January 6th 2017 Update

Hope everyone’s enjoying the new year so far. Not too much to say today, but I do have a set of images to share.

April & Violet

April & Violet Part 2 is still on schedule to be released next Friday. Here is a final set of images to tease you with what might be happening.


I’ve still had some time this week to experiment and Leanna a little more. Specifically, I’ve been trying to make a final decision on her body shape.

So far in all of the images I’ve rendered for the game, her body’s been covered up, but soon I’ll be creating images that show a little more flesh, so a decision will have to be made.

Since some of the activities you’ll be sharing include a yoga class, a soccer game, and probably some hiking, it makes sense to me that she should be quite fit. If she’s a TV celebrity, it also works well with that (she wants to appear fit and attractive for the cameras).

I want to get a sense of what people want from her body shape though. Does she look too fit? Did I sacrifice too much voluptuousness for it? Do you prefer the older body or the newer one, or perhaps something in between.

I’m also interested in hearing any specific feedback you have on the bodies if you want to make a comment below.

What would be most useful is if you can say what about the different bodies you like the most.

For instance, do you just like the breast size on the old body? Because, if that’s the case I could just increase the breast size in the newer body. Or do you specifically like the muscle details in the new body, because I could also add them to the older body model.

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36 thoughts to “January 6th 2017 Update”

  1. was a tough call voting between the 2 body types, but i gave the edge to the old one. Both look great though I have to say and the only reason I chose the older one is I think it makes her seem a bit more feminine.

      1. Not at all. Nice to see a fit girl. That said, I think she’s a bit hour-glass thin in the new body. Like, more unhealthy thin than fit thin. The muscle tone is nice, but it doesn’t really seem to make sense on a girl THAT thin.

        1. I agree with this EscapeEvade. I am perfectly okay with every other change you made to arrive at the new look, but the middle of that hourglass has gone a bit too far.

      2. Yes! I like fit women, but too muscular takes away from the femininity. And whilst new Leanna isn’t overly muscular she seems more like a pro athlete or gym instructor. Fit but able to let go and enjoy a few treats now and again is more appealing. The very slim waist on new Leanna is nice, I’d go with old boobs, old shape (including old muscular definition), new waist, new calves. Like a nice set of calves! Bigger breasts is always on my list, of course.

  2. The proportions on the old body look perfect, but with her being a more fitness oriented person something in between would be prefect, in my opinion. Her arms and core could be dialed back a bit and her legs are looking a little intimidating, haha. Guess that means a little too chiseled to me.

    Loving all the new renders, BTW. Keep up the great work!

  3. If she does yoga, i think the new body definitely suits better. Yoga is extremely tough and most women who practise yoga have very toned bodies with low fat %. If its her first time going to the yoga class however then i guess any body’s fine.

  4. I think having a toned model is a nice change from the norm. Also, smaller breasts isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Most of your models have either average sized or larger breasts. Leanna having average sized breasts should not be a drawback. Since your concern is that you sacrificed too much curviness, maybe you should give her a nice round butt.

  5. Her first body was more than ‘ok’. I definitely don’t like lots of exaggerated lines because it looks pretty unrealistic.

  6. Definetly the old one. She looks more feminine and realistic without that extremely thin waist. And if you add bigger boobs to the new one, it would just look more and more unrealistic. You can add more muscle to the new one if you want (if you’re thinking like “she is doing yoga, she should be more muscler”) but don’t make her skinnier, her body size is just perfect that way. Really good job so far, can’t wait!

  7. New body smaller breasts, more definition in the arms neck and shoulders. On the new body the breasts are disproportional large. If she has low body fat in her stomach, it will be lower in the breasts as well. Make her arms and shoulders a little stronger as well, not too much but show some definition in the arms, again if her body fat is that low the definition of the mussels in the arm would be more visible. Pay close attention to the back as it should be slightly muscular as well.

  8. I just noticed that the new model is a bit to skinny when viewed from afar. Take the old model and give her the same muscle definition she has in the new body. Smaller breasts would also make sense since she would have less fat with a body that toned.

    I was looking at your Villa picture when I noticed Castrol on the background, along with other brands. The reason I’m pointing this out is because I don’t want you to get into any legal issues. I know there is such a thing as “fair use”, but I obviously don’t enough about it.

  9. Suggestion: This all depends on how much of the story has already been written and what you may be willing to change. Use both. Start off with the fuller, sexier Leanna and as the story progresses her boss orders her to lose weight which she can do during the yoga/workout segments. OR she could report live on yoga practitioners and lose weight alongside them. This way players can have sex with both versions and you see the effect fitness has taken on her body.

  10. New body is fine as are the breasts, no need to have huge cow udders…. >.> She is supposed to be fit and athletic

  11. The new body looks a tiny bit too fit for me… I would prefer the old body, or something in between as a compromise.

  12. To be honest I’m looking at the abdomen and she looks kinda starved on the new body. Just my two cents. Pictures look great though!

  13. I prefer the old body. If you’d like to apply some more muscle details you could do so, but I think it should not be as much as shown on the new body.
    The new body is way too skinny. With the older one I could image to see a woman, with the new one it seems to be some kind of underfed barbie doll.
    One thing about her breasts: I’d like to see them a bit smaller. There are many girls in your games with big and bigger boobs, but I don’t like these blown up ones too much. Well shaped natural tits are really beautiful… 😉 (E.g. your advent calender: I like the breasts in 7, 11 and 15.)

  14. I vote for smaller tits. Every AIF games seems to have old, trite cookie cutter tits, unrealistically big and they all look the same. How about smaller, different shapes for a change. Don’t let me take anything away from your game, but it is refreshing to see smaller tits once in a while! Variety is the spice of life, and you may interest a more diverse audience…..

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