did not understand or were not willing to allow the acceptance of new fetishes idea into the VDG world

      1. I make weekly posts and answer every comment I can that asks a question. On this post alone, I’ve replied to at least 19 comments.

        I’m not too sure how much more active with the fan base I can get.

        1. I hope that you can accept my apology for my outburst on my initial post, you can understand that I was very pissed off that you changed your mind, but that was completely up to you, shame that Stargazer’s idea for a smaller game with a b,g,g and b,b,g ending may now never happen because of people not wanting to accept new ideas

          Keep up your great work nonetheless Chaotic, I will be a fan, be it enthusiastic or pissed off

          1. Apologies accepted, dude.

            Though I don’t think it’s a case of people (including myself) simply ‘not wanting to accept new ideas’.

  22. this sounds really interesting,i’m looking forward to it and can’t wait to play it
    and i must agree with you about the last render,it looks absolutely great,keep up with fantastic work

  23. New direction sounds fantastic. B,B,G really isn’t an interest of mine but I can at least tolerate that to an extent. Now if it’s G,G,B I’m really cool with that. The forced cuck thing idea was just a complete turnoff for me. No offense to those who enjoy that sort of thing, different strokes for different folks. If you had gone that way I liked how it would be more or less the “bad” ending and you wouldn’t be forced to view that ending because I would never have any interest in seeing that particular ending.

    My interests are pretty tame compared to some of the fetishes out there. I enjoy teasing, some exhibition, roll play like girl dressing as cheerleader/schoolgirl, upskirts both intentional and unintentional. Other than that no real fetishes. The internet has certainly opened up a huge world of let’s say “different” fetishes. I’m amazed at how many different things get people going. I appreciate that your games are the way they are and don’t have many extreme acts. The Christmas incest I can kinda watch if I imagine that the girls are step sisters and not blood, even though it is just a dream sequence.

    Anyway, I know some people are disappointed and I can understand that. I just wanted to share the thoughts of someone who is happy with the new direction. Leanna is damn hot. The concept sounds great/fun as well. Love the quiz show idea. Love how your games are POV and not 3rd person. I personally never use the ethnicity option so seeing it go doesn’t affect me. I’ve enjoyed the April and Violet game about a dozen or more times now. I’m damn glad you found the will to finish it. Even though it didn’t have multiple endings I’ll take all I can get of Violet lol. I know I’ve said it before but for me she is your best character. April and Kelly are a close second. Speaking of Kelly, think we’ll ever see anymore of her in the future? I know she’s an older character and you probably have a ton of new girls you have ideas for but she is freaking gorgeous. Looking forward to your next post

    1. In her current form, I have no plans for Kelly, but I have been considering converting some of the older characters to Genesis 3 (like Leanna is).

      It seems complicated though, so I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do it.

  24. I do have to say that im disappointed in where you decided to go with the karma system, it almost feels like it shouldn’t even be there if what I percieved when I read this is true. Can you, DSP3000, or MrStomper make a game where the karma system affects the life of the partner of the main character or the main character themself.

  25. The higher resolution is good news. I have a 1440p monitor and the lower resolution games are a bit annoying to play since I updated. If you’re comfortable with the new resolution on a 4K monitor then Iti’ll be great for me.

  26. This sounds better than the ‘corruption’ angle.

    I think it’s smart dropping the gang bang. It doesn’t seem like you, and you should be true to yourself.

  27. As someone who voted strongly for having multiple guys in a scene, and is quite into BDSM – I have no problem with the direction Chaotic is choosing to go. These games caught my eye in the first place because they are obviously labours of love, and have only gotten better because of the enthusiasm the Chaotic has for them, and for finding ever better and hotter ways to present things. Expecting him to do a set of scenes he has no interest in and have them come out as well would just be dumb. Plus, this is a free game!

    Basically – Chaotic, make the games you want to make, and they’ll be good.

    For my own opinion; I want to see more redhead sister naughtiness, and I’d really like to run a photographer game where you’re recording a naughty scene. But again, if doing them does nothing for the creator, I’d rather get something else good then something mediocre for a specific niche.

  28. Well I’m tired of reading OHH the new decision, I love the new decision

    Let’s change the topic for a minute. Here is a image of W.I.P game engine I’m developing and maybe in the future give it to chaotic or use to make my own games πŸ˜‰


    1. Interesting. Looks good!

      Worth mentioning that I believe Kexter is working on something very similar. It may work very differently though.

      1. Well Thanks, I Really like your games and wanted to make my own. But it was very tedious for me to edit every single html file so I started working on it. But it is still very early W.I.P

      2. Well Thanks, I really love your games and wanted to create my own. But it was very tedious for me to edit every single HTML file. So i started creating this. It is still in very early W.I.P

  29. Seems like me and me have that same fetish of “doing it” where you’re not suppose to be “doing it”, that and “doing it” with other people in the room with them oblivious to the fact which is why I’m hoping that in the next chapter of The Academy ( my favorite series) there’s a scene where you get a handy under the table by Bridgette during a meeting or a bj under the desk from her in the same room where the photographer, her and Didi finished up the report in. On aside note Violet has got to be my favorite characters of yours hands down, love her personality.

    1. Happy to see another Violet lover. She is also my favorite with April being second. The April and Violet game is what finally made me break down and buy a membership. Her looks and attitude make her my favorite character out of all erotic games I’ve played and I’ve played many.

  30. Hello Chaotic
    I was just wondering about your plan of upscaling the images for the game, the big question I’m wondering about is, won’t this make the game significantly more demanding to run? Especially for people with lower end hardware.

    Also a side question I have to that is, what are your computers specs? I’m just wondering to compare it to my own, so I know how I fair if I start to render images in daz studio.

    Thank you for what answers you can give πŸ™‚

    1. I think the server should be fine. Although there’ll be the option of viewing the images at this new size, it’ll still be too big for 1920×1080 screens, which the overwhelming majority of people will be using. Most people will just be using the standard size images you normally see.

      My computers a bit of weird beast right now. I’ve got Windows 10, with an i7-6700k processor, 32GB or RAM and 3 graphics cards – a 12GB titan x, a 980ti, and an older 780ti I added. IRAY renders use the cores of graphics cards and can use multiple ones, so the more you add the faster everything renders.

    1. Lol. Not too much I’m afraid.

      ArianeB’s creator just posted up what resources she used to have the character and I thought I would give it a try. It’s cool that I have my own Ariane model though.

      1. I thought you were hinting at a collaboration there,lol.

        Seeing Betsy has made me once again curious as to what happened between the player and her. How did things go so wrong? Hopefully we will see the full story unravel in some future game.

  31. why is there Ariane in the Tumblr ? Do you want to make a game with the wharacter ? It would be a good idea !!

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