January 7th Update

I know I only had a blog post yesterday (see that post here if you missed and/or are looking for info on April & Violet), but I’m going to squeeze one more in for the weekend as I want to do some IRAY renders on Monday.

Basically, this is all about Leanna’s body. Although the poll yesterday has the new body favored over the old one, it isn’t by that much. Many thanks to everyone who voiced their opinion.

So, today I want to add a few more polls to really work out a body shape that the maximum amount of people would be happy seeing, and that I would be happy rendering. I may add some more polls later in the day too if I can think of some more questions, so check back later!

First, here are the main images again. As requested, it includes the new body’s view from behind as well.

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EDIT : Restarted the polls above, this time with multiple answers possible, and a smaller breasts option.

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I’ve put together a ‘compromise’ version of the body. While still thinner and more athletic looking than the original, it isn’t as muscular as the new one. What do you think?

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35 thoughts to “January 7th Update”

  1. The really fit body would be great (could even use a bit more abdominal definition). She just needs bigger breasts and a bigger/rounder ass. One that would mimics years of squats. It would also be nice to have a character who is the “fit one”.

  2. It said you could select multiple answers on the first question, but it only let me select one.

    I think the new body looks too “phony”, like some of these sculpted hollywood bimbos. Then again, that’s basically the character she is.

  3. Where’s the “breasts are too big” option? For once, I’d like to see a bit smaller, more realistic breasts, instead of the usual, comically large ones we’ve come to expect from vdategames.

  4. The breast size was not a problem for me. It fits with her athletic body. The compromise body looks perfect, but her breasts might be a size too big.

  5. Im with the other two here in the comments.. I Like the fit size breasts.. so around a mid to small B Size… i think thats what your characture Jess has… However it just has to look all proportionate…. wish we could see more of Jess and Cass..
    As always its great looking forward to what you guys are developing… It takes a lot of hard work time and dedication to see these works come to life… I Applaud and thank you for what you have created!

  6. dat muscles make her fucking ugly to be honest. this didnt fit with her face and even with her “mentality”, i remember you explain us before about the leanna mentality, and it didnt fit at ALL the muscled body.

    i heavily prefer the old body

    but whatever, i m probably the only one to have this opinion and nobody care anyway :p

    1. “” Unfortunately, despite her likable on screen persona, she has a bit of a personality problem in real life. So, yeah, I’m going full ‘taming of the shrew’ for this one “”

      your own words, if you see what i mean about “mentality”

      1. I’m guessing that he means she is too self-obsessed or narcissistic. Everything is about her and about what she wants. If she feels superior to everyone else, it would make sense for her to look the part and act the part. She has the money and the influence, why not the body too?

        1. This is pretty much what I’m going for.

          This is a woman who loves herself and puts a lot of effort into having the ‘perfect’ body.

          1. tbh i dont know any women who want muscles for get the “perfect body”.. in fact at the contrary, most of them want lose weight and get perfect slim body.
            but its just the peoples i know lol

  7. I heavily favor the old body but I could live with the compromise. Also please check the multipl options poll. It only allowed me to select one.

  8. I say go with the new one but I guess the compromise works good too. I think she looks better with the athletic body tbh. There aren’t enough girls like that.

  9. I think the polls are completely useless and you reside in the work, which continues to grow, time to release more games. the girls are beautiful and so everyone has a slightly different taste, so everyone just don’t.
    this is just my small contribution to what is happening on vdatagames.

  10. i preffer the old version because is more “real” but i understand if many preffer the last one…

  11. what’s leanna’s profession ? if she’s not a trainer then too much muscle tone is useless. I actually liked the Old body, but a few muscle tone wouldn’t hurt.

  12. Hi Chaotic, just a note on the Leanna exercise picture. As someone who trains in martial arts, the back heal should be on the ground. That her front leg is parallel to the ground, this is a detail that she would be careful to notice.

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