October 28th Update

April & Violet

April & Violet – Part 1 has now been released. Despite it only being Part 1, I am very happy to say that it still ended up at close to 1000 images. Members can now download it or play online via the members section. Here’s the link to the previews and the free demo : http://www.vdg-offsite.com/aprilandviolet.html

If you can’t see the game, remember refresh your browser.

I hope everyone enjoys it. It’s been a lot of fun to make this game.


Future games

My next game will be April & Violet Part 2, and I think I’ve released some final decisions on what the game after that will be.

Sienna/Leanna is still 100% happening, but I’m still learning when it comes to rendering with daz studio and IRAY. As a result, I don’t feel that I can accurately predict when I will finish the game. I can be optimistic and just say “Oh, I’ll aim to finish it for February”, but it doesn’t feel very responsible. For all I know, it might take until Christmas 2017 to finish.

To give an example, the preview image of Sienna I added to the blog last week took around 5 minutes to render, but earlier this week, I rendered an image of her at home, and thanks to the details, glass and reflections, it took around 3 hours to render.

So, I think the professional, responsible thing to do is work on it when I can and say, “It’ll be finished when it’s finished”, with no real exceptions of a release date. I’ll be very surprised if it isn’t released in 2017, but I can’t be more accurate than that at this moment.

Long term followers of my blog will be aware that I’ve been determined to complete my Crystal trilogy for a while now. I think I’m finally inspired to do it.

Earlier in the week, I took some time to experiment with shader scripts in Poser, and managed to get Crystal looking like this…


I’m really happy with the results, so, finally, it looks like Crystal Part 3 is happening.

It certainly makes sense to use her next. My long term plan is to be using the newer Genesis based characters and IRAY for all of my games, which would make Crystal Part 3 the last game I make with the older V4. Considering Crystal Part 1 was my first game, it seems very appropriate.

I’ll get into details at a later date, but here’s the basic premise of the game…

As established in earlier games, Crystal is a very keen swimmer. She has gotten so good at it that, that she is now competing professionally. This is great for her career, but it has been a strain on your relationship. You haven’t even seen her for six months as she travels the world to compete in competitions. Now though, she is returning home, though only for a week. You have seven days to rekindle the romance and save your relationship.

What I particularly like about this idea is that, to be blunt, it will mean a lot of sex. I’m very proud of my games like Betsy, but there isn’t much erotic content until you get towards the end. With this premise, you can have sex every day of the week, including near the start.

After slightly awkwardly rediscovering your feelings towards each other on the first day, you make a pact with Crystal to have as much fun this week as possible. Basically, the whole thing turns into a week long dare game that get’s crazier every day. Working title was ‘Crystal Part 3 – The Wild Week’. Expect lots of public sex in very daring places. I will also probably be integrating the character of Mia into this.

So, to summarize, the schedule for the site looks something like this :

April and Violet – Part 1 : Now (released today)

Academy Part 3 : End of November/early December

April & Violet – Part 2 : Late December/Early January

Crystal – Part 3 : Probably early February

Sienna/Leanna/whatever I end up calling it : Later 2017, maybe May, but possibly later, or even earlier.

And yes, Crystal Part 3, will be free! As I suggested in a earlier blog post though, I may give it to members a week early.


Something I’ve been planning to do for a while. A comment of the blog earlier in the week finally spurred me to do it.

I’ve set up a tumblr account. You can find the page here : http://vdategames.tumblr.com/

I’ll be adding the occasional image. I’m frequently making lighting tests or WIP images for new characters, so I think this’ll be a nice place to post them.

There is also a link to it on the site’s front page, next to “coming soon.”.


Having trouble thinking of a poll, so how about this for today – Who’s your favorite out of Betsy, Violet and April?

Which of these fetishes appeal to you?

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Next week (and for the weeks following), you’ll be hearing from dsp3000 and the progress with this new game, The academy : Part 3.

70 thoughts to “October 28th Update”

  1. hmm maybe just only me, but i cant figure how to get your tumblr.
    it always show me just the main page of tumblr asked me to registred on tumblr.
    i cant access to your tumblr (and honestly i will prefer to not registred to tumblr as i wil probably never use it and aleady have tons of nickname/password to keep in mind. : /

    is someone else have also this troubles ?

  2. When part 2 is released, is it going to be a separate game or are we going to drop the files into the same folder as part 1 to make it one big game?

  3. I’ve gotten the sex scene with Dylan but not Violet. Got her to strip and run around but then she asks for her clothes back. Any hints?

        1. Don’t be so direct right when you meet Dylan. She doesn’t need to know all the details of your past right away.

  4. A lot of fun! You never disappoint. Looking forward to “one big game” when you release it. I liked the way you handled the ending.

  5. I love it! Great job Chaotic. Thanks a lot. And might I say, hello Crystal!! She looks incredible.

  6. Great game! Really happy that we got to spend more time with Violet in this one, April and Dylan are cute enough but they can’t compare on fun factor or total boobage. Digging the theme as well, are there going to be elements of part 2 that cross over into the part 1 files? It seems odd that we were allowed to look around the motel during the evening when there was apparently nothing to do, it made my “Chekhov’s gun” senses tingle.

  7. Aw, I was really hoping for Sienna/Leanna sooner, but as usual, I trust your judgment. Crystal does look pretty good, I must say. 🙂 But, forgive me if I say that you might want to not say those dates for the various games. Underpromise and overdeliver… Those dates, given your track record, seem a bit of a stretch. You know how people get here clamoring for a new game… haha Give yourself some leeway.

    Really like the Tumblr idea, too.

    I’m really surprised April is leading the poll so far. Her personality, even with her plot-twist, really turned me off through the game. I liked her looks when we had preview images, and even still like them, but April irked me through the game.

    1. Her personality is canon to the Betsy game. She was hella bitchy but ended up being nicer to the main character after you help tutor her. I personally like it!

  8. off topic (well, not really)

    i jut saw your maddison pic.. amazing.. i dont know if its just me, but i think her skin look way better and her face look also better (maybe small young)

    look like some great news for futur game with her 😀 (my fav character btw)

        1. The Lisette, Maddison and Crystal pics I posted to tumblr are actually still in Poser, just with a new advanced shader applied.

  9. Listen Chaotic, I saw your photo of Maddison on your tumblr. So I’ll make it clear for you. I have her photo as my desktop picture and I really want her to be in a new game because she is really hot.

    Please let this happen.

    1. I bet Maddison will play a small role in the new Crystal game, atleast when it comes to threesomes.

      But i agree that she needs a new game of her own. Not only is she an icon to the website, but also her character fits perfectly to those not so story, but erotic driven games.
      The lengthy teasing, a whole lot of choices for threesomes and again a whole lotta choices for the foreplay and sex as a payoff made the Maddison game my favourite so far.

      A cool story is a good way to establish characters, but an erotic-type game like the new Crystal one are a great way to use those established characters and their traits.
      So i’m really happy to see that Chaotic got back to the se-driven type of game he does the best, at least in my opinion.

  10. Dear dsp 3000
    c/c: Sir Chaotic

    With much respect, wow, nowadays I get to play lots of your new games very soon, and unlike before, lots of new games being updated after a few months or in a year.

    Thank you so much once again for rendering lots of new games in the future in such a short period of time, congratulations.

    Sir dsp 3000, talking about The Academy game part 3, where I would like to request more sex scenes with Principal Valentine which I find would be possible is because, remember in The Academy game part 2 recently, where there is a scene where I manage to find Principal Valentine’s panty stain with cum from The Store and also I manage to find a Video Clip indicating that Principal Valentine gave a blowjob to Sebastian in The Store area where the video clip was viewed in my work area computer with access code number inside the Media Department where I complete my work assignment, this blowjob scene with Sebastian was fantastic.

    As payback time, please sir dsp 3000, please create an option where the player could use Principal Valentine blowjob video clip scene with Sebastian in the Store area to blackmail back Principle Valentine in return to have sex with the player, as she had broke one of the rules of The Academy which is forbidden to have sex with any of the female staffs or students in the Academy, as for being such a hippocrate female person, the player use her blowjob video clip with Sebastian in The Store area as a punishment tool to blackmail her to have sex with the player, if not the video clip of her having a blowjob would be shown online on the computer to all of the students and female staffs of The Academy including her daughter Annie would know about her mum being such a hooker as The Principle of The Academy One for having an oral sex with The General Worker Sebastian in The Store area.

    The player would always blackmail Principle Valentine for sex in the shower, bathroom, gym, media department, store area, studio, in the meeting room, in the principle office, in the canteen, and also in the examination area in the Health room, or maybe can have a threesome sex with Principal Valentine and her daughter Annie was well or with Bridgette too.

    Whatever your future creation for The Academy Part 3 game is, sir dsp 3000, I would kindly hope that you could include some of my ideas that I have requested above for the up coming The Academy game Part 3. If any of such scene and conversation could be included, your game would be more stunning and interesting sir dsp 3000.

    I am looking forward in receiving your reply soon, sir dsp 3000. Is it possible to have such scenes and dialogues in the Academy Part 3 game? I hope that you could have such scenes added in your new Academy Part 3 game. Thank you.

    David Ong.
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  11. Sir Chaotic,

    Thank you so much for creating a Crystal game part 3, according to your former blog mentioning about The Crystal game part 3, you did mention that after Crystal return from her swimming competition abroad, there were much relationship to be repaired by the male player after missing Crystal for so long.

    Also you did mention that there would be lots of public and outdoor sex scenes with Crystal after returning from her swimming competition abroad, could you give some tips regarding the sex scenes with Crystal? On which location that the sex scenes would be conducted, In the toilet or bathroom area, in the park area, beach area, back alley, near the swimming pool area, in the pub area, shopping mall toilet, restaurant area, on the yacht or boat, or inside the car in the basement or car park area. Which area would it be sir Chaotic?

    Wow, I cannot wait to play The Crystal game part 3 soon. Please include more outdoor sex scenes than in indoor sex scenes in the apartment or in the house area.

    I am looking forward for your tips and reply soon sir Chaotic. Thank you so much, professional Virtual Date Game creator.

    David Ong Boon Heng.
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  12. Sir Chaotic,

    Please create a Maddison game Part 2 and 3, I would kindly love to have her back in any of your new games creation in the future.

    Have more outdoor and public sex scenes with Maddison too, she is lovely sexy hot and super stunning for a woman with such huge tits or hooters.

    I always dream of Maddison every night when I sleep. Cannot wait to have more new games with her as the main character.

    You have done a great job so far sir, I do admire your works. Keep it up and thank you once again.

    David Ong Boon Heng.
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    1. Dear Miss Vinnie,

      To get the Dylan sex scene, you must have the drinking session with Violet and Dylan.

      Praise Dylan a lot and saying that she is good in making the alcoholic drink for the first time, and for the second time, drink with Dylan.

      When Violet is a bit tipsy with her drink, she would walk away for a while, then you will praise Dylan saying that she is cute and you prefer girls than guys.

      After that, offer to escort Violet to the room. When Violet passes out in your room, offer to carry her to her room, and once you place her on her bed beside April, leave immediately and you will trigger the sex scene with Dylan.

      When Dylan ask you this question, I feel strange that you did not have sex with Violet, then you could choose any answers to Dylan. After that just reply to Dylan like this, well, I can also carry you to bed, after Dylan response just kiss her and that you will unlock the sex scenes with Dylan.

      If I am not mistaken, only male player could have sex with Dylan, I am not sure about choosing the female player option, whether this option could trigger a sex scene with Dylan or not.

      David Ong.
      Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  13. I hope we will get game with Maria, Lisette and Maddison someday 😀 sisters and cousin in one bed

  14. Loving Violet and April right now and I’m looking forward to the next part.

    And I’m really happy to hear about Crystal part 3, she’s always been my favourite character and part of the reason why I’ve joined up again. And I wish you the best of luck as you work upon the game.

    Just one little thing I’m hoping for with Violet and April, please don’t let it turn out that it was all just a dream! Let it be a time warp or magic or Betsy seeking revenge or something!

    But let me just say again, I love your games, I enjoy them and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes.

  15. Any plans for Melyssa? She’s probably my favorite character along with Lola and Holly…
    Anyway, great job with April & Violet!

  16. Just asking for a bit of advice here RE an older game…I’ve recently attempted to replay Jennifer, but I’ve notice that many of the videos or images no longer show up (for example, intro2 shows up as a blank white square). I’m using Firefox and have checked all my settings to see what might be causing this, but my Flash Player and VLC Player are both up-to-date and I’ve made sure all the settings are correct. so I have no idea what might be causing this. Can you tell me if I’m missing anthing?

    1. My mistake – no images are missing, just the video files. I CAN play them individually in Firefox, just not as part of the game…

    2. There appears to be some sort of incompatibility with newer browser updates and the the way I played the videos. Hopefully, I’ll have some time to look into it this week.

  17. So I got a chance to finish the game and it’s great man!

    Quick question, there’s just one ending right? (SPOILER) where you all leave Dylan and end up together at the motel again? Or is there an ending when she comes in the car too, but you still end up there seeing as it’s 2 parts and all.

    As far as the sex scenes! Violet is hella sexy. Still can’t wait for April’s scene though! Loved that her bitchy attitude is still there but she’s nice to our main character.

    Dylan was hot too! Looking forward to part 2 and The Academy part 3, Holly is my favorite from that series hands down!

      1. Alright got it

        Keep up the good work man

        Forgot to mention, Crystal was one of my first games I played from you and she’s one of my favorites. So I’m really looking forward to that

        I’m glad to see that you’re taking your time now a days too. I could’ve swore there was a time where you were setting deadlines and missing them lol .

        So it’s cool to see you’re at the point where your focus is to release good quality, rather than just quickly release games.

        Quality over quantity dude! Looking forward to what’s to come

  18. Is anybody having a problem logging in using Google Chrome. I keep trying to sign in but it keeps asking for me to sign in. I am entering the right user and pass

  19. Is anybody having a problem signing in to member site. Whenever I enter my pass and username, it just sends me back to asking for it. Please help. using google chrome, and it does this on IE to

    1. I’ve had this problem as well. And when I enter information on the help screen, nothing seems to work. I know I signed up for a recurring membership. I’ll have to take up the issue with Epoch. But if my card keeps getting charged without me being able to access the members section, that’s not good.

    2. My apologies for not noticing this comment sooner.

      If you’re having trouble logging in, you’ll need to contact epoch tech support via epoch.com.

      A common cause I see with this problem is when users have a special symbol, such as %, or $. If this is true in your case, I would mention it to them.

  20. Wow Chaotic, those images look great. This represents a quantum step forward. Just a little curious, how does this impact image size? Not that I really care. There has to be a price to progress. And man, is that progress! There are some characters that I really had (note the word “had”) minimal interest in. But these new images are mind changers!

    Thanks again for the April/Violet game. It was nice to see them again. It was short, but that is what happens when you take a one part game and make it into two parts. Really looking forward to the second part.

  21. Nice. Short but sweet. Thanks for keeping the standalone sex scenes. I’m guessing Dylan is an alien. Basing this off the posters in the town, the shape of her head, and her commenting on a friend picking her up in a few weeks. Pure speculation on my part and not meant to be spoilers in any way.

  22. You know in my opinion I think Dylan is the hottest girl yet. Is there going to be more of her in any future games? That would be cool.

    1. I actually second that mention. In the current game, you state that “you still miss Betsy”, so doing a game in which you try to win her back might be interesting.

  23. Another vote for Betsy 2. I also liked Betsy. And, as nazim10 points out, “you” do miss her. And who knows, maybe you can work in a little action with Cas…

    1. Well, how’s this for a set up: you meet Cas somewhere (a bar, for exemple), and while talking about “old times”, she tells you that she liked you and Betsy together, and that’s a shame that you broke up. You admit that you’re still thinking about her, and, in the spur of the moment, she suggest that she plays Cupid with you two…

      1. Something just like that. Except, you meet up have some drinks and end up in the sack. Afterwards, she says that she sees what Betsy saw in you and then offers to play Cupid…

        1. But, isn’t it kinda weird? I bang you, and then, hook me up with your daughter? I was thinking of a threeway situation, when you and Betsy “invite” Cas into your happiness, like a thank you, sort of.

  24. Missing the smallest detail here. Got Violet’s score up to 30 and she still won’t put out. Is there any significance to bracing for her hug?

  25. Betsy is so far the best free game on the site. It has a good story, a great girl good charkter. The sex scenes are as good as perfect. I want more such games. April & Violet is also nice, but much shorter so far. The Academy is the best paid game.

  26. Guys,this game is driving me crazy,I’m trying everything but I can’t trigger Violet’s sex scene. Any significant suggestions? Please,I don’t want to play April & Violet Part 2 without having this done

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