January 19th Update

The blog has been fixed! Hooray!

Ever since we had to move servers, I’ve had issues hosting the images. I’ve had to upload the images externally, then use code to link them here, which is a massive pain in the ass. Some of you might have noticed that the preview images have been the wrong size recently too. Anyway, I hired someone to fix it and everything’s sorted now, so let’s celebrate with one final post about April & Violet.

April & Violet

Back when I completed Betsy, I wrote a small evaluation of the game, mostly going over it’s strengths and weaknesses. It was a fun experience, so for my last post on the game I’m going to do it again. WARNING : This next section will contains serious spoilers for the game!

The strengths

I really like the mystery itself. I have a particular fondness for mysteries where it looks like something supernatural is happening, only to later to reveal that it is very human, just a little bizarre. Most of the best Sherlock Holmes mysteries work this way for instance. The reveal of what Arias has been doing with the roads is a good example of this.

I also really liked the fact that I maintained the personalities of Violet & April, while also evolving them a little. April was a bit of a problem in that her main personality trait was her bitchy personality, but it wouldn’t have made any sense for her to be that way with either the Violet or the player. I decided the obvious thing was to make her bitchy towards Dylan whenever possible, and I think it really works. To evolve her character, I also tried to make her seem particularly intelligent this time. Her failing grades in Betsy were suggested to be at least partly from a lack of confidence, so if she got a good grade at the end of that game, it make sense that she would continue to confidently learn. Violet’s evolution was probably a little smaller, but I didn’t want her to change too much as I loved writing her parts in Betsy.

There’s lots for me to like when it come to the smaller things in this game too. Arias’s poster in the abandoned town was my ‘Chekhov’s gun’ moment, along with the locked door you can find in part one. Depending on your dialog choices, you can actually get Dylan to say that none of the doors are ever locked, just to emphasize the importance.

One of my favorite subtle parts though has to be April’s bracelet, which the very observant of you may have noticed she never removes, even when naked and/or showering. Why? Look closely and you’ll see that it really doesn’t suit the rest of her outfit, it’s style instead being the semi goth look that Violet normally dresses in. The backstory is that it’s a gift from Violet to act as some sort of engagement ring, suggesting that they plan to get married some day. The fact that she never takes it off, shows that she really does love the crazy woman.

My favorite part of the entire game was the story telling scene. I had reservations about it at first as the whole scene basically puts the plot on hold for a while, but I loved the way it turned out. I could do an entire game of April telling stories and then Violet interrupting them.

The Weaknesses

As I said last week, I really struggled to get into the momentum of making this game again after a small break following part 1. I started doing a little work on Leanna instead, and the result was that I really wanted to focus on that game exclusively. This probably shows most towards the end of of the plot.

The original intention was to have multiple endings, including one where you could redeem Dylan, but this never ended up getting used. This is why some of you may have noticed the variable that is set when you suggest April apologizes to her. The apology was intended to be part of the redemption scene. In a weird way though, I think this works out a little better this way. Dylan switching sides would have been a little too abrupt. Maybe there’ll be space for it in a future game if she returns.

Another piece of cut content that would perhaps make everything make more sense, was that Dylan’s name was not going to be Dylan. It would turn out that Arias’s name was actually Dylan and you would discover this as a clue when finding his ID at the motel. This is why Dylan’s name was unisex. It might have been better to use it, but it also felt like an necessary twist.

The final scene in the cell was also a little rushed. Every one of Arias’s lines was basically exposition just to get everything tied up as quickly as possible. There was going to be a sequence where you escaped, with Dylan’s help if you ‘redeemed’ her. This I think would have been a little better, but my energy towards the game had really gone down by this point. I reasoned that it’s not like I was cutting sex content, so no one would probably be that bothered. I still think it worked well as I did it, but some people were a little confused about what exactly happened to Dylan. She was take away by the cult when they captured Arias, but it’s not 100% clear.


Next week, I’ll finally get to talk about Leanna for the entire post. A lot has happened since I last talked about things like the story and I can’t wait to let you know all about it!

For now, I’ll just leave you with an image of Leanna trying way too hard to look ‘fun’ at a roller disco.


Obviously, I often have scenes with two ladies doing naughty things together, but is there any interest in a threesome with another man (or possibly lots of men)? I don’t mean with the male player being intimate with the man, I just mean a scene where yourself (as a man), and another man (or several) all have sex with, say, Leanna at the same time.

I don’t hear a request for it very often, and although dsp3000 included one in Academy Part 2, not many people commented on it. Typically, people tend to play games which include the things they like,and my games never include this, so my assumption is that it’s not something you’re all very interested in. Or are you?

A b/b/g (that’s boy+boy+girl) scene would make a lot of sense for the ‘low karma’ ending of Leanna, so I’m considering it. A b/b/b/b/b/b/g perhaps even more so. Any interest, or is it not the type of thing you like in these games?

Rate Cherise

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And, just for a little extra detail, now many other guys involved in this scenario would be acceptable to you?

Rate Crystal V1

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44 thoughts to “January 19th Update”

  1. I love this Leanna momentum you got going! You really seem to be going all out on this game.

    I remember reading that you were planning on remastering some of the older games. Is that still your plan or not?

    1. It’s still a possibility.

      Remastering Crystal Parts 1 and 2 ahead of Parts 3’s release seems like a good idea.

  2. next time focus on one game at the time . as you said doing both LEANNA and APRIL & VIOLET resulted in a lesser way

  3. You won’t be posting tomorrow, right?

    I also remember you saying that you could work on two games simultaneously by using the graphic’s card and the computer’s processor. You could work on Leanna while remastering the Crystal games like you mentioned. This way you won’t get too sidetracked and distracted like you said you did with April and Violet.

    1. Yeah, I just posted on Thursday instead of Friday this week. Probably won’t be another post until Friday next week.

  4. Could you at least make the b/b/b/b/g a optional scenario, I know in some Patreon created adult themed games have options in the option settings to not have this or that happen in game. plus this way everybody wins some get the scenario and others can choose if they want to or not, and besides i’ve been voting for a long time on here and not once did my vote win, just throwing an option out their for you chaotic


    It’s important to note that in dsp3000’s b/b/g scene, there’s no chance of a good ending from the moment it starts. Far more importantly, that scene is hardly consensual. I can only speak for myself, of course, but I had a terribly hard time enjoying that scene when I was effectively forced to help sexually assault a girl, and knowing that I’d lose the game as a direct result, all because of something I neglected to do at some point prior.

    Now, if the b/b/g scene was in a more enjoyable context, like maybe a truth-or-dare game or some kind of “couples therapy”, that could be really interesting.

  6. Please no bbg or gangbang, just threesomes with bgg with the player being the boy, and also foursomes with 3 girls and the player. Big fan sir by the way. Amazing works. What do you mean by the way of “low karma ending?” of leanna. Im really looking forward to her since youve been posting beautiful graphics and visuals in your tumblr. I hope the ending scene is that you get to be her boyfriend or to be together with her or something like that. Thanks

      1. Oh and another thing, why not make a morning after scene scenario too. Meaning theres a scene where the girl lie on bed with you, showing both the players body and the female body wrapped around together, like in a spooning position. Just throwing suggestions sir. Anything you decide is fine by me. Youre the master maker of these games. And i know that anything you do will be a masterpiece. Haha, just not a gangbang or bbg scene. Oh and please add an anal scene. Visible parts would be hot.

    1. In the Leanna game, you will have the ability to improve or worsen Leanna’a ‘karma’. As a result, there are multiple endings.

      If you end the game and she has good karma, you will get a nicer final sex scene. If her karma is bad, you will get a nastier one. This is where I though a b/b/g scene could fit.

      1. since you put it that way sir, you know what… why not?!?! HAHAHAHA i change my mind and my vote, im cool with a bbg scene as for a low karma ending, i mean if other people are cool with it. but not just a gangbang please. hahahaha kudos to you good sir!! an anal scene would be cool in one of the endings..

  7. why not ?
    i mean, come on … everybody want FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFM or more… but never a single fun with just 2 mens and 1 girl..
    this is ridiculous…. my opinion is to put at least 1 scene with MMF..
    just fucking make everybody happy and tadaa. and for who doesnt want this, then they got option ingame to pass this scene (like a dialog choice)

    just my 2 cents, but i hate when its always like that… peoples always want multiples womens with 1 men, but they never want to share -_-
    remember academy and share with sebastian. its not a fucking pain in the ass to get 1 or 2 scene like that with the choice to do it or not.

  8. Im big fan of these games
    Please add something like bondage sex that will be awesome
    Or make the story in which u blackmail the girl and fuck her forcefully
    I mean that will be awesome rough sex

  9. First of all, thank you for answering my questions about April & Violet, my curiosity was satisfied (even though I agree that the ending was kinda rushed for Dylan).

    For the MMF scenes, I think that they will not be popular, with your games. I mean, your games are highly subjective, and some poeple don’t go down with “sharing”. Maybe if the player is an already established character, that could work out (like Redemption for Jessika, a game by Tlaero & Mortze)

  10. on second thought, since the bbg scenario can happen in the low karma ending… you know what…. why not?!?!?! hahahaha i think it’ll be fine and entertaining!! as long as there is only 1 guy i guess. kudos to you mr chaotic!! continue with the amazing game that is leanna!! oh and, an anal scene may be cool too in one of the better endings, and yeah a bondage scene may be good too.. haha nice

  11. Chaotic, it sounds like you still have some stones unturned regarding the April & Violet game. I understand how you may have lost interest, I do too in my hobbies every now and then. May I suggest that if you ever get intrigued about the story line that you make an updated v2.0 of the game where we have the redemption scenes as well as the motel scene and longer dialogue for Arias?

    When the player looked at his/her phone to call Betsy, I assume you may possibly have some interest for a Betsy part 2 or it could just be the door to the Photographer 3 game but it would be nice if you could update the A&V game before a potential Betsy 2 or any other game with A&V

    But overall A&V was a solid game. Well worth the wait!

  12. Definitely a huge fan of mmf/etc scenes. I think these should be optional in more games, and that way if people want to skip them they can.

  13. I choose No to b/b/g but I would change my vote if the exact opposite happened in another ending

    Another thing I would like to see is NTR (I am not sure if others would like this) where the player character is bound and unable to move and the girl or girls are taken by other men/s or women/s

    Yet another thing I wish to add is, where is the Public sex or masturbation we need more of it 😀

    1. Sorry just to clarify that I do not mind how many guys do the girl/s so long as in another ending the girls do the girl/s 😀

      1. Another thing I would suggest Chaotic is putting it into a smaller game first before the release of a full game and get feedback that way

  14. Finally some b/b/g stuff! Those were always missing in your games. I get that some dont want to see that at all, but that shouldnt be a problem with multiple paths/endings.
    Maybe expand the karma-meter more:
    Low karma and you get a gentle but still passionate b/b/g
    Even lower karma gets the hard and nasty b/b/b/b/b/b/g

  15. No other males for sex, maybe as a love rival or something but that the other male likes her and that’s all but other than that no sex with other guys. PLEASE!!!

  16. If I were to become a member (and the protagonist), I wouldn’t want to share Leanna with (an)other guy(s) (just something seems…off-putting and having multiple guys in the same room). It’s kinda like a circle jerk or “sausage fest”, especially if compared to the fact that no other girls (like her best friend, younger sister, or female cousin, or something) are present: it’s just plain weird w/o those other girls. :/
    Sorry guys, just my own thoughts.
    Threesomes or orgies are alright, but add other guys to the mix and stuff gets real strange and uncomfortable real quick. :O :/
    If it were me and the next-door neighbor girl, and one of my male cousins wanted in, too: I’d tell him to fuck off or something b/c I’m not sharing with him when he’s in the same room with myself and the girl, you know? He wants a crack at her? He can wait in line until I’m done being alone with her, then I MIGHT think about it. Say she’s got a younger sister (not jailbait), too: MAYBE, but not in the same room at the same time. This ain’t a porno shoot. :/

  17. I voted ‘not interested’ but for low karma (bad) ending it makes perfect sense. I am ok with that. Great games btw except cum effect. Please try to fix it.

      1. What do you mean by ‘cum effort’? I wrote ‘cum effect’ and it means that male orgasm animation. I find it unrealistic. But i can not speak for everyone. It is my opinion. Maybe you should make a poll for it? Thank you.

  18. For the boy boy girl scene it should make sense if everyone is up for it and not have it there to be there

  19. Hi Chaotic- really nice shot of April and Violet together.

    I just imagined a threesome scene of them two with the MPC which would be great in another game.

    For some reason, I visualized that shot with them kissing each other while naked, as they were giving me a golden shower in a big bathtub. It wasn’t the gross “punishment” pissing scenes like a lot of watersports stuff on the Internet, but more sensual. Basically as part of a threesome. You all get naked together, Violet has shaved her pussy a bit more so it’s just a small oval patch above her slit rather than that muff. April is delightfully smooth as usual. You lick both of their pussies (closeup shots). April and Violet smile at you (the male protagonist) then start to piss on you while standing up as you lay back. They are giving you a treat. They sensually kiss while golden showering you. Then they take turns sucking your cock while you lick each of them out. Violet rides you while April gives you another personal rinse, then they swap. Maybe they even take turns pissing in your mouth? Maybe?

    I know that’s bizarre and you would have to work out how to depict the piss and whether to incorporate sound. Again it would be sensual and not a ridicule-based thing. More of a naughty fetish thing that they do with each other then give the MPC a “golden treat”.

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